5 Must Have Paint.net Plugins You Should Check Out

With Paint.net, you get an open-source image editing tool for Windows. It is also considered top-notch software for graphic design and adding special effects. Additionally, you can also get some Paint.net Plugins for adding some extra features based upon your specific requirements.

So, if you are also looking for some of the best-suited Paint.net Plugins then we will take you deep into some of the best Paint.net Plugins here and now-

BoltBait’s Plugin Pack

By opting for this Paint.net Plugin, you will get a pack of 43 essential Plugins.


This is quite effective in optimizing the capabilities of the Paint.net tool. It is first-rate in offering best in class effects and adjustments.


In addition to all this, BoltBait’s Plugin Pack also offers a rainbow palette alongside a wide range of shapes styles and more. You will also get Bevel Object Plugins that are exceptional in enabling you to make 3D objects like a pro.

Some of the notable highlights of BoltBait’s Plugin that make it one of the essential Paint.net Plugins are-

  • Adjustments menu with Color Balance and Transparency features
  • Effects menu with Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical options
  • Artistic menu in Effects with Dream and Pastel options
  • Blurs menu in Effects with Gaussian Blur+
  • Object menu in Effects with Feather, Old Feather and Outline options
  • Selection menu in Effects with Bevel Selection, Blur Selection Edge, Feather Selection and Outline Selection options.

Pyrochild Plugins

With this Plugin pack, you will get Curves+ Plugin that is very effective in aesthetically enhancing the native Curves Adjustment feature of Paint.net.


Opting for this one will let you get different effects such as Gradient Bars, Jitter, Film, etc.

Pyrochild Plugins also came up with Color Match Plugin which is definitely highly appealing in beautifying your graphic designs. This Plugin is also first-rate in editing your phone as per the color scheme of any other photo.

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Top highlights of Pyrochild Plugins you need to pay heed upon is:

  • It lets you apply many effects in your design
  • With Pyrochild Plugins, you can also customize your preferences
  • It lets you apply a pixelate filter and adjust the cell width and height
  • You will also be able to pick the sampling method between Paint.net and GIMP
  • With this Paint.net Plugin, you can insert a rectangle, arc ellipse, or pie shape
  • It also enables you to pick the line width and color alongside anti-aliasing mode and pattern
  • You may use it to outline objects, add film effects, jitter images, generate gradient bars
  • Go for this one for filling shapes with random patterns

Simon B’s Plugin Pack

Now comes the third one in the list of essential Plugins of Paint.net and this one is Simon B’s Plugin.

With the help of this, you will get some of the awesome set of features that include a rich inclusion of a mix of effects along with file type Plugins.


Simon B’s Plugin Pack is going to be highly useful for you in increasing the performance of your Paint.net. It is exceptional in enabling you to add support for custom brushes, plus, it will let you edit layers in another program in a hassle-free manner.

You can also use this Plugin for adding GIFs to your project.

Some of the notable highlights of Simon B’s Plugin Pack-

  • With the help of this Plugin, you will be able to include a cool Editable Text effect which will let you add text to your project adeptly and then edit it whenever you want
  • This one is excellent for file type Plugins that offer additional support for editing layers, brushes, and GIFs
  • This Plugin includes Custom Brushes Mini, Animated Image, That Other App, Printer+ Olden, Editable Text, Extend Border, Find Edges and Drag From
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Dpy’s Plugin Pack

With the help of Dpy’s Plugin pack, you will be able to add some awesome effects to your graphic design like a pro.

This Plugin is considered apt for spicing up your images. By opting for Dpy’s Plugin pack, you will receive top-notch effects and adjustments which are not achievable with the default version of Paint.net.


It also comprises Black and Alpha+ Plugin that offer you the ability to alter any graphic design into B&W. This will also enable you to convert bright areas into transparent.

Some of the other highlights of Dpy’s Plugin pack that enable it to secure a place in the list of 5 Essential Paint.net Plugins-

  • With Dpy’s Plugin Pack, you will get a perspective effect that can effectively change the viewpoint of any image by adding more dramatic appeal
  • Dpy’s Plugins are considered highly useful for creative designers
  • It offers 16 extensions for Paint.NET, plus you will also get effective filters
  • With the help of this Plugin pack, you will get the peech bubbles, perspective equalization, curved text sorts of features

MadJik Plugin Pack

The final one in the list of best Paint.net Plugins is MadJik Plugin Pack that comprises around 78 Plugins.

Opting for this Plugin will enable you in having a wide range of effects such as gradient blur and the fractal curly tree that lets you use a fractal algorithm for drawing a curly tree.


This Plugin pack is also updated promptly and it will continue offering some cool new Plugins in a well-scheduled manner.

Some of the notable features of MadJik Plugin Pack are-

  • It lets you draw various shapes add distortions such as water ripples, tiles, reflections, kaleidoscope, etc.
  • It will also allow you to ender effects (sparkles, lines, spirals, and others) to your photos
  • By opting for this Plugin, you will be able to apply a series of textures to your images via the ‘Rainbow Twist’, ‘ Vibrato’, ‘Radial Colors’, and ‘Moire’ Plugins
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Now, as we have gone through 5 essential Paint.net Plugins, let us now understand how to download and install these Plugins.

Another option of installing these Paint.net Plugins is also there and you can do this with .zip extension-

Steps of Installing Paint.net Plugins with .zip Extension

  1. In the very first step, you need to extract the files within the zip folder.
  2. Then for installing those Plugins, you should place the Plugins within the Effects or File type folder in Paint.net as per the type of Plugin.
  3. Then you need to choose the Plug-in which you recently copied. Right-click upon that Plugin to open its properties.
  4. Then in the section of properties, you should go under the general tab in case you find the Unblock button. You should click on it to initiate the use of Plugin. If you do not see such buttons there, you should skip this step.
  5. Finally, you should launch Paint.net and start using installed Plugins.

So, on the concluding note, we hope you would have understood how these Plugins can help you in improving the usability of your Paint.net.

These Plugins are first-rate in offering additional features that you won’t get with the regular Paint.net software. It will offer a wide range of features set to your image as per your specific requirements.

So, what are your thoughts about the aforementioned Paint.net Plugins? Do you find these Plugins effective in optimizing the performance of Paint.net? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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