10 Best Translation Apps to Use When Travelling Abroad

Do you face language issues while traveling to different countries across the world? Do you crave to be multilingual to surpass the language barrier in new countries? – Then the best Translation Apps for Travel have arrived in your play-store to rescue in all such situations.

With the help of such Translation Apps, you will get the most personalized assistance in reading, speaking and understanding a language you are unaware of.

You can use these Translation Apps for Travel for a variety of purposes like ordering food online, communicating to native speakers, booking taxis and many other tasks in a hassle-free manner. So, let us start delving into those apps right away-


Google Translate

Your quest for an easy-to-use app for translation purpose ends with this one.


With the help of the Google Translate app, you will be able to translate 108 languages simply by typing in a word or a phrase. Besides, you will get access to 59 languages offline as well.

It also allows you to handwrite in 95 languages.

With Google Translate, you will also find camera translation in 90 languages. For this, you just need to point your camera for an instant translation and it will do the task on the go.

It is top-notch in offering instant translation of 43 languages. You can download it for free on iTunes or Google Play.

Let us have a brief look upon all its features here and now-

  • Tap to Translate
  • Offline working
  • Instant Camera Translation
  • Camera Mode
  • Conversation Mode
  • Handwriting
  • Phrasebook

Microsoft Translator

With Microsoft Translator, you will get an amazing free translator app to help you break the language barrier.


By opting for this one, you will be able to translate your text, images, and voice. You will love its real-time video translation facility for translated conversations across devices. It is also quite useful for one-on-one chats and larger group interactions.

It comprises superb design that will for sure dazzle you. You can adeptly use this one for communicating with the foreign people you meet on travel in other countries. It is also top-notch in speech recognition feature and conversation mode. It will let you translate from anywhere at any time thanks to its offline translation facilities.

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Its work is quite simple, and you just need to start the conversation, share the conversation code with other participants and then you can type or speak in your preferred language. It will also assist you in translating from the screenshot of a photo you take on your mobile phone.

It also enables you to converse with multi-person and it will translate all on the go. Notable highlights of this translation app are-

  • Being part of a conversation
  • Presenting to a wider audience
  • Making everyone feel welcome
  • Immersing as you travel
  • You can get the app on Android, Amazon, iOS, Windows, and PowerPoint.


Choose this Translation App for travel if you want to instantly speak more than 100 languages anywhere in the world.


It is considered one of the best apps for students, travelers, medical staff and business professionals who do not know their native language. It is quite user-friendly and you can opt for this one as your translator as well as the dictionary app.

Some of the most significant features of the iTranslate app are-

  • Text translation
  • Voice translation
  • Camera translation
  • Offline translation
  • Keyboard translation
  • Privacy is incorporated in all its features
  • One universal App for Android, iPhone, and iPad


Your quest for being able to speak with locals and understand their culture can get fulfilled with this Translation App for travel.


You can easily choose a country and then you can download the pack for your preferred destination. TripLingo is assisting international travelers to stay safe, savvy and productive during your international trips.

The wide range of features comprised of TripLingo is-

  • Voice Translator
  • Phrasebook
  • Wi-Fi Dialer
  • Learning Tools
  • Safety Tools
  • Tip Calculator
  • Culture Notes
  • Travel Tools
  • Availability on Google Play and Apple App Store


Here at the fourth spot, we will talk about SayHi as one of the most effective Translation Apps for Travel.


You can use it for translating your voice into 90 languages and dialects. This app will help you in recording your voice and then translating it into the language of your choice.

You will enjoy the translation in the speed and voice of your choice. Even in a noisy environment, you can use this app by typing in the app instead of speaking.

You can find this one on App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store with ease.

One of the key features that make it one of the best translation apps is conversation translation that lets you have a conversation in two languages and easily understand each other.

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With the help of the list of SayHi languages and dialects, it enables you to talk with almost anyone in the world.

This app is quick, uncluttered, and easy to use to enable you to converse without any sort of distraction. You just need to tap a button and start speaking.


With the help of Papago as your Translation App for travel, you will have the best solution for easing out your conversation anywhere in the world.


This app is considered first-rate for Asian languages; however, you may also get the best-suited solution for French, English, Korean, Japanese, and many other languages. It is also highly useful in offering written as well as voice translation.

Choose this one to enjoy its interactive multi-language conversation feature. It will also offer you a dictionary and a wonderful phrasebook to get the most personalized help you in your translation-related requirements.

Some of its key features are-

  • Real-time translation of the text, phrases, and words
  • Image Translation by recognizing text on the photos
  • You can take a photo of text and translate it via Papago
  • Offline translation, conversation translation, handwriting translation, website translation, and global conversation


Choosing this one as your translation app will help you scan and translate any printed text from the image like a pro.


Textgrabber is one of the best Translation Apps for travel, plus it will also do many other tasks such as making links, addresses, phone numbers, events and so forth. It is also excellent in supporting 100+ languages with verification support.

You can easily use this one for translating printed paper, voice and photo text. It can also assist you in searching language on the internet or maps as well.

Key highlights of this Translation app are-

  • Use it for reading QR code and sharing results
  • You will have your archive always at hand
  • It offers the best features to create, edit and share your work conveniently
  • It also provides real-time voice and photo-text recognition features

iTranslate Voice3

If you have been looking for a magical voice to voice translation app then iTranslate Voice 3 would be the right option for you.


Opting for this one will enable you to instantly speak another language, as this app will translate whatever you will speak into another language voice to voice. Its phrasebook will also offer you easy access to the most frequently used phrases.

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Important highlights of this translation app are-

  • You can use it to translate your audio into 40+ languages.
  • You can use this app for communicating with a local taxi driver, restaurateur, and many other local people.
  • It will also help you in recording other’s responses in their language and later, this app will translate that for you in your language.


With the help of MyLingo app, Spanish speakers can enjoy English language movies in Spanish in a personalized manner.


The process of using it is quite easy and you just need to download this app from the App Store and then you should download Audio Track before leaving your house.

Now follow these simple steps-

  • You should bring your earphones and have at least a 20% charge.
  • Then in your movie theater, when trailers are over, you should tap on the ‘Play’ button on the application.
  • Then you should just wait for audio to sync and then you will be able to enjoy your movie in your preferred language.

You can download this app from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.


Choose Waygo for instantly translating Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages into English.


With the help of this app, the experiences of tourists, expats, and travelers become easier in Asia.

With the help of a combination of Optical Character Recognition and machine translation, you will be able to Asian characters into English text by seeing images, getting relevant text and in the end, creating sensible phrases.

Working on this translation app does not require any internet connection as well, so, all in all, it is highly user-friendly as well.

Some of the top highlights of this translation app are-

  • Let’s you point and translate with your Smartphone
  • Uses minimal disk space
  • Available on iOS and Android

On the concluding note, we must say that these translation apps are a real boon for you if you frequently travel to different countries around the world.

It will ease down your experience, connection, and communication with others in the most personalized and convenient manner possible.

Did we miss any of the translation apps that you prefer using while traveling around the world? Share your experience with translation apps for Travel in the comment section below.

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