Top 20 Best Chrome Extensions for Developers

Google Chrome is the go-to browser for most developers. The flexibility and the number of extensions that the Chrome Web Store provides are of huge variety and allows the developers to ease their tasks.

Google Chrome offers built-in Developer Tools which itself is a major plus point for the developers to use Chrome.

This guide has a list of the 20 best extensions that the Google Chrome Web Store has to offer for the developers.


Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is a popular name on Smartphones. This chrome extension allows the user to save an important piece of information by clipping them and save them in their Evernote which can be seamlessly accessed on different devices.


You can take a screenshot, highlight any web page, annotate, save texts or images and much more.


This app is rated 4.6/5 stars on the Chrome Web Store. It is the best Cross-Platforming extensions Google Chrome has to offer. Cross-Platforming unveils the technologies that are used by various websites.


The main features include content management, web frameworks, server software, e-commerce platforms and much more.


ColorZilla is a color picker extension that can pick the color from any website at any zoom level and use that color for one of your webpages.


It has other features that include USS gradient color generator, palette viewer, Adobe Photoshop’s level color picker, history of picked colors to name a few.

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XV – XML Viewer

A powerful XML viewer for developers that handles responses from various web services. It features better document overview compared to other XML viewers and offers easy expansion and collapse options.


It tracks your code so you might want to go through their policies first and then install this extension.

Wave Evaluation Tool

One-of-a-kind extension available for developers in Web Store, this app provides feedback about web accessibility issues with human evaluation.


This reporting is 100% private and secure. All the evaluation is done under the Chrome extension so it is password protected.


You can use this extension while working with a virtual team for developing an application.


It allows JavaScript on a webpage to make XMLHttp requests to another domain. Basically, allowing cross-domain functionality using AJAX.

Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker

VPN blockers serve the purpose of opening websites that have been restricted in your country, school or company.


Hola VPN is ad-free and most of the websites can be unblocked using the free version while the paid version unblocks every blocked website. It is touted to be the fastest VPN service software on the internet.


Lighthouse extension is an automated tool that runs various tests and determines the quality, performance and the accuracy of the web page.


It audits the page and gives a detailed report on how well the page did and shows failing audits as indicators to improve the performance of the webpage.

Session Manager

Session Manager saves your opened tabs and windows to allow you to quickly open them whenever you want. It restores tabs and webpages at exactly the same state when you saved on Session Manager.


You can categorize each session and save them based on a common interest like News, Financial, Travel, Blogs, etc.

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Image Tool

Image tool is a design-based extension and allows the user to understand the design specs.


It offers color picker, dimensions to measure the dimension of each element and zooming.

Chrome MySQL Admin

It is a powerful SQL extension that provides administration GUI of MySQL server. TLS can also be connected for added security and this extension also provides query editor and also keeps tracks of your previous query in its history.


You can also create and edit tables, rows and also draw ER-diagrams.

PHP Console

This extension is a handy tool for PHP and can perform every task related to PHP.


It can handle error/exceptions of PHP, can remotely execute PHP code. It provides protection by using client id and password.


This extension is an interactive interpreter and shell built with Native Client which is based on Python 2.7.


This is not a high-rated extension but, it would get your work done and you can try it.

Form Filler

This extension helps the developers to fill up the forms easily and quickly with dummy data.


This extension saves time as the user doesn’t need to fill up the forms every time while testing form validation and backend scripts.

AJAX Debugger

It is a powerful AJAX debugger extension that works in tandem with the Chrome Dev Tools Console.


This extension logs all the AJAX activity to inspect info like the HTTP status, response time and status. It opens the AJAX in a new tab when the URL is clicked which makes debugging easy.

Lucidchart Diagrams

This is the best visual productivity extension used by many top industry leaders available for developers.


You can create flowcharts, ERDs, BPMN diagrams, network diagrams and many more in real time. It offers the best security through AWS, SSO, SAML. It works offline and has seamless sharing across various formats.

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It is an offline extension that allows the developers to easily manipulate the source code. It also offers drag and drop, copy from clipboard or print with ease.


Binary formats can be converted into URLs for their easy embedding. It has a minimal interface which reduces cluttered options on many extensions.

Secure Shell App

It is the best terminal emulator and SSH/SFTP client chrome extension for developers.


Without external proxies, this emulator can connect to the ssh servers. It has a rating of 4.4/5 on the Web Store and is widely used by many developers.


This extension is a developer’s toolbox that performs conversions and can be used to compute cryptographic hashes MD5, CRC, SHA-1 and 2, etc.


It is based on the JavaScript and requires access to URL to open in a new tab.

JSON Formatter

It is rated 4.6/5 on the Web Store, this app is one the best extension which is open source.


It allows the easy printing of JSON and JSONP in a nice format. It also features clickable URLs, highlighting syntax and also manipulation of raw and parsed JSON.

So, that is all from our side for the collection of best Chrome Extensions for Developers. Of course, there are still a lot more of them available in the Google Chrome Store but these are the ones we use and recommend the most.

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