Top 8 Best Chrome Extensions for Online Privacy

With great advancement in technology, the most important thing now is the data that we have. The security of our data is the most important thing one should take care of.

We must make sure that the data that we share, produce and keep in our devices are protected and no one apart from you has access to them. The Internet is the world of information and it also makes our data vulnerable.

We are connected to the internet almost every minute of the day and we some or the other way share our information with the server of the internet.


If this data is shared without proper knowledge and other security measures, then this could prove fatal and can risk letting our data getting into the hands of hackers and people who might use our data against us.

We as a user at every cost must make sure to protect our data and this list will provide you with a list of security extensions that will protect your data while you are surfing the internet.

Let us dig deep into each one of them:

Avast Online Security

Most of the users might be aware of Avast Antivirus and this extension is developed by Avast. This extension features a web site review system that includes the honest reviews of the 400+ million Avast users and lets the user know whether the site is threat free or not. It blocks phishing websites, malware, and other threats while you surf the internet.


It automatically runs its security system whenever you visit any banking websites or any transaction related website and protects your data. You can also check the rating of any website that you visit and also can cast your rate for other users.

It never lets the cookies track your data by blocking all the tracking cookies. Automatically changes the wrong web address of the websites and lets you know whether the site is fake or not.

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Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker

Ghostery is a good ad blocker and security provider extension. in recent times the tracking of data and activities have become more common and if you do not want to be tracked then Ghostery is a nice option.


Ghostery offers an in-built Smart Blocking feature, that lets the user block ads, animations and speed up the internet speed. It has a dashboard feature that gives you relevant information based on your preferences and is highly customizable.

The Enhanced Tracking System is also one of the highlights that eliminates any clutter the user faces while browsing the internet and provides a fool-proof and secure environment. Overall, a good extension to have for security purposes.


We visit so many websites and have login accounts on many websites. It is very hard to remember the passwords for every website, so we often save our password in the password manager of Google. But that is easily accessible to anyone as it shows the password with any encryption.


To eliminate this Blur extension is a very good alternative and saves all your passwords in an encrypted form. Not only the passwords but your email ID can also be encrypted using Blur.

It also suggests strong passwords for new as well as already visited websites where you have a login id and password. Blue offers seamless integration across all your connected devices and you can also use the Touch ID of your iPhone to login to any website faster.

With its timely updates, you are assured of protection from the latest tracking and threat viruses.

WOT – Web Of Trust

This is one of the best extensions for Chrome if you want to open and have access to websites that are trustworthy. WOT gives live warning of unsafe websites and also shows the website score based on safety.


Based on reviews from other users this also shows the reputation score that helps you decide whether to proceed onto the website or not. On exiting any website, WOT will prompt you to give feedback about the website so that the reputation score, when shown to other users, will depict the real user’s experience.

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All the features of this extension are free and you don’t need to pay extra for extra features as all the features are free. It protects your web browsing in real time and lets you enjoy access to websites that are clean, threat free and free from tracking viruses.


An all in one cleaner for the web browser that lets you clean all the browsing history, cache files, temporary files, cookies and other junk that is collected while surfing the internet.


Click&Clean also scans your PC for malware and other threats and notifies you in event of any presence. It also takes care of client-side SQL databases and flash cookies by removing them from your pc.

With Click&Clean you can also export your browsing history into an HTML file. This will also help to save more disk space by cleaning your local storage unwanted files. Overall, an extension that lets you take care of your browser as well as your desktop/laptop in one click.


As the name suggests, Panic Button extension works like a charm when you are in a situation where you need to quickly hide all your open tabs on the browser. With a single touch, PanicButton lets you hide the opened tabs and stores them in the bookmarks folder which can be re-accessed again once the panic button is pressed again.


If you want to delete all your tabs that have been hidden, you can just delete the folder named ‘Temporary panic’.  This would work great for users who are taking time off from their work and suddenly their manager comes in. This extension works well and has no problems.


A Virtual Proxy Network extension that lets you hide your IP address and be anonymous while surfing the internet. In many countries, several websites are blocked and the user cannot have access to them.


Dot VPN unblocks those websites and allows the user to access those websites and enjoy uninterrupted web browsing experience. You can switch between 10 locations offered by this extension.

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Other features that make this VPN better than others are its encryption and security features. The data compression and protection are built in the extension which saves up to 30% of your data.

It is also free of ads and integrated firewall blocks any unwanted connections to your device. Dot VPN is the best Chrome VPN service which offers each of its features for free and lets the user have a better browsing experience.


A more advanced security extension for Google Chrome that is built for experienced users. This gives you full control over your browsing and lets you decide which site to connect, what kind of data to be accepted and what data to be sent to the web site. It is a matrix-based enhanced security system.


It features two modes that allow all and block exceptional which can be selected based on user preferences.

With one click you can deny access to all social media networks and this can be good for companies who want their employees to access the internet for work-related activity only.

Blacklisting is very powerful as you are the one in control and decide whether to execute JavaScript, plugins, tracking cookies, etc. The interface might be overwhelming for some beginner users but it is one powerful security extension that can protect you from phishing attacks, malware, adware, and other viruses.

We must make sure that we have one or the other security application or extension to protect ourselves from such viruses that could hamper our data and invade our privacy on the internet.

The above-listed applications are tested and tried and fully capable of providing the user with enhanced security.

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