Fix Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped Working Issue

For Android Phone Users, Google Play is like a magic box that fulfills all their wishes in the form of best-suited applications. – And when in some unfortunate times, Google Play Services stop working; the situation becomes worrisome and Android-phone users turn unnerved.

But No More Worries!

In this post, we will talk about the best hacks of resolving such issues.

Fix Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped Working Issue

However, to understand those hacks in an executable manner, you should be aware of the nitty-gritty of Google Play.

So, let us start with that first-

What is Google Play?

We all need various apps for doing different tasks. There is a wide array of apps available on multiple platforms for users. Today is the age of using apps in almost all walks of life.

An app can be defined as software or a computer program that is dedicated to a specific task. These apps are developed on one terminal and then distributed to the user terminals. This requires a network and a platform for distribution. – One such platform is Google Play.

Google is a multinational technology company and is a giant in internet-related services. Google Play is an American digital distribution company. This service is developed and operated by Google. It is the official app store for the Android Operating System.

It houses millions of apps that are developed by the Android App Development Kit. These apps are published through Google and are available for users to download.

What are Google Play Services?

The Google Play Services is the background services that help the Android operating system integrate better with advanced functionalities of Google. It is the API package for Android devices. It can be used to update Google apps and provides access to various services of Google. It also allows the apps to communicate among themselves through conventional means provided by Google Play Services.

Services and API’s of Google Play Services

  1. Location API: Tracks the current location or can access a different location and share it.
  2. Google Maps API: It provides access to Google Maps and lets you explore the area you want to with the help of these maps.
  3. Google Mobile Ads: Advertising is an essential service provided by Google Play Services. Google Mobile Ads is an intelligent system providing ads based on your search history.
  4. Google Play Game Services: These gaming services offer multiplayer functions and have an immersive and competitive environment apt for gaming.
  5. Google+ Platform: This platform gives you the capacity to access multiple accounts on multiple apps. It focuses on unifying the Google Services by creating a network.
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The ‘Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped Working’ Error

Google Play Services is very crucial in an Android operating system. If anything goes wrong with it, it creates hindrances in the normal working of the Android phone.

In that case, all other apps and services are likely to show undesirable behavior.

Some of the primary reasons behind this error can be network issues or a corrupt version of the software being used on the phone. Also, sometimes Google may roll out to a different version of Google Play which is not compatible with your phone.

This may lead to the error called ‘Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped working’.

There are several ways devised to get rid of this error. Some of them are given below.

Clear the cache and unwanted data

The cache is the storage of data which is done in that space from where it can be accessed easily to cater to future requests. Clearing this cache and data will not delete anything from your phone. Instead, it will log you out of the Google Play Services. The settings of the Google Play Store can be reset by doing this. There are simple steps to do this. They are as follows.

  • Open the ‘Settings’ tab on your phone and go to the ‘Apps’ or the ‘Applications Manager’ menu.
  • In the list of the apps that are displayed, find ‘Google Play Services’.
  • Then, you will find an option called ‘Storage’. After you click on it, you will be led to the next screen where there is an option of ‘Clear Cache’. You need to click on it.
  • Also, click on the ‘Clear Data’ option shown beside the ‘Clear Cache’ option.
  • Repeat the same steps for ‘Google Play Store’ as well. This will help in solving the issue.
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Restart your phone

Many times, restarting has answers to many unsolvable errors. It can do wonders in eliminating various issues. So, it is advised to try restarting your phone if Google Play Services has stopped working.

Check whether Google Play Services are enabled

Disabling Google Play Services is possible, and that may lead to this error. Hence, it is advised to check if they are disabled and enable them if they are disabled. The way to do this is by going to the ‘Settings’ tab and then going to the ‘Apps’ menu. There you will see an option for enabling the same. If the ‘Disable’ option is in grey, it means that the Google Play Services’ are already active and you do not need to take any other action. Then, the problem exists somewhere else.

Boot the phone in safe mode

If restarting the phone does not help, this is a method that might help. Booting in safe mode does not delete any data and fixes various issues caused by third-party apps related to the Android system. To boot in safe mode, you have to hold the power button to find the various options for turning the device off. After tapping and holding on the ‘power off’ option, you will get a pop up asking if the boot is to be done in safe mode. When you click on yes, your device will run in ‘safe mode’.

Correct the date and time settings

Sometimes, the wrong date and timing can also lead to errors in Google Play Services. Hence, it is advised to check if the date and timing are correctly set. If not, you can go to the ‘Settings’ tab and then click on the ‘System’ menu. Click on ‘Date and Time’ and select ‘Enable Automatic Date and Time’. If it is already enabled, you can try disabling it and then enabling it again.

Reset the app preferences

Google Play Services have some core system files. Hence, any alteration in the system settings will affect its performance. So, it is advised to reset app preferences. Changing app preferences will not delete any data from your phone but only change some default app settings, background data, and app permission restrictions. For that, we have to go to ‘Settings’, then to the menu called ‘Apps’ or ‘Applications Manager’ and then reset the app preferences. It will prompt a pop dialogue box of confirmation. Once, you click on ‘yes’; it will reset the preferences.

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Uninstall the updates of Google Play Services

In most of the phones, Google Play Services is an inbuilt app. Hence, it cannot be uninstalled. But, it updated versions can be deleted to get it back in the factory reset mode. This will eliminate the bugs that the updates might have brought in. You can uninstall the updates by going to ‘Settings’, then to ‘Apps’ or ‘Applications Manager’ and then going to the menu for Google Play Services. In the top right corner, you will find the option to uninstall the updates. After clicking on it, the Google Play Services will go back in the first version.

Update Google Play Services

Sometimes, unwanted updates can cause bugs in the app. On the other hand, sometimes, older versions may not be compatible anymore, causing issues and errors. Hence, one should try updating the Google Play Services to the latest version. If the updates are not automatic, you will have to do so manually. This might solve the error.

Update the whole phone system

If updating the Google Play Services does not help, you can try to update the whole system of the phone. The software of the phone can be updated by going to ‘Settings’. There you need to go to the option called ‘System’ or ‘About Phone’ and click on ‘Update’. Once the whole software is updated, the errors of Google Play Services may also get fixed.

Final Thoughts!

Google Play Services constitute an important and crucial part of the Android operating system on the phone. It is rightly called the heart and soul of the phone.

If one encounters an error with it, it may cause unnecessary irritation and problems related to the system at large. Hence, the solutions given above can be tried to eliminate the error called ‘Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped working’.

Do you find the tips share here helpful in fixing Google Play Service Issues?

Still having any issues with the working of Google Play? Share your views and experience with us in the comments.

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