Top 8 Best Chrome Extensions for Reading Online

Whether we are at work or just relaxing, we often surf the net for news and articles to stay updated. The Internet has become the one stop shop for any kind of information that we are seeking.

Most of the latest happenings around the world reach us through the internet way faster as compared to other sources. We also base our thoughts and way of living by reading articles posted online.

We often read interesting news and articles and want our reading experiences to be disturbance-free. Since the majority of internet users use Google Chrome as their default browser, there are different and useful Chrome Extensions available in the Web Store that will definitely improve the reading experiences.


We have compiled a list of extensions that will make reading pleasure and will improve the productivity of the Google Chrome browser as a reading platform.

Mercury Reader

One of the most annoying things these days that users face today are the ads that are cluttered on the webpage and totally hide the main content of the webpage.


Mercury extension is here for rescue and it will block all the ads on the webpage leaving behind texts and images for a clear reading experience. It also allows the user to optimize the web page and send it to their Kindle devices.


EasyReader allows the user to customize the webpage to make their reading experience personal. This allows you to change the background, change the fonts, color, etc.


You can also print the selected content according to your preferences. Overall, this extension makes your reading personalized and also makes your reading comfortable.

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Read Mode

A true extension that allows you to read without any distraction. It blocks all the elements that cause distractions while reading, for example, all types of advertisement, flash animations, and pop-ups.


Read Mode converts the web page into simple plain black and white color that also eliminates the strain caused on eyes while reading. A simple yet powerful extension that flawlessly does its job efficiently.

News Tab

News is one of the most important topics that we surf the internet. The Internet has connected the world in such a way that, News about any country is readily available to anyone. News Tab is for such readers who love reading news on their browser. It supports over 130 regions and multiple languages.


With the help of this extension, you can get your daily dose of News with a tap of a button. The user interface is also rich and beautiful which includes a widget for any news section and also features a dark mode for night reading.

Just Read

Another great extension for readers that lets them block all the distractions and focus on their reading content.


Just Read as a dark or night mode that allows the user to read at night, themes that can be downloaded to personalize the reading experience, set a keyboard shortcut to run the Just Read extension. It blocks all the unwanted ads, pop-ups, flash animations and gives the user a clutter-free reading environment on the webpage.

MagicScroll Web Reader

MagicScroll Web Reader is also a great extension available for Google Chrome, that lets the user read articles clearly and also without any distraction. The feature that makes this extension different from its competitors is that it changes the way you scroll to read the articles.


There are two ways of scrolling one is the book styles scrolling that lets you scroll by clicking on the right and left area of the article to move forward or backward respectively.

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Another way of scrolling is when the mouse is pulled down it reveals the new text from top to bottom which allows the user to know exactly where he left off. The scrolling feature is unique and readers must give this extension a try.

Many of the interesting articles are available on the internet and as a reader with all these extensions, the way we read has become super comfy. These extensions enable us to focus on the content rather than other distracting elements present on the web page which are the main reason of readers abandoning reading online and leaving halfway. Please let us know in the comments if we have missed any great extension for readers in this list.

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