How to Download Specific Part Of Youtube Videos

We all use Youtube to watch videos, be it tech-related videos or some tutorial. Also, often we want youtube videos to be downloaded on our devices and we can keep them forever with us offline. But the Youtube app doesn’t allow it. In fact, a few years ago Youtube didn’t even allow us to download any videos, but now we can download the videos and keep them offline but inside the Youtube app only. However, whenever, you click the download button it will download the whole video. So if you want to have a specific part of the youtube videos, well officially you can’t. But we have a tutorial through which you will be able to easily trim, crop, edit and download Youtube videos.

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YTCutter is an online service for Youtube, through which you can trim, edit or download Youtube videos the way you want. There are a lot of different Youtube video download apps and software available for both Android and Windows. All of them are capable of downloading good high-quality youtube videos, but all of them just download the whole video. There are some situations where you don’t need a full video, and only a part of the video is required. In that particular situation, it doesn’t make sense to download the whole video and waste your internet data and storage space as well. With the help of YTCutter, you can download a specific part of the whole Youtube video, not only that, you can even download it as audio, GIF, or a bunch of screenshots as well.

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How To Download Specific Part Of Youtube Videos

Download Part Of Youtube Videos

How To Download Specific Part Of Youtube Videos

The very step to download a specific portion of Youtube videos is to go to the YTCutter website.

The UI is very much simple to use, all you need to do is enter the URL of the Youtube video which you want to download. Click on Start and it should display the Youtube video for which you have entered the URL.

How To Download Specific Part Of Youtube Videos

There will be an option saying Current Time – this is the option that shows the current time of the video playing in the panel. Next, you will see the below options:

  • start: The video timestamp at which to begin the trimming process.
  • end: The video timestamp at which to end the trimming process.
  • duration: The total duration of the trimmed video that will be downloaded.
How To Download Specific Part Of Youtube Videos

After inputting everything, click on the preview to check if the desired part of the video is coming in the preview or not, if not then adjust the timings again, else simply click on download.

You can even download the video as only an audio version of it as well. Or if you want it to be a GIF or a set of screenshots of each frame of the video can also be saved.

How To Download Specific Part Of Youtube Videos

Do note that there are some Youtube videos that are flagged as Not Suitable for Work (NSFW). In such scenarios, YTCUtter might not work properly, in some cases, it might even don’t work at all.

But we have a tip through which you can bypass this restriction. Most of the Youtube videos have a URL like Let’s take this as an example and assume this one is a flagged NSFW video, so YTCUtter won’t be able to download a specific part of this video. To bypass this all you need to do is, find the word watch in the URL and replace it with embed/. That’s it the new URL would be Now all you need to do is put this new URL into YTCUtter and start downloading the youtube video and the part of the video you want in audio, GIF, screenshots or simply video.

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With this, it’s a wrap on the tutorial of how to download the specific portion of a Youtube video. it is a very handy tool, and people might need it once in a while, so knowing that there’s a tool that can trim or crop the Youtube videos is a must.
Alternatively, you can also use YTCropper, which works similarly and either of the services won’t disappoint you.

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