Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions to Stay Focused at Work

Without the internet, almost all the companies in the world wouldn’t function at all because that is the level of dependency of organizations over the internet. And adding cheery to the top Google Chrome has just evolved the way we surf the internet.

Though at times we find ourselves getting distracted from our task that we start using the internet for other purposes and hence, delay and lose track of our work.

We indulge ourselves in social media websites, entertainment websites, etc and often cannot stay focused on the job at hand. Of course, it is necessary to freshen up the mind in between our work but, spending hours and hours wasting time affects our productivity.


With this guide, we will be sharing with you the best Google Chrome extensions that will help you stay focused on your work and lessen your distractions.


As the name of the extension suggests, this extension lets you stay focused on your work and spend little time on unproductive use of the net. We do get distracted after working for a while and land on a social media page, check our Facebook, read Reddit and do all sorts unproductive things.


This extension sets a timer to the time-wasting websites and after the time is used up, those websites are blocked for the rest of the day. It is fully customizable and allows you to block a specific page, domain, path, or in-page content.

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These settings can be synced to other computers as well by using Google Sync. One of the most popular apps to stay focused on work.

Strict Workflow

One of a kind app that is based on the phenomenon of 25/5 minutes meaning that you can set the timer on and it will let you work for 25 minutes straight without any distraction and will block all the other websites.


After 25 minutes, you can take a break of 5 minutes and surf the net as you like. This timer is also customizable and the timing can also be changed based on preferences.


A great application that tracks the time on the currently active window or tab and gives you an idea of how much time you have spent on the current tab. This gives you a clear picture of how much time was invested in work and how much time went unproductive.


It runs securely in the background on your PC/Laptop and provides the user with reports and data of his/her activity. You can also set alerts and block distracting websites and focus more time on your work.


The list to stay focused gets amazing with the xTab extension that lets you maximize the number of tabs that can stay currently open. Many times, we open several tabs and get lost in them due to distraction that hampers our productivity and is a waste of time.


Once the max number of open tabs is reached, the tabs can be closed on the basis of the least used tab, least accessed or the oldest tab. This prevents you from opening unnecessary tabs and makes you focus on your important tabs.

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This extension lets you block certain websites and also block the in-page content like videos, a news feed, comments, etc. You can set a time limit on websites you wish and it is customizable.


It features over 20 interventions and you can choose the best one according to your preferences. You can track the time spent on websites online.

Save to Pocket

It is a great extension that lets you save the interesting things that stumbled upon on the internet while working or anytime and same them in the in-built pocket for viewing later.


It can be synced across various devices and you can also see the latest recommendations based on the content that you have saved in your pocket. This extension also works offline and you can create shortcuts on the keyboard.


This extension provides you with an environment where you can totally focus on your task and forget about anything annoying or loud noises that might distract you.


With Noisli you can create and listen to your background score and stay focussed and concentrated.


A personal dashboard extension that keeps you motivated with its quotes. It also includes weather, your to-do list and your set goal for the day.


There is a new photo or inspirational quote for every day that keeps you motivated to be more productive. You can also customize the dashboard and add your custom color and backgrounds, quotes, bookmarks, etc.

Google Dictionary

A Google extension that is great to learn new words and also their meanings on the go just by taking the cursor to the word. This is good for those people who are involved in work that includes writing as sometimes you have to manually do the search to know about synonyms, antonyms, or their meaning.


This supports most of the languages like any other Google application. Also allows the user to store the words that were looked up previously.

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Just Not Sorry

A brilliant extension that warns you about words that show you under confidence and no meaning in your messages.


It can be seen as a spell checker but it also explains to you why the words used by you are not the ones that you should use.

Any person must be able to concentrate fully on whatever task he/she is doing and the above extension helps not only in focussing on important tasks but also, allows them to stay motivated and spend less time surfing unproductive websites. Please let us know in the comments section if we have missed any extension in this list.

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