Top 6 Best Chrome Extensions for YouTube

We all know what YouTube does and how it has been constantly keeping our boredom away from us when we did not have anything to do. Founded in 2005, the presence of YouTube has grown immensely and now it has become a must-need application on any of your devices be it Android/iOS.

There are a lot of worthy extensions for the Chrome browser in the ‘Web Store’ that will definitely make the experience of watching YouTube a great affair. We have compiled a list of 7 Chrome extensions for YouTube in this guide.

Magic Actions

Don’t judge this extension by its smaller size. This app provides a lot of features like snapshot, AutoHD streaming, Cinema Mode, Mouse Wheel Volume Control and much more.


You can control the volume of YouTube via your mouse wheel which most of the users will find convenient. It also has a Cinema Mode that creates a vignette around the video and lets you focus on the YouTube video. Other features are the full-screen view, day/night theme, display user info in comments.

Turn Off the Lights

This extension is the best when it comes to focusing on the video. Turn off the Lights extension highlights the video player in YouTube and darkens the rest of the webpage.


This also lets you select different colors for darkening so you are not stuck with black color. It also lets you set opacity levels according to the user’s needs.

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It also features night mode, atmospheric lighting that generates light effects around the video player and gives it a vivid color experience, password protection, and voice commands. It is trusted by most users and has a rating of 4.6/5 on the “Web Store.”

Smart Video

This extension is the best if you want your videos to buffer according to your needs. Smart Video improves your buffering experience by allowing you to customize the settings like what video quality you want to buffer always when to buffer videos for example after loading the video or as soon as the page loads.


The ‘Smart Buffer’ is the best when your internet speed is low as it decides the buffer percentage based on your internet speed. It also shows the time before the video starts, when you place the cursor over the video.

Other features include setting quality of video to buffer automatically, looping all YouTube videos, and notification reminder for videos that are buffered completely.

Video Blocker

Sometimes while we are done searching and watching videos on YouTube, the next time whenever we open the app, we are cluttered with a list of unknown videos from channels that we have never visited.


Manually using the “Not Interested” button takes a lot of time and after refreshing we are again provided with a list of unwanted videos.

Video Blocker is just the right extension for this purpose as it blocks those channels that you don’t want to watch the content and also blocks the specific videos. You can also block the video based on specific keywords and all the blocked channels and videos can be protected via password.

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Video Adblocker

This is the extension that automatically skips the ads shown in the video content of YouTube. The ads are the main revenue generator for YouTube and so, for this reason, you might have come across different kinds of ads over the videos you are watching.


They can be banner ads, text ads, annotations or pre-roll video ads. They can be annoying while watching a video.

Video Adblocker just gives the power to block all the ads without any settings or any procedure to follow. You just need to install this extension and you are up and blocking those annoying ads. This not only blocks ads on YouTube videos but also blocks video ads embedded in the site.

Improved YouTube

Improve YouTube as the name suggests, improves your overall YouTube watching experience and gives you control over all the settings. You can adjust and set the default size of the video player so that, whenever you open YouTube, the video is running in the default size set by the user.


It also hides those annoying annotations and comments box, live chats, auto playlist, etc and gives the user a completely uncluttered and smooth watching experience. It is an open-source extension and there are continuous updates to improve this application.

As our default content provider, YouTube is growing immensely and adding a list of the new features after every update. But to make the user’s experience much better, these extensions do add a bit of comfort of neglecting unwanted distractions and completely focus on the content they are there for on YouTube.

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Please feel free to comment and let us know any other extension that we might have missed in this guide.

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