Top 10 Must Have Chrome Extension for YouTubers

YouTube is not only a medium of watching and streaming media but, it has also become a source of income for many of the content creators. Briefly, “Content Creators” or “YouTubers” are the people that create content for their channel on YouTube.

They use YouTube as a platform to reach and target their audience. These days, YouTube has become one of the coolest professions everyone wants to pursue because it does not require fancy education or a Harvard Degree.

You can be a successful creator on YouTube provided that your content is different from what is already there and also you have to target a niche. Niche is a particular segment of people that desire a particular category of content.


But, if that was so easy, everyone in this world with a smartphone and internet connection would have been a YouTube Content Creator and earning at the ease of their desk.

As time has passed, the quality of content on YouTube has just dramatically reached a whole new level. The concept, story, and quality of the footage seem almost similar to that of movies.

Thus, in order to be a successful creator you need to have certain knowledge about SEO, your niche, AdWords, and other tools. If you have made yourself competent on these fronts, then you are bound to be successful if you apply these tools the right way.


The best video editing extension available on the Google Chrome Web Store that helps content creator up their video editing skills with its cool features. It is easy, fast and fun to work on even if you do not have much knowledge about editing videos.


It gives the user full creative control and with a huge database of over 1 million royalty-free video clips, music, and images you can create a professional-looking video by spending a little time.

It also includes features such as video editing in up to 4k resolution, green screen, picture in picture, voice-over narration, screen casting and more. It includes 32 professional themes, the native language supported subtitles and seamless sharing across various platforms.

All these features combined, WeVideo definitely is the best video editor out there and every Content Creator must or should give it a try.

One of the best things about this software is that it has an easy-to-use interface, which has been a problem for other video editors due to their overwhelming settings and interface that makes them hard to use.

Pro Mode for YouTube Video Editor

YouTube has an inbuilt video editor which the user can use to edit their videos in the YouTube itself. It may have the advantages of not having to download additional software for basic editing but it does have its limitations.

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Here comes the role of this Pro Mode for YouTube Video Editor which allows the user who is using the inbuilt YouTube editor application to take more control and make their task easy.


It features adding shortcut buttons using the keyboard and the user can easily manipulate the settings using the shortcut buttons. You can control and assign UI interface, navigation and editing shortcuts on keyboards. It also provides a separate video player that can be controlled by the shortcut buttons.

You can display all your assigned keyboard shortcuts in the help menu by pressing ‘H’. You can also sort photos according to the alphabet. This extension will get affected if any changes to the current YouTube Video Editor is done as they both are based on the HTML5 platform.


The best Video Compressor software and extension for YouTube Content Creators. This extension compresses video without affecting its quality. It makes the overall experience of the YouTubers faster, easy and reliable. It also features a video converter, webcam video recorder, and video uploader.


It edits and performs all the functions in your computer which enhances the security of your content rather than editing online. You can also process multiple videos at once by using its “batch input” feature. These features of compression enhance the upload speed to the various social media platforms by 20x faster as claimed by the software.

It has a minimal user interface and also features drag and drop functions which many of the new content creators would find easy to use.

Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder

YouTube creators need to have a backdrop or a story that backs the video content. For this, they can find inspiration or any piece of information online that could turn out to be useful for their content.


Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder are the best Google Chrome Extension where YouTubers or basically anybody can save a snapshot or a screenshot of any content or information available on the internet.

This extension allows the user to take a screenshot of the entire web page or a part of it. You can also record video on your screen and videos can be converted to gif or mp4 formats. This extension also provides faster sharing across all the platforms. Editing screenshots can also be done with the help of this extension.

By far this is the best-rated extension for screenshot and screen recording with a 4.6/5 star-rating. By buying the premium version you can also add watermark to your screenshots or videos, making them personal.

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Premium version also features cropping, trimming videos or uploading videos to Google Drive or Dropbox. Overall, a nice and must-have extension for content creators.


A YouTube certified Channel Management and Optimization toolkit which is the only standalone app that works right on top of the YouTube website. Other applications or extensions require you to log out of the YouTube website and work on a new web page or open an application altogether.


But this extension after installation works like an added or extended functionality over the YouTube web page.

You can perform bulk operations on your videos or in other words, you can make one simple change and that will be reflected over all your videos. This comes in handy while adding a subscriber page, redirection page, or playlist of videos.

You can also take screenshots and add them to your videos, you can also extract the list of your subscribers and their social media profiles which might come in handy while starting a giveaway or contest alert.

This extension, being one of a kind also makes it 4.6/5 stars rated extension on the Google Chrome Web Store. This is a reliable application which has its focus mainly for YouTube creators to create extraordinary videos for the world.


This extension helps you up to your Channel Management by providing you inside deed and information about the top YouTubers on how they use keywords, which channel they follow and tells you what they are doing right in order to attract more audience to their channel.


vidIQ provides a score called ‘Optimization Score’, that helps you measure the video’s likelihood of getting promoted on the related videos list. Also, you can check the number of views per hour for any video that is going viral in real time.

You get an SEO tool that gives you the inside information on your competitor’s video on what keywords they are using for their videos that can gain you more views.

You can also perform description link count, word count, check how many times your videos were shared across the social media platform. The pro-mode also lets you boost your channel to reach a larger audience and in turn generate more views.


Another extension that helps you optimize your YouTube content and grow your channel is VISO for Google Chrome. This features an automated tool that helps you with improving your video titles, description and use the best tags that would suit the content of your video.


It also has a thumbnail editor that let you take full control, edit, draw, adds text, changes the background, etc of your thumbnail to make it more effective and attract more views to your channel. Title optimizer gives you a searchable title recommendation to make your videos a viral hit.

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Probably the best extension to cater all your social media activities and drive your audience to your content. Hootsuite can help you manage all your social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.


You can set and post your content on your social accounts at a scheduled time set by you that gives you the 24×7 presence on social media. You can also track your content statistics such as keywords and mentions related to your posts. Track all your traffic with the help of an analytics tool provided by Hootsuite.

Stay in touch with your viewers and create campaigns and other social media events with the help of Hootsuite. You can also invite multiple independent social media contributors to work as a team and manage social profiles securely.

Social Blade

Social Blade extension represents an easy way of understanding different statistics and metrics for all social media platforms. It adds a box on the side of the YouTube player, that shows important statistics.


The metrics that it shows are subscriber count, views rank, estimated monthly earnings from the channel, growth in % for subscribers and views, channel grade i.e. whether the channel is performing average or is doing great, etc.

You might have come across the live subscriber count displayed on various YouTube channels when they are about to reach some milestone. Well, Social Blade extension performs this function and most of the top YouTubers use Social Blade as their live subscriber count system.

Overall, a well-equipped and easy to use extension that shows all the important metrics in one place, which is a handy tool for any content creator.


Heartbeat is a kind of Social Media platform specifically for YouTubers, where they can connect with like-minded people and also share their videos and content and improve their channel. This also keeps track of the comments that are posted on your videos along with subscriber count, views and other information.


You can also see the growth % of the subscriber count and views, create a chat room to chat with fellow YouTubers. It has a dark mode feature that lets you work at night without straining your eyes.

Overall, a one-stop shop for getting all social media related activities done for YouTubers.

Since its inception, YouTube has grown in popularity so much that many people earn their bread and butter from Google’s product. So, in order to be effective and grow in this field, you need to have the right tools and software to make your work easy.

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