Top 9 Best Chrome Extension for Students

The internet has just changed the way we learn and develop ourselves. Information related to anything is available on the internet and we are just a search away. The students can learn in a detailed and have more sources of information as compared to the textbook knowledge that they get at school or college.

Students can get information about anything in a more easy, understandable and informatic way with the help of internet.

The Internet has proven to be one of the best guides a student can have in this current technological world but sometimes the misuse or overuse also hampers their sense of grasping and their overall productivity.


With so much information and entertainment websites, students are bound to get distracted and lose their track of learning.

Google Chrome is the best browser for students due to its upfront approach and no unnecessary clutter. And to help the students in their learning process, we have compiled a list of best Chrome Extension for Students that will help them in a more efficient way.

Let us take a look at these extensions in a more detailed way, one by one:

Split Tabs

This app increases your productivity by allowing you to work on multiple tabs in one go. With Split Tabs, you can divide the screen into multiple numbers of sections onto a beautiful layout and open multiple tabs on Chrome.


There are predefined tab layouts or you can customize and create a layout according to your needs. This reduces the time we spend on juggling between various tabs on our browser and provides us important tabs on the main screen itself.

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Google Dictionary

A dictionary extension by Google for Chrome that will definitely improve your knowledge of words and also helps you learn new words on the go from the browser itself.


You just have to double tap on the word on any webpage and the dictionary will show meaning, definition and the origin of the word. A great extension for students that would improve their vocabulary. It also features a history section which includes the words that were recently searched.

Power Thesaurus

Thesaurus means synonyms and antonyms. This extension lets you have a button on the Chrome browser which will give you the synonyms antonyms of the words.


This will help you get the thesaurus of any word right at your extension and eliminates the need to manually type and search it. A small but powerful extension for Google Chrome.

Save to Google Drive

Official extension by Google that allows you to save any media content to your linked Google Drive.


You can save any document, webpage, content, images, videos or almost anything to your Google Drive. It also allows you to access those files from anywhere by just logging into your Google Drive account.

Google Keep

This is also developed by Google to easily save any favorite content to your Google Keep account.


This helps you to save any quotes, URL, image or text to Google Keep. After installation, this creates a button on the extension bar of your browser and lets you easily access and save your content to Google Keep and also creates a sticky note.

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Kami Extension

It is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for students and teachers which allows them to annotate, highlight or add comments to pdf, images, text or any other document.


All the files can be saved in Google Drive and can be accessed seamlessly. Other features include video/audio annotation, text annotation, merge and split PDF’s, insert a digital signature, etc.

Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Recorder

Nimbus is the best extension when it comes to screenshot and screen recording. You can take a screenshot of a part of a webpage or the entire webpage. It also features screen recording, trimming and cropping videos.


You can also edit your screenshots and upload or share them seamlessly across various platforms. Nimbus allows you to convert your video files into gifs. You can add your watermark to screenshots and screen recordings but with the premium version of the extension.

Video Adblocker for YouTube

Videos can be a better way of understanding concepts and theories for students but with the ads involved in the videos, it could be very annoying and distracting for them.


This extension blocks all sorts of ads like banner ads, text ads, video ads which in turn improves data speed and performance. This also hides those embedded ads on YouTube that appear on the videos.

Emoji Keyboard

In the age of mobile messaging, we are often using emojis and this feature now comes in the form of an extension for Google Chrome.


This keyboard contains all the emojis and we can copy, paste, and use the emojis right from the keyboard. It also adds a bit of fun when using the desktop version of any messaging services.

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These extensions are developed in order to improve productivity and help the students get the best knowledge out of the internet. As education has evolved, students are bound to look to the internet for their research purposes.

The dependency on the internet has increased and the student finds themselves learning deeper information in an easy way from the internet. Please let us know in the comments section if we have missed any extension that would benefit the students.

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