How do I change the Default Google Account?

In this modern era of the internet, we have to log in with our accounts to use any of the services, in fact, a few websites don’t even allow you to read their articles or use any of their services without logging in. While most of us have multiple google accounts for the same since we don’t want our main google account to be cluttered with spammy emails. However, if you want to change your default Google account or Gmail then you don’t need to worry, as in this post we will be discussing how to switch the default Google accounts for Gmail and other Google services.

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How Do I Change The Default Google Account?

How To Change the Default google Account on a Windows or Mac PC?

If you have a Windows PC or a Mac, the process of switching a google account is more or less the same. The reason behind this is that we all access Google accounts and their services using a browser, and most of the browsers and webpages work the same way on desktops regardless of their platforms or OS. Google has a tendency to open a new window using the default Google account through which your browser is logged in. Not to mention the very first google login of a freshly installed browser becomes the default google account of the browser. So, below we have a quick tutorial on how to change your default Google account that will also change your default Gmail on Windows or Mac PC.

Change Default Google Account
  1. First, you need to open your browser which you use all the time and then head to change
  2. Once the page is loaded, click on your profile icon located at the top right corenr of the screen.account change 2
  3. Click on it and then select the option Sign out of all accounts.
  4. After which your profile icon will disappear, and the browser will logout all of the Google accounts which are logged into your browser.
  5. Now, log in to the google account which you want it to be as the default account for the browser. You can choose from the list of accounts which Google is recommending to log in, or you can press the button Add account and then enter your details to login to the google account.
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Once you have completed the above-mentioned tutorials, the default Google account would be changed to the one which you want to be. Also, if you try to open Gmail, it will directly take you to the email of the default Google account the one which you have just logged in to.

To confirm the same, you can check the profile icon on, that icon shows the default account which is being used throughout the browser.

How To Change The default google account on an iPhone

Since iOS focuses more on privacy, and they recommend using the Apple apps even for the email service, managing a Google account on an iOS device could be a bit tricky. Since there are a few options that are missing, as iOS devices run on Apple accounts and not Google accounts, so there isn’t much preference given to the Google account. However, if you want to change the default Google account on an iOS device, you need to use the browser and that’s the only option to change the default Google account, below we have a tutorial about the same.

How Do I Change The Default Google Account?
  1. As usual first you need to open the google Chrome browser on your iPhone and then head to the to further change the settings and log out of the account.change google account on iphone
  2. Now, you need to tap on the dropdown menu from the top to see the current default Gmail account.
  3. Here you need to find and click on the Manage your Google Account.
  4. Tap on the Sign out button and then you need to start the whole sign-in process with the account you want to be your default Google account.
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How To Change the Default Google Account on a Chromebook?

The Chromebooks are lightweight laptops powered by Google’s Chrome OS. So, logging in with your Google account on Chrome OS is like logging in Apple account on an iPhone or the Google account on any Android phone. it will be used to manage everything of that particular Chromebook. if you want to switch the default Google account to a different Google account then you need to login to your Chromebook and then open google chrome and then follow the same steps that you followed while changing the default google account on any other computer like Windows or Mac.

How To Change The default Google Account on an Android Device.

Since Android OS is developed by Google, so the default account on Android phones is logged in while setting up the phone for the first time. Similar to iOS devices, you cannot change the default Google account from the Gmail app itself, you need to dig deeper in order to change the default Google account on your Android device.

Now, to change the default Google account on Android, you will have to open the Google Chrome app. Also, if you want to switch the default Gmail account on your Android, then you can refer to the iOS guide above. You can follow similar steps on Android to change the default Gmail account as well.

Once you have changed the default Google account on the Chrome app, you need to know that for most of the browsers the setting to change the default Google account is more or less the same.

Why Change the Default Google Account?

If you make your primary account the default account of your device then it will keep on logging in to the websites you visit, which can eventually lead to spamming of emails to your primary account. Not to mention there can be privacy issues as well. So, making another secondary account the default google account for your browser can be a big relief for you and your emails.

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Other than this, there are many users who use different devices, like people who have their separate work computer and a computer for home. obviously, you will keep your home Gmail logged in to the home computer and the work email to the work computer, but if you want to check the work mail from your home computer then you need to log in the work mail to your home computer and vice-versa. In such cases, you can set the default accounts respective to the place it belongs while adding the secondary accounts as per the requirement.

Can You Change the Default Account Without Logging out of all accounts?

As of now, there is no such way implemented by Google. You have to log out of the default Google account in order to remove it from the default account of your browser. Google has set that the very first Google through which you log in on your browser becomes the default account to be used for the rest of the things. In order to remove the default account, you need to sign out of that account from the browser.

Can we have Two Gmail accounts with the Same Phone Number?

Yes, you can link your different Gmail accounts to the same phone number. Google uses the phone number for security purposes like sign-in verification and more, since all of the email addresses would be different, you can set the same phone number for all of the Google accounts which you want to.

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