9 Best Apps to Find Stolen Android Phone

Losing something you love is one of the worst feelings in the world. And the feeling is even worse when things are stolen from you. It may be expensive or cheap, but the experience is awful. Smartphones have changed the way we live, literally, and they have become so personal and valuable. After all, we have almost all of our data on these devices.

In this guide, we are bringing the best ‘Find My Android’ apps which will come in handy when you have lost or have your phone stolen from you.

With smartphones usage increasing, everyone at some point would have lost their smartphones or got Stolen. And with high-end devices are more into getting stolen, so here we bring you some apps which help you in finding your lost smartphone.

Best Find My Android Apps

In finding a smartphone, “Phone Locator” apps come in handy in tracking and finding your smartphone.

If your mobile device is stolen, we recommend contacting the authorities. Do not put yourself at risk in any situation. We do not condone any unlawful act in any possible way. The safety of our users is of paramount importance to us.

We have picked some best apps from Google Play store based on a number of downloads and apps which have listed in Google Play Store Editor’s Choice. Apps listed below all have similar features, that is finding “Android Phone Location”.

Google Find My Device by Google LLC

Google develops most of the apps for its Android OS, the app “Find My Device” by Google LLC is the most trusted app, as it is developed by Google Android developers.




First to make the app work we need “Find my Device” to be installed on the Device and Google account must be linked to the Android Device, then when your device is lost or stolen visit “Google Find My Device”  login using Google account and then a list of devices attached to account will appear.

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  • Locate the device remotely.
  • Ring the device even if the device is in silent mode.
  • Lock the Android device and display a custom message.
  • Erase the content on the device.

Family Locator – GPS Tracker by Life360


Next app in the list is “Family Locator” by Life360, which has won the Editor’s Choice title in Google Play Store

The “Family Locator” app does the same functionality that’s finding the device location using Phone’s GPS. The app lets you create a group for family members and friends and see the location of everyone in the group, basically the location of the group members.



The location of the device can also be found by logging into life360.com using your account, members of the groups can also see your lost device’s location. Members of the group can also message each other using built-in messenger.


  • Locate the device using GPS.
  • Locate the device of other members of the group.
  • History of the location of the members.
  • Message members using built-in messenger.

Wheres My Droid by Alienman Technologies LLC


The app in third place is “Where’s My Droid” app which is another top app which is recommended for finding the Android device. The app is packed with lots of features which help in securing the device and finding the location of the device.



After setting up “Where’s My Droid” app, in case the phone is lost or stolen, visit the wheresmydroid.com using your computer browser, similar to first two apps and track the device location using the location shown using the maps.


  • Find the phone by Ring/Vibrate.
  • Find phone via GPS.
  • Remotely lock the device.
  • Remotely wipe the phone data.
  • Notification on phone Sim change.
  • Location alert on low battery.

Anti-theft security and alarm system by MOSI Apps


The next app in our list is “Anti-theft security and alarm system” app by MOSI. This app is free for finding the location of the phone. It has a lot of features which can be triggered by SMS. Sending SMS with related command can lock, ring and trigger other actions on the phone.

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With the use of SMS command, you can fetch the phone location secretly. After receiving the command the phone replies with the link of google maps stating the current phone location.


  • Remote control lost phone via SMS from another phone.
  • Fetch the GPS location of the phone.
  • Trigger alarm and take pictures using the front camera.

Security & Antivirus | Lookout by Lookout Mobile Security

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The app from Lookout “Security & Antivirus” is basically an antivirus app with some good phone tracking features.

This app’s features may not look so promising, but it does the job in finding the phone location.


The location of the phone can be found via the browser in your computer. Visiting the Lookout site and logging will do the job in finding the phone. Lookout uses phone GPS to find the location and will be displayed using an interactive map in the browser.


  • Security & Antivirus features for Phone.
  • Locate Phone via GPS.
  • History of Phone’s Location.
  • Low battery location notification.

Prey Anti Theft: Find My Phone & Mobile Security by Prey, Inc.


Another app in the list is “Prey Anti Theft” app by Prey, Inc. This app features phone locator, remote control access and anti theft.



The “Prey Anti Theft” app features two-step verification, device and User information of the phone.

If the phone with this app installed is stolen, you can find the location by visiting panel.preyproject.com and logging in using Prey account. Next, there will be a map displayed with the location of your phone.


  • Control Zones, alerts when device crosses the marked location.
  • Remotely access and wipe data.
  • Pin-point accuracy using GPS and WiFi.
  • Quick access using social media login.

Mobile Security: Antivirus, Anti-Theft and Safe Web by McAfee LLC

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Another app is “Mobile Security” app by McAfee. This is another app which is essentially an anti-virus app that features phone location tracking. This app can capture the photo of the thief and send it to your mail with the phone’s location. The app sends the last known location of the phone before the phone dies out of battery.

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You can use a computer browser to locate your phone’s location by simply visiting mcafeemobilesecurity using your credentials after you will be redirected to the web with your phone’s location displayed on a map.


  • Remotely lock the device.
  • Wipe data remotely.
  • Last phone location before the phone battery dies.
  • Security & Antivirus features.

Cerberus Phone Security (Antitheft) by LSDroid


The “Cerberus Phone Security” app by LSDroid is one of the favorite apps of me, which has a lot of good features and let’s protect your device in two ways. One is the remote control of the device by logging in to Cerberus official site from a web browser.


Secondly, by sending an SMS command to the phone via another phone. The app after receiving the text message sends the location of the phone via SMS.


  • Remote control through the website.
  • Remote control via SMS.
  • Automatic alerts for suspicious activity.
  • Auto-task Configuration.

Find My Phone Android: Lost Phone Tracker by Salvilee Technologies


The last one in the list is “Find My Phone Android” app. As the name suggests it is basically an app to find your android phone. You can trigger actions like a lock, ring the alarm on the phone with the app installed.

Best-Find-My-Android-Phone-Find-My-Phone-Android-2  Best-Find-My-Android-Phone-Find-My-Phone-Android-3

In order to find your device, you need a second android device, after logging using the credentials, you can use all the above-mentioned features and locate your phone.


  • Location using GPS and WiFi.
  • Remotely lock a stolen phone.
  • Find the stolen device location.
  • Remotely trigger phone alarm.

The best app for “Find My Android” changes based on individual preference. This is the list of apps for securing and finding lost Android devices. as well to decide apps which are best for your preference. It is advised to install at least one app in your phone from the list, to secure your device.

If you find any of the listed apps helped in securing and finding your phone, please do let us know in the comments below.

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