Top 6 Free Karaoke Apps for Android

Karaoke is a beautiful way that people have adopted as a means of entertainment and leisure. No one cares if the lyrics are sung correctly or the melody is maintained; all they want is to sing along a harmonious tune and have a gala time. Therefore, owning a karaoke unit may not always be feasible. Some apps have got you figured if you are someone who wants to have a good time with friends and family, singing melodies together and whiling the time away.

The following are some of the apps available on Android that you can opt for if you are an avid lover of Karaoke.


This is one of the best Karaoke apps that exist for Android. Using Smule, you can sing together with your friends and family, and they have an unending repository of different songs from different eras. You can connect with other performers and perform live. For enjoying the premium services, one has to subscribe once the free trial period ends.

Top 6 Free Karaoke Apps For Android
Top 6 Free Karaoke Apps For Android

By opting for Smule Social Karaoke Singing App, you will get features like-

  • Ability to sing karaoke free to millions of songs with music and lyrics
  • It will let you choose to sing LIVE or record and fine-tune your performance
  • Choose it to express yourself the way you want
  • You can sing solo or duet to songs, dance, sing a cappella, play along or just enjoy the show
  • To sound like a pro it will enable you to add polish to your vocals with studio effects
  • It lets you use pitch correction for real-time tuning while you sing
  • With the help of this free Karaoke App for Android, you can star in your music video
  • You can apply different video filters to make your recording look pro
  • It lets you add visual effects, like bubbles, smoke, and fireflies
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WeSing – Sing Karaoke & Song Record

Using this app, you become part of a community that sings Karaoke and indulge in holding duets with other people who use this app. It is a free app, so one does not have to worry about the consequences of payments.

Top 6 Free Karaoke Apps For Android

The top highlights of this Karaoke App for Android are-

  • It has a huge high-quality library covers hit songs
  • Opt for this to make your MV of your karaoke slideshow
  • With its tuning menu, you just need to move your finger to adjust the tune as you like
  • It lets you sing with celebrities
  • You can make albums for your songs
  • It has an intelligent  search function to help you find all of your favorite songs
  • You can add effects to your recordings like echo, reverb

Karaoke – Sing Karaoke, Unlimited Songs

This Karaoke app has many users and lets people get a demo using their free trial offer. They have a database of unmatched songs. One can record their voices along with the melody and make alterations to it using the effects available.

Top 6 Free Karaoke Apps For Android

Notable highlights of this Karaoke App for Android are-

  • It lets you sing from an endless selection of karaoke songs of different genres and themes
  • You can easily find songs sung by your favorite artists
  • You can sing in any language, anytime anywhere
  • You can record your vocal track as you sing along to the lyrics
  • It lets you add some of its special voice effects like echo and reverb
  • It lets you do karaoke with video
  • It enables you to share your performance with the world, listen to other singers and connect with friends, like their recordings and so on
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StarMaker Lite

This is a free app that has taken its inspiration from the musical reality show called The Voice. The services are free; you can sing as many songs as you want. Using this app, you can record your music and share it on social media platforms.

Top 6 Free Karaoke Apps For Android

Key features that make it one of the best free Karaoke Apps for Android are-

  • It will let you sing like a star with audio effects
  • It lets you sing and gain fans so you can shine
  • You can use it to record your music videos and add cool filters
  • You can share Karaoke with its community
  • You can watch great covers from singers around the world

SingPlay: Karaoke your MP3

This app is unique because it lets you sing the songs which may not be present in their database by using the local Mp3 files present in your device. Thus, you are ensured to not miss out on songs that you would have wanted to sing, only because it is not there in the repository. You can also edit the recordings once made and finalize them.

Top 6 Free Karaoke Apps For Android

Important upsides of SingPlay that make it one of the most favored free Karaoke Apps for Android are-

  • Its Karaoke Mode will enable you to remove or reduce the original vocal (varies depending on songs)
  • It offers features like recording, lyrics display, * Pitch Control (+/- 4 semitones), and * Tempo Control (+/- 4 steps)
  • You will get 5 seconds FF / REW
  • Opt for it if you want to add reverb (Echo) effect on your voice
  • It offers independent Volume Controls for Music, Vocal, and Reverb
  • For its working, no internet connection is required
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Midifun Karaoke

This, too, is a fun app to download if you are a beginner in the world of Karaoke. They have limited songs in their database. However, they provide many options with voice alterations. You can be a part of the community who use this app and indulge in conversations about music. You can record your songs and upload them if it is to your liking.

Top 6 Free Karaoke Apps For Android

Notable highlights of this Karaoke App for Android are-

  • It is one of the best offline karaokes for Android
  • It lets you get hundreds of songs when you download and install Midifun
  • It is like a multimedia application that has a collection of MIDIs with lyrics that you can sing-along to
  • It works with Bluetooth mike


Let your shyness take a backseat as you unravel the world of Karaoke with these easy-to-use apps, and sing your heart out as you chill with friends and family.

Even in some of these apps, you can upload and sing that song.

Now, it is your turn to tell us about your favorite Karaoke Apps for Android in the comment section below.

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