Top 10 Free Zoom Alternatives for Meetings and Video Chats

Are you locked down at your home right now because of the global spread of COVID-19? Confused in finding the right way to connect with your coworkers, peers, friends, and families?

Then Zoom and some other Zoom Alternatives for Video Chats and Video-Conferencing will help you continue your work like a pro.

With the help of these applications, you will be able to continue your work-from-home without compromising your efficiency.

Zoom Alternatives

By opting for these Zoom Alternatives for video chats, you will not face issues like no end-to-end encryption and other kinds of security flaws. So, without any further ado, let us now delve into these top-rated Zoom alternatives straight away.


By opting for this Zoom alternative, you will get an app which is best for calling friends on Apple devices.

Free Zoom Alternatives Facetime

It is the proprietary video calling app of Apple, and if you have been looking for the Zoom alternatives for your Mac, iPhone and iPad devices, then this one is the best option for you.

You can use it for having a hassle-free video chat with your contacts on Apple devices in real-time.

It is also top-notch in offering a Group FaceTime option that will let you chat with around 32 people simultaneously that are on the Apple devices.


Your quest for top-rate Zoom alternatives will for sure guide you towards Skype which is one of the pioneers and credible options for feature-rich video chats.

Free Zoom Alternatives Skype

You can use this one for calling around 50 people at the same time and you can access it on almost all the available platforms in the market.

Besides, you will get it without paying any price. What makes it one of the top Zoom alternatives in the market is its ability to ensure privacy. Microsoft owns Skype and you will get highly customized screen sharing and screen recording sorts of features for you as well.

With Skype, you will also get a new ‘Meet Now’ feature that will let you join video meetings without opting for any downloads or signups.


This one is again a video chat app that is owned by Facebook and can be considered one of the best Zoom alternatives for video chats.

Free Zoom Alternatives WhatsApp

With WhatsApp, you join the company of 2+ billion users all around the world.

By opting for WhatsApp, you will get a Video Chat app that works adeptly on iOS and Android devices.

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With WhatsApp, you will also get end-to-end encryption that is specifically designed, so you and the individual you are connecting with on WhatsApp enjoy absolute privacy. Choosing WhatsApp will enable you to make video calls, audio calls and send messages.

WhatsApp is also one of the most popular apps for video calling, and it will for sure be quite useful for you.

Google Hangouts Meet

Choose Google Hangouts Meet as your Zoom alternative for conducting secure video meetings for your business.

Free Zoom Alternatives Google Hangouts Meet

With Google Hangouts Meet, you will be able to let your team stay connected with enterprise-grade video conferencing that is made with the robust and secure infrastructure of Google.

With Google Hangouts Meet, you will also get G Suite and G Suite for Education.

It will also offer you features like the inclusion of 250 participants in your video chat which is for sure to make it one of the top alternatives of Zoom for video chats. Additionally, you will be able to record your meetings and save them in your Google Drive.

By choosing Google Hangouts Meet for business, you will get the best-suited G Suite plans for you as well.


With your video chat, if you want to enjoy a fun-full Houseparty then you can opt for this Zoom alternative designed by Fortnite developer Epic Games.

Free Zoom Alternatives Houseparty

It is one of the best face-to-face Social Networks that you can choose to spend your time with the people you love to spend time with.

You can easily get this alternative of the Zoom app on iOS, Android, macOS, and Chrome.

By using the Houseparty interface, you will also be able to virtually play different popular games such as Heads Up and Trivia with your friends. In recent times, Houseparty has seen a great surge in its user-base.

It will let you connect with up to 8 people simultaneously and it enjoys more than 20 million users all around the world.

It is a fun-full Video Chat app that includes gaming elements as well. Its feature ‘Wins’ that lets you have an opportunity to win some specific tasks.

Additionally, you will have the ability to upload your emojis (Bitmoji) as their profile picture on Houseparty in case you are connected with your Snapchat account.


By opting for this Zoom alternative, you will find a new way to chat with your friends and communities.

Free Zoom Alternatives Discord

Discord is firs-rate in offering the best ways to communicate over video, voice, and text.

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Discord claims that its features are best for video chats from Dance Classes, Book Clubs, Digital Conventions, Study Groups, Family and Friends. So, you can choose Discord to have video chats from anywhere. Gamers enjoy using Discord as their video chat application.

You can use it to collaborate, communicate, ideate and display your stuff like a pro.

You can even use it to move an entire YouTube/podcast business with at least two live shows a day. It will help you in keeping your community organized and tight-knit across different projects.

Choosing this will let you host a community of fellow artists to share your artwork and works-in-progress, plus you will also be able to receive direct feedback. With Discord, you will be able to have meetings, attend conventions and build communities.

Marco Polo

You can choose this Zoom alternative for staying in touch with the people who matter most to you. It also lets you send video messages to group chats or individuals.

Free Zoom Alternatives MarcoPolo

It is one of the best one-way-at-a-time video chat services.

By opting for Marco Polo, you will be able to have a moment to talk even at the times when your schedules don’t match. In this app, you are not required to stay live for conducting video chats.

It will let you have spontaneous face-to-face conversations to see how your loved ones are doing. It is also considered top-notch in gathering friends and family and chatting with your support or hobby group.

Marco Polo is also highly useful in collaborating with co-workers or fantasy football teammates.

The best part of Marco Polo is its ability to enable each individual to watch and respond when it works for them.

With this Zoom alternative, speaking face to face is simple like ABC and you just need to press the “Start” and “Stop” button. Choosing this one will let you enjoy with doodles and voice filters as well.

Cisco Webex

With this alternative of Zoom, you will get one of the best video chat solutions for the time when the world desires to connect to communicate and collaborate.

Free Zoom Alternatives Cisco

Webex was acquired by Cisco in the year 2007.

Its multiple feature-set includes WebEx Meeting Center for meeting across your company, WebEx Event Center for holding events or Webinars and WebEx Training Center for offering online training or courses.

With this Zoom alternative, you will also get WebEx Support Center that provides remote support.

By opting for Cisco Webex, you will get your personalized meeting room. It is known for conducting 20 million reliable meetings per month.

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Facebook Messenger

With Facebook Messenger, you also get a very powerful alternative of Zoom for conducting your video chats.

Free Zoom Alternatives Facebook Messenger

Those who enjoy using Facebook as their preferred Social Media platform consider Facebook Messenger as one of the most effective Zoom alternatives for video chats.

Facebook messenger offers a convenient way to text, video chat and plan things in the most personalized manner possible.

Messenger is also filled with a variety of emojis, GIFs, and stickers, so you can express yourself the way you want. You can even capture your moment with the Messenger Camera and then include a filter or doodle to enhance its appeal and then you can send that to others or share Stories. Facebook Messenger will also let you make plans to get together with polls, plus you can hop on a call or video chat.

It will also let you send and receive money from friends in the app by including your debit card or PayPal details.

Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams, you will be able to work remotely without feeling remote.

Free Zoom Alternatives Microsoft Teams

Opting for this one as your Zoom alternative will enable you to have a secure video chat setup to invite everyone you work with to chat, call, meet and collaborate all in one place from anywhere in the world.

Microsoft Teams will enable you to meet with teams of 10 or 10,000. Also, it is top-notch to Host audio, web conferences, and video with anyone inside or outside your organization. It will also enable you to run live events like a pro as well.

It is your hub for teamwork in Office 365, plus you can use it to connect face-to-face with HD audio and video that will be excellent in enabling you to join meetings from almost anywhere.

We hope you have found the best Zoom alternative for you that can serve all your specific video-chat requirements. By using these Zoom alternatives for video chats, you can continue working from your home without facing any issues.

They are top-notch in offering highly secure video chat services based upon your custom requirements. You can easily opt for the one that suits best with your professional as well as personal requirements

In addition to these Zoom alternatives, you may also choose Amazon Chime if you are an AWS user. It can be one of the top-rated open-source options for you for conducting video chats.

Which one amongst these will you consider as your Zoom alternative for Video chats?

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