Top 8 Internet Texting Apps for Android

From normal texts, i.e., SMS to internet texting apps, the world has probably had its best innovation. Globally, everything seems to enhance and get much smoother. While you might think things cannot be better than now, you can never predict the future.

But one thing sure is that Internet texting apps will always be the chosen ones until the next great innovation, perhaps, replaces it.

Below are nine internet texting apps that a student, teacher, and everyone in their professional line must surely have:

Top 8 Internet Texting Apps For Android

WhatsApp Messenger

Accessible App on android, iOS, and on a PC, WhatsApp has the most needed features. Appealing features include video calling, document sharing, voice chat, and pictures.

With that, you can also create a functional group that can hold over 256 users.

Top 8 Internet Texting Apps For Android
WhatsApp Messenger

Also, share your moments for 24 hours on stories. You can opt for this internet texting app to message your friends and family for free.

It uses the internet connection of your phone to send messages so you can avoid SMS fees.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s messenger is a concept of Facebook you surely hadn’t predicted. You don’t need to sign up extra for messenger but need a Facebook account to access it.

You can communicate with more people than just your friend’s list. Also, you get games to play and challenge.

Top 8 Internet Texting Apps For Android
Facebook Messenger

It lets you send and receive money through a PayPal account or by adding your debit or credit card details as well but only in the US.

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It has a simple user interface and works over mobile data when it’s available. It does not need a mobile number for registering.


200 Million Big is Viber that originated about a decade ago. This internet texting is almost like WhatsApp but with a greater fraction of emoticons and stickers.

The latest Viber also allows you to pre-book in hotels and restaurants.

Top 8 Internet Texting Apps For Android

You can use it for voice and video calls that can help you make high-quality calls for a quick “hello” or a much-needed face-to-face. It is best suited for group chats & calls as well. It also offers Stickers & GIFs and you can use it on mobile & desktop.

It is always secure for internet texting.

Signal Private Messenger

A very similar internet texting like WhatsApp, but with a better security protocol.

You have got the group chatting option, sharing media files, easy communication, and encryption system.

Top 8 Internet Texting Apps For Android

Millions of users opt for this internet texting app every day for free and immediate communication anywhere in the world. Use this for sending and receiving high-fidelity messages.


Middle East people are particularly suggested with IMO.

Qatar, which has blocked the video calling facilities, has only IMO being allowed.

Top 8 Internet Texting Apps For Android

This internet texting is a simplified version that keeps up with the HD video function. Though location sharing isn’t a part of IMO, it is still great.

As one of the best wifi texting apps for android phones, it also offers high-quality video and voice calls on Android and iPhone. It is top-notch in offering free and unlimited messages and video and voice calls on the 2G, 3G, 4G*, or Wi-Fi.

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It can also help you in the fast photo and video sharing along with hundreds of free stickers.


A very distinct feature of Kakaoto, also known as KaTalk, is the scheduling and polling feature.

About 150 M people globally have joined Kakaotalk. The languages available are 15 in number.

Top 8 Internet Texting Apps For Android

Kakaotalk also works like a walkie talkie with most of the users based in Asia. Some of the notable features of Kakaotalk are fast, free chats, and free calls. You can set it as the default SMS message app to text and chat in one place.

In this internet texting app, you can share your location, plus you can also see who read your messages. It enables you to multitask during free calls.

Text Free

Using text free doesn’t compulsorily need both users to be the part, either of both can be exempted from the service. But having the app on both sides can be better.

The number is the key function here. It is the 2nd phone number app that you can use for free texting and free calling. With this one, you will get a free text plus a real US phone number that will help you to text anyone, even in the case they do not have the app.

Top 8 Internet Texting Apps For Android

Different messaging features that you will get from Text Free are free SMS messaging, free MMS picture messaging, group messaging, voicemail, international texting & calling, etc for free.


An alternative to text free, TextPlus can be more complex. Both are very much alike, though TextPlus has more tally of Benefits.

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Top 8 Internet Texting Apps For Android

You can use text plus via your real number and communication even if the receiver is not logged in with TextPlus. Opting for this internet texting app will let you call and message your friends with a real phone number.

It will let you send and receive unlimited SMS / text / MMS / group messages to anyone in Canada or the US.

Wrapping up!

Internet instant messaging apps are the best assistance for busy profiles.

Even if you aren’t so busy, they are a great means of entertainment. You can share your lifestyle and almost everything going around using only the Internet data.

And there are many more beneficiaries to see. Signing up to these texting applications, perhaps, has no shortcomings. So, which one is your favorite internet texting app on Android phone? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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