7 Best Android Auto Alternatives to Use in Your Car

If you are not up for getting Android Auto or if your car doesn’t come with it, do not worry or fret because there are decent alternatives that you can find, which will ensure you have an equally good experience.

AutoMate Car Dashboard

This app has more features that are useful, compared to Android Auto. It has voice controls enabled and does in-depth research before starting the navigation duties.

7 Best Android Auto Alternatives To Use In Your Car

Some of the notable features are maps that will let you search for directions.

7 Best Android Auto Alternatives To Use In Your Car

Its places features will let you search for nearby places like gas stations and restaurants.

It also has features like Phone, Messaging, Voice, Contextual Information, Media Control, Shortcuts, data, traffic camera alerts, customizable wallpapers, etc.

Car Dashdroid

This is one of the top alternatives because one can personalize the app as per their requirements. Themes can be set; custom actions can be taken along with a faster navigation system.

7 Best Android Auto Alternatives To Use In Your Car

The incredible feature sets of this Android alternative is reading out loud SMS and fast reply using voice commands. It also has Whatsapp, Facebook messenger ready, Telegram, sorts of apps. It offers a Home button for returning to the Car Dashdroid main screen.

It has Car mode, iBold, Icon Packs, Group apps in folders, Google navigation, OK Google Voice command support, Intuitive music controls for several players, Speedometer (km/h and mph), Compass, Themes day/night based on sunrise/sunset, etc.

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You will also get Start/stop the app on Bluetooth connection,  Turn off wifi on start, Turn On Bluetooth when the app starts, Current weather, and temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, Full-screen mode, Car home replacement, Battery widget with percent

* Screen saver, Manage UI Screens, etc.

Drivemode: Safe Driving

This is a very convenient app to use because of its simple, user-friendly interface that enables one to give commands, play music, navigate and share locations with friends and family.

7 Best Android Auto Alternatives To Use In Your Car

With the help of this Android Auto alternative, you will simplify how you manage calls and messages while driving your car. It offers a streamlined interface that will let you safely answer calls or send and hear messages with the utmost ease.

Opt for this to Automatically launch and close with Bluetooth pairing, Reply to a message or text using voice commands, Configure to automatically launch when you start driving, Overlay your favorite music player on top of a navigation app.

You can also use it for ignoring calls or messages in “Do Not Disturb” mode and set up text message auto-replies.


This is a unique navigation system with many in-built features. Along with navigation, it can help one to play music, indicates the distance covered and the fuel levels available.

7 Best Android Auto Alternatives To Use In Your Car

Choosing this Android Auto Alternative will let you know what’s happening on the road with the utmost ease. It will update you about traffic, police, construction, crashes, etc in real-time.

It will let you give different alerts about traffic, hazards, police, and more on your car drive. You will get instant routing changes for avoiding traffic and saving your time.

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Opting for this will let you listen to your favorite apps for music or podcasts & more. You will be able to choose from different voices that will guide you while you drive.

Here We Go

It is a navigation system, essentially, but it also performs the functions of connecting to the internet, having offline maps saved, and gives the user easier navigation.

7 Best Android Auto Alternatives To Use In Your Car

It will provide you recommendations for all the ways to get around, so you can find the best route which is best for you. It will tell you everything about your journey before you move ahead.

It also gives details about the cost of public transit tickets and cab fares. Opt for this to get better guidance all along your route. It will show you alternatives at the time when delays are slowing others down.

It also provides Live traffic and public transit details. It enables you to download maps for your device. It provides public transit information for 1300+ cities such as New York City/NYC, London, San Francisco/SF, Berlin, Paris, Munich, Barcelona, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Vancouver, Sydney, Toronto, Melbourne, etc.

Google Assistant

This can enhance the vehicle experience of people by many folds because it has many features. One can assign music and have voice recognition systems using the benefits of this system.

7 Best Android Auto Alternatives To Use In Your Car

It will let you get the Google Assistant for hands-free help. It also enables you to manage your schedule, get help with everyday tasks, control smart home devices, enjoy your entertainment, and much more.

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You just need to say “Hey Google”, and you will start enjoying music and videos with your voice. You can easily find music based on different genres. You can even easily find the best-suited music for different activities like cooking, working out, studying, etc.

It will let you get quick directions and local info that will enable you to find answers related to businesses, attractions, restaurants, traffic info, and Google Maps directions.

Microsoft Cortana

It is an alternative one can choose when they do not want to use Google Assistant. It cooperates with Windows and helps to keep dates and reminders in sync. One can download it from APK Mirror.

7 Best Android Auto Alternatives To Use In Your Car

It will bring your assistant to your phone for letting track of all the important stuff wherever you are. You can easily set a reminder on your PC for picking something up at the store.

It will also update you if you miss any calls. You can also opt for it to find a fast answer or info on a flight or package, just ask.

Wrapping up!

With the list presented above, please choose any of the apps that will be convenient for you, and make the most out of it.

Share your experience of using these Android Auto Alternatives with us in the comment section below.

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