8 Best Android Apps to Draw On Pictures

Are you curious about the best android apps to draw on pictures? Then this post is personalized to you. We will take you through some of the best android apps that can be used for drawing pictures like a pro and talk about the key highlights.

We all know that drawing is a form of expression, and such creative expressions are important, as they reflect your soul and speak volumes even with no words. Drawing is a way of creating art. It lets you depict the innermost feelings and emotions on a canvas.

It is well said- ‘If you never had a canvas, you would have never known the importance of colors’. There are many ways and means with which you can draw and express yourself. Some of them are traditional methods involving drawing papers and canvases. One could use paints, brushes, pens, and inks to draw on them. The newer options are those which bind us to the new and innovative technologies.

8 Best Android Apps To Draw On Pictures

As we all know, there are frequent and tangible changes and significant updates happening in the world of technology. Smartphones have taken over the world, and now all we have to do is make the best use of its facilities. Android is one of the most popular operating systems used on smartphones.

It bestows the systems with many features like multilingual support, video calling and screen capturing. One of them is good pictures getting clicked. The excellent quality of the camera ensures that. Photos are the mirrors to our physical and psychological states. We click pictures to captures some of the memorable moments in our lives, to cherish and treasure beautiful people and the time spent with them. That is what makes photos so special and a good camera so important.

But, sometimes, it happens that despite having a good camera, the pictures need some editing and beautification. Here, the photo editing options of Android come into the picture. Also, sometimes, one might want to draw something over the photographs or sketch and entirely new picture. Then, one can take the help of the drawing apps available for Android.

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Drawing on a picture does not have the feel of using a pen and paper or canvas and brush. But, they inevitably try to fulfill our wish of drawing and sketching something out to the fullest of their capacities. Here, eight of the best apps for drawing over pictures on Android are listed below.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

It is one of the apps designed by Adobe targeted at enhancing the creativity of the users. This app lets you make drawings and sketches of absolutely all types. There are several types of brushes available in the toolbox, and the tools and features of Adobe Draw can also be used.

You can opt for this one to make expressive drawing and painting with the help of drawing tools for the right textures and blending effects on pictures.

Notable highlights of Adobe Photoshop Sketch that make it one of the best android apps to draw on pictures are-

  • Drawing
  • Send to Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Collages with Adobe Stock and more
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Support for the latest drawing hardware
  • Custom brushes



This is an app for Android, which allows the users to draw real-life drawings.

One can draw on a blank canvas or a picture from the gallery. Many features in this app will enhance your drawing skills. Also, one can juggle between the different types of brush effects provided.

Some of the other features that enable Paper Draw to secure a place in the list of best android apps to draw on pictures are-

  • Handwriting signature in the pen once you have completed the drawing
  • Tools that imitate the real paintbrush, eraser, and ruler
  • Add Custom Cover, Add Text Input, Add Graphics Tools, Add Custom Background Color
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Adobe Illustrator Draw

This app is one of the best options when it comes to an Android drawing app.

It has features like five different pen tips, various paintbrushes, drawing layers, and multiple images. This app implements vector drawing, which increases precision and correctness.

It has a comprehendible interface with intuitive gestures.

You can use it to create free-form vector designs. Some of the features of this Android App to draw on pictures are-

  • Exceptional drawing tools
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Send to Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Shape integration



It is an app that can be comfortably used by both children and adults.

It has 70 brushes and other tools. There is a color adjustment, undo and redo options and user-friendly interface. It has a facility of layered drawing of up to 16 layers and 11 blending modes.

Important feature sets of ArtFlow because of which it is rated as one of the best android apps to draw on pictures are-

  • Material Design inspired UI
  • sRGB support
  • Brush engine with multiple features
  • Focal guide
  • Device orientation support, etc.


Autodesk Sketchbook

This is an Android app suitable for mobile phones and tablets.

At Sketchbook, they believe that sketching lies at the heart of every creative process. Hence, they have made sketching simple and easy for everyone where you can develop expertise in it.

Key features of Autodesk Sketchbook you should pay heed to are-

  • Natural drawing experience
  • Unlimited brushes
  • Import/Export Layered PSD
  • Predictive stroke
  • Four symmetry dimensions
  • Custom perspective guides
  • Copic Color Library
  • Eighteen blending modes
  • Simple selection tools


Ibis Paint X

There are many fun and exciting features available on this app for the users.

There are over 300 types of brushes that can be used to draw on the pictures or a blank page. Also, one can record the drawing process by screen recording. This video can be published as a tutorial.

Ibis provides a premium membership as well to give advanced drawing features.

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Features of Ibis Paint X that make it one of the most useful android apps to draw on pictures are-

  • Inclusion of more professional and functional features than drawing apps for desktops
  • Smooth and hassle-free drawing experience via OpenGL technology
  • Inclusion of Screen Tone tool, Frame Divider tool, Text input tool with font selection
  • 320 styles of realistic brushes along with 2500 free to use materials and 60 different high-quality filters


Draw On Pictures

It has an attractive bunch of features like more than 20 customizable brush types.

One can change their colors, thickness, opacity, and other attributes according to their convenience. In addition to this, there are stickers, tattoos, and options for text insertions in this app.

Some of the important features of Draw On Pictures Android app-

  • Emoji picture editor
  • Photo Tattoo put on the picture
  • Ability to edit your photo and draw anything
  • Multiple Drawing pencil widths, styles, and tools


MediBang Paint

It is an excellent lightweight app for digital painting.

It has features of more than 100 types of brushes, colors, tones, and textures to play with. Also, there are special comic creation tools. The cross-platform support and cloud storage capacity are the exclusive features of this app.

8 Best Android Apps To Draw On Pictures

Important highlights of this android app to draw on pictures are-

  • Digital painting and comic creation
  • Various brushes
  • Maximum drawing space
  • Customizable shortcuts
  • Comic page management
  • Easy comic panel creation
  • Pre-made tones and backgrounds


Wrapping Up

Drawing is made not just by the hand, but from the bottom of your heart.

Hence, the medium does not matter. What matters is love and passion for drawing. The apps on Android providing facilities of drawing over the images and on new canvases depict the same.

Which one amongst the aforementioned android apps to draw on pictures is your favorite? – Update us with your experiences in the comments below.

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