Top 5 Free Music Downloader Apps for Android

Music is magic that potentially heals everything. While your pockets have a smartphone, that smartphone should carry the healer- music. To get started, learn how to download them. There are many Music Downloader applications designed for music, and to download them and to keep them offline.

More or less, such applications work only after you have paid for a premium account. Pricing ranges, and so do the features.

However, paying is not an option for everyone.

Top 5 Free Music Downloader Apps For Android

Here, we are going to talk about good music downloader apps that are available to you free with the least popping ads. Below are five free music downloader apps that will help you store music on your phone while you keep saving the extra bucks.


When the internet and apps were scarce in the gone eras, 4shared was a love for every music lover. It was the most opted website for its easy to use interface. To your surprise, 4Shared is still alive. The algorithm of the website isn’t so uncommon. It’s a file-sharing platform that permits the seeker to upload and download the files.

Top 5 Free Music Downloader Apps For Android

Logging in is the basic requirement of using the website. To do so, you have three options via Facebook, email, and google. For an easy search, go to the main menu and scroll down to the bottom- on the right side. Overall, there are 30 million files on the website.

With the premium version of 4shared, you will get features like-

  • Ad-free sharing & download
  • 100GB cloud storage
  • Premium Download
  • Maximum data security
  • Backup
  • Direct download links
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YouTube videos and every form of music you want, everything is in the mixer box itself. So many files for free, just how the platform is entirely free. Mixerbox also stores your music files in the app, which functions quite similarly to how a music player works.

Top 5 Free Music Downloader Apps For Android

Mixerbox also doesn’t need your separate sign up. You can continue your journey or download music files by simply entering via Facebook account.

Some of the notable features that make MixerBox one of the music downloader apps for android are-

  • It lets users to easily combine different music platforms on one device
  • It enables you to build personalized playlists, plus it allows you to share your playlists on social media for free!

You can also get different apps in different fields such as entertainment, lifestyle, games, etc.


First things first, FrostWire is a free music downloader app but follows the torrent downloading as well. However, Frost wire can also be your next music player.

Top 5 Free Music Downloader Apps For Android

The best thing about this torrent downloader is that you can download the whole music album with just one click.

Top highlights that FrostWire would offer you as one of the best music downloader apps for android are-

  • In-app search
  • Preview and play while downloading
  • BitTorrent
  • Media Library
  • Media Player              


Audiomack enables its members to stay up to date regarding the latest releases. It will keep notifying you regarding your preferred music. Audiomack provides the streaming option, downloading songs, mistakes, and creating a playlist of their own.

Top 5 Free Music Downloader Apps For Android

To be eligible to listen to music offline, an account has to be created via Facebook or the normal one. Just like Spotify, you can also find trending music and explore other people’s playlists. It’s free but has one or two ads in between.

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You can eliminate the ads by applying for the subscription monthly, which comes with a $4.99. Key highlights of the Audiomack Music Downloader app that deserves your attention are-

  • Free and limitless music discovery and sharing platform
  • Whether you have 1 song or 1,000, you can host it all for free on Audiomack
  • It offers you the most advanced release tools anywhere such as next-gen Private Track functionality, advanced scheduling, and beautiful embeds
  • You can monetize your audio on Audiomack


As one of the top audio and music streaming platforms, it lets you download Mp3 via its user-friendly interface. Downloading music from SoundCloud isn’t a troublesome thing like other music downloader apps.

Top 5 Free Music Downloader Apps For Android

The multi-threaded search engine is super convenient to use, helping you to take an easy browse. You can find a good collection of contemporary songs of all the possible genres.

Some of the notable upsides of Sound Cloud are-

  • It comprises different genres of music like hip-hop, jazz, rock, etc.
  • It has a discovery feature where you can see the most recent music uploaded on the platform
  • Enjoy a personalized experience by getting suggested tracks as per your listening habits

Summing up!

Music apps are the hype now. And it has to be there considering how accessibility has flowed.

But most of what looks attractive has to be paid for. And even if free and exploration are allowed free of cost, there’s always a catch. It’s either the excessive running of ads or no permits for downloading offline music.

With the apps mentioned above, you can easily satisfy your taste for music for free.

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Now, it is your turn to suggest the best Music Downloader app that you prefer using in the comment section below.

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