Top 10 Free Manga Apps for Android to Read Manga on Phone

There are websites and apps available for reading Manga online; however, many of them need to be paid permissions and try to invade your phone, making it an inconvenient process. For avid readers and lovers of Manga, here are some apps that can transport you right through their world without the presence of intrusive advertisements.

What is a suitable app to read Manga for you?

For different people, their preferences for reading manga may be different. Along with that, the translations that people might want for their reading experience will also be different. That is why people can do some research before using the app that they think works best.

We have covered the 10 best apps for you to alleviate your task of reading manga on your phone, so let us delve into those right away-

Top 10 Free Manga Apps For Android To Read Manga On Phone

10 best Free Manga Apps for Android

Crunchyroll Manga

The app is free for download on Android devices. They have a very good collection of new and indie Manga. People who like reading different genres of good scans can find them here. There is a monthly subscription that one has to sign up for.

Top 10 Free Manga Apps For Android To Read Manga On Phone

It is the world’s most popular anime brand that is responsible for connecting anime and manga fans in more than 200 countries. With this Manga App, you will have the access to the largest collection of licensed anime translated into different languages for viewers around the world.

VIZ Manga

It is one of the best apps one can use if they are die-hard fans of Manga. There are some in-app purchases, but this app brings you good English translations too. It gives the reader the provision to do an offline reading.

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Top 10 Free Manga Apps For Android To Read Manga On Phone

Here you can find thousands of manga volumes encompassing the adventure, action, mystery, fantasy, and romance of the series. VIZ Manga is an international authority on manga for more than three decades, VIZ Media is at the forefront of America’s Japanese pop-culture phenomenon.

Manga Plus by SHUEISHA

If you use this app, you will have to make a monthly subscription, which does not amount to a lot. Along with that, they bring you the latest Manga along with Japan. They have a favourites section where you can add the ones you want to re-read.

Top 10 Free Manga Apps For Android To Read Manga On Phone

With this Manga app, you will be able to read so many attractive manga series from anywhere in the world in English and Spanish. It is also accessible to you free of charge without any time lag.

Manga Box

This is a completely free app, and you do not have to pay anything to read a vast library of good Manga. The print is quite good, and the document is adjusted as per the resolution of your phone or the tablet device.

Top 10 Free Manga Apps For Android To Read Manga On Phone

Opt for this Manga reading app to read original manga written by popular Japanese manga authors without paying any charge. From all the past issues to all the latest issues, you can access all free. These are also written by popular manga authors, plus you can find new content every day.

Manga Geek

It has a huge repository of Manga having good prints. It is also a free app, meaning that you can access it without hidden costs. They have links that redirect you to more Manga links on the internet.

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Top 10 Free Manga Apps For Android To Read Manga On Phone

Key highlights of this Manga reading app is its creative design and friendly user interface. You can opt for this to find out all week Manga in multiple languages such as English, Français, Español, etc. You can find 40000 free manga and comics here.


Manhwa is a type of comic that has its roots in South Korea. It is a great app for going through various folk comics, Manga, and even Manhwa.

Top 10 Free Manga Apps For Android To Read Manga On Phone

As one of the best apps to read Manga on your phone, Toomics lets you sign up for a free account on its main website. You just need to agree to their Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy, and you will be ready to access Manga free via Toomics.

Manga Toon

They have a huge collection of Manga, which is refreshed every day to give their users a new experience. It is a user-friendly app. You can share content with other subscribers of the app.

Top 10 Free Manga Apps For Android To Read Manga On Phone

This is a free Manga reading app that also lets you delve into manhwa & manhua sorts of comics as well. All the different comics available here are updated regularly. You will also enjoy the release of a free comic every week. It also lets you download your favorite comics/novels and read them offline with the utmost ease.

Manga UP!

This app has new releases very frequently and gives the user the option of downloading and reading it offline.

Top 10 Free Manga Apps For Android To Read Manga On Phone

Here you can find all the manga from your favorite source, plus it lets you get all chapters on the go. You can enjoy reading offline with high image quality for an effective reading style. It does not contain intrusive ads.

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Comics by ComiXology

The app uses guided view technology to find amazing Manga by more than 125 publishers in good print.  Different Manga stories such as Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, Naruto, One Piece, One-Punch Man, Dragon Ball, etc. are easily accessible here for free.

Top 10 Free Manga Apps For Android To Read Manga On Phone

Opting for this Manga reading app will also take you deep into the world of more than 100,000 digital comics,  manga from Marvel, graphic novels, Image, DC, and so forth.


This app has over 10000 Manga in it and has huge repositories of good quality comic prints. Opt for this to explore tens of thousands of webcomics and novels. It can easily take you into the worlds beyond your wildest imagination by diverse creators from all around the world.

Top 10 Free Manga Apps For Android To Read Manga On Phone

All the Manga stories are free to read here. You can also join its community for connecting with the creators and readers. Along with reading Manga, you can also find stories that are specifically made for you.

Read Manga on Android for Free

As lovers of Manga, the list mentioned above has got you covered for any translations of Manga that you are looking forward to reading. They are user-friendly and have an amazing collection.

All the distributors of the aforementioned Manga apps are licensed and hence they are legal.

We hope our list of Manga reading apps would help you in finding and reading interesting Manga stories free.

What are your favorite apps to read Manga on your phone? Tell us in the comment section below.

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