7 Best Video Filter Apps for iOS and Android

One of the emerging trends is the smartphone photography and videography. it even makes sense because the smartphone camera these days have been improving so much that they can replace some high-end professional cameras. Some of the high-end flagship phones like the iPhone 12 pro max and Galaxy S21 Ultra uses Ai and clicks some beautiful photos and processes it so well. however, while we post our photos and videos on the internet and social media platforms, the final touch is needed and that can be achieved by editing or adding some filters to our photos and videos.

Nowadays, Instagram reels are trending a lot across the globe. To post some good Instagram reels we need some good filters so that our reels look good. However, there are not many apps that provide adding filters on videos. So if you want to add filters or edit some tuning of the videos you need some apps that supports video editing proactively.

Most of the users look for sophisticated video editing apps that provide some simple and sophisticated filters and tuning to the video so that our videos look descent when uploaded on a social media platform like Instagram. In fact, Instagram itself provides some level of editing but makes it a bit complex to use, also one wrong click can lead to the posting of a video to your account on Instagram. So, if you are looking for some alternative to Instagram for video editing that works offline then here, we have curated some video editing apps that work intuitively on mobile devices and provides some decent result that can be used to upload on social media platforms.

Video Filter Apps

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Video Filter Apps for iOS

The Apple App store is one of the largest app store libraries and has all kind of apps. Obviously, it will have some of the best photo and video editing apps as well, so below are a list of certain editing apps that are good and reliable to use.

Spark Camera ($0.99)

The first one to come up on the list of best video editing apps is the Spark app. it sits in perfectly to be called a photo or video editor because it gives all the functionality of being a good editor. The app is very lightweight and has a minimal UI. Spark Camera allows you to trim videos and you can also add smart filters to your videos as well. The best part is that it doesn’t take much of a fuss to edit any photos or videos, just a few taps and swipe and you are done with your masterpiece. So if you are looking for a basic editing tool with some good filters then Spark camera is the one to go with.

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For the number, the Spark camera comes with 10 astonishing filters that can just change the whole look of your photo or video. The app also gives an option to set the intensity of each filter accordingly. The Spark Camera app also allows you to trim videos and add music tracks from your iTunes library as well. Once you are finished creating that perfect photo or video, you can share it online on any of your social media platforms, or if you want to save it to your Camera Roll that is also possible.

Video Filters (Free with In-app Purchases)

The main focus of this Video Filters app is to edit and add filters to your videos. You can use it to add filters on photos as well, but the app remains to be focusing on videos a bit more. It has many videos editing tools along with several different kinds of filters which can be used on your videos. The Video filters app offers filters like Whiten, Pub, Old, Sepia, Thermal, Scalene, etc., for videos. The app is abaialbe on App Store for iPOhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

So first you need to select the video which you want to edit or add filters to it. next, you need to pick the filter of your choice that will be applied o your video, the list of filters is pretty long so make sure you try all of them before you apply. If you want to trim your videos on the next step you can trip it accordingly and head towards perfect editing of your video. After you have finished editing the videos and adding the filter, you can tap on the export button to export your video to your Camera Roll. You can even directly export your video to any social media platform online. The app is available to download for free and there is no such limitation of video editing or duration, also the app doesn’t force you to get the pro version by adding an ugly watermark to your edited videos. although, the app does have an in-app purchase option to add premium video filters and other editing options.

Chromic App

Another video editing app on our list is the chromic app. The app brings in a lot of cool editing features for you but one of the major eyes turning feature happens to be the Hollywood Quality colour correction for videos. This colour correction gives a good rich look to the videos which becomes more expressive. The Chromic app consists of filters like Film Emulation, Dramatic Hollywood Environments, Authentic Vintage Aging and many more such filters. You can additionally add more filters through in-app purchases.

Best Video Filter Apps For Android And Ios

The Chromic app not only offers filters, in addition to filters you can also use the chromic app to adjust your videos with a different enhancement for video effects like exposure control, contrast, saturation, hue, temperature, shadows, highlights and more. The app also provides a preview of the effects which you are going to apply to your video and then you can adjust the intensity of the adjustments or filters in real-time as you manipulate using the slider.

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After you have done adjusting your video and adding filters to it, you have to select the save button and it will save the video on your device in the camera roll. The chromic app also allows photo editing extensions which can be used to take the benefit of Chromic app’s filters and effects within other apps that also allows the support of extensions and can be implemented on other editing tools.


Viddy is a simple and fast video editing tool that also includes some cool video effects and creative filters. the Viddy app is not only used for adding filters to the video instead, but you can also use it to adjust the video with brightness control, contrast, temperature etc. You can also use it to crop, rotate tool and an RGB level adjustment tool. Custom background music can also be added using the Viddy app and then once you are done editing the videos using Viddy you can export your videos to the Camera Roll and then share them on social media where you want to.

Video Filter Apps for Android

So if you are on the other side of the boat and uses an Android phone, don’t worry, we have you covered. just like Apple’s Appstore Google Play store also offers some good video and photo editing tools. Below have a few of the video editing tools that we think you should try on your Android device.

Some of the apps need high resources to get the best result out of it, and it will completely depend on the hardware of your Android device, video size and the quality of the video which you are using to render and edit.


The GoPro Quik app for Android lets you edit the videos in a cool way. It creates some of the best custom videos from your favourite photos and videos which are available on your Facebook account, Google Photos or gallery. With the help of the Quik app you can also create videos based on a single clip and then trim it for your desired duration long with that you can also apply custom video style from among 25 different available presets. Not to mention you can even add custom background music for your video. Once you are done editing your videos, you can export them into your gallery in HD quality and afterwards, you can share them on different social media platforms.

The Quik app is free to download but the app does have some in-app purchases which will help you in getting rid of ads as well as will add some more filters and adjustment options.

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Effects Video

Another editing tool for Android device is the effects video app. You can download the app from Google Play Store. The key feature of the effects video app is that using the app you can apply multiple effects at once in real-time as you record the video. The app features over 40 different filters, which are quite famous ones and are handpicked from Instagram. After you have finished adding effects and adjusting the videos, you can export them to your camera roll or other social media networks.

Best Video Filter Apps For Android And Ios

One of the major drawbacks of the effects video app is that it cannot edit videos that are already in the gallery. You have to use the app to record the video and only those videos can be edited or additional filters. Not to mention while editing you have to make sure the size of videos are usually smaller when compared to other editing apps. It’s good that the recorded videos will occupy less storage but on the other side, the quality of the videos would be compromised.


Last but not the least, the Artisto app is truly made for artists who want the perfect look on their photos. This app is one of the most trending editing apps across the internet. Earlier, the app was called Prisma. But after the app changed its name from Prisma to Artisto, it also gained support for video editing and adding filters to the video something which was earlier missing with the Prisma app. The Artisto app creates a special video that looks extremely beautiful and gives out a perfect masterpiece.

Best Video Filter Apps For Android And Ios

Overall, using the experience of the app is pretty simple and all you need to do is just record a video using the camera within the app or you can even choose from the existing video from the gallery. In the next step, you can add the filter that you want to apply and that’s it you are done. Click on the Save button and then the photo or the video will be saved on your phone’s internal storage. Through which you can share that video on your social media platform or keep it as a memory on your phone only.

To Conclude

So these were some of the best-curated video and photo editing tools that are available for iOS and Android device. All of them have unique features and UI designs. Mostly the apps in this list are simple to use and have a lot of different types of filters and features. Make sure to try all of them on your videos and photos and don’t forget to share them on your social media.

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