WiFiKill Pro

Wifikill Pro



WiFiKill helps you disable the internet connection for a device on the same network. For example, if you and one other person has connected to a WiFi network, you can kill the WiFi for the other person on the WiFi network with this app.

Wifikill Pro

Here are some features of the WiFiKill app:

  • Grabbing traffic of the device connected to the network.
  • Showing the websites visited by the grabbed device.
  • Showing the bytes transferred by grabbed device.
  • Showing the network names (netbios names) of devices.
  • Tablet support

Developer: bponury

Last updated: June 30, 2020

Version: v2.0.2

Size: 6.83 MB

WiFiKill – Things to Keep in Mind

  • You need to set the SELinux Mode to Permissive in order to use this app. In most cases, this would need the device to have a custom kernel.
  • This app was last tested to successfully work on S7 Edge running Android Oreo.


Changelog for the latest Version

  • Fixed URL list scrolling issue
  • Fixed some devices missing upon start
  • Added udp protocol blocking
  • Fixed Force-Close when device name was empty
  • Fixed Service Fail upon start
  • Improve grab/kill effectiveness
  • Fixed killing problem due to IP tables rules
  • Fixed grab all button behavior and status device count
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