iRoot for Mobile (iRoot.apk) | Download (All Versions)

iRoot for Mobile is an Android rooting application that helps you root Android devices without a computer. On this page, we are bringing you the latest version of the iRoot APK along with the previous versions.


iRoot APK – Features

1-Click Root:

Using iRoot application, you can root many Android devices (running various different versions of Android) with just a single click.


Needs Internet Connection:

iRoot for Mobile app requires an active internet connection to root your Android device. The app will not work at all without an internet connection.

App Recommendations:

iRoot also recommends you to download other apps (ads?) such as UC Browser, Battery Booster, Phone Mode, Compass, Countdown Apps, and more.

Device Info:

iRoot also shows your device information, including Brand,  Model, Android Version, Resolution, IMEI, System Storage, RAM, and Internal Storage.

Download iRoot APK

iRoot for Mobile is compatible with all versions of Android, including the latest version of an Android. You can download the latest version of the iRoot for Mobile by clicking the below link:

v3.5.1: iRoot-3.5.1-180516-1015.apk

v3.4.5: iRoot-3.4.5-170811-1200.apk

v3.2.4: iRoot-3.2.4-160914-0955.apk

v3.2.3: iRoot-3.2.3-160728-1703.apk

v3.2.2: iRoot-3.2.2-160623-1015.apk

v3.1.1: iRoot-3.1.1-160331-1000.apk

v3.1.0: iRoot-3.1.0-160323-1000.apk

v3.0.6: iRoot-3.0.6-160318-1000.apk

v3.0.4: iRoot-3.0.4-160219-1000.apk

v3.0.3: iRoot-3.0.3-160202-1000.apk

v2.2.6: iRoot-2.2.6-151020-2075.apk

v2.2.4: iRoot-2.2.4-150912-1000.apk

v2.2.2: iRoot-2.2.2-150523-1000.apk

v2.2.0: iRoot-2.2.0-150430-1000.apk

v2.1.6: iRoot-2.1.6-150306-1000.apk

v2.1.4: iRoot-2.1.4-150131-1000.apk

v2.1.0: iRoot-2.1.0-141231-1000.apk

v2.0.7: iRoot-2.0.7-141129-1000.apk

v1.0.9: iRoot-1.0.9-140506-1000.apk

Caution: Rooting your Android device with iRoot Application will void your device warranty. Proceed with caution.

iRoot for Computer: iRoot for Computer is more powerful than the mobile version.

Alternative Tools: Kingroot and Root Genius for Mobile is the best alternative to iRoot for Mobile Application.

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Credits: iRoot is created by Shenzhen (Developer). All credits go to them for sharing the application for free.

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