How to remove lock screen ads on Android

As much as advertisements and marketing communications are needed, sometimes, their implementation methodology can be disturbing to people. Most people have faced situations when they have been scrolling down their feed or watching a video online, that they have felt their screens got cluttered by the ads that kept popping up incessantly. It can be disturbing ads, and it seems intrusive to the people as consumers.

Not only that, numerous people have seen ads invading the space of their lock screens. It can be annoying for the person if they are in a rush and need to access their phone but now are delayed because they have to cut through the mess that has been created by the ads on the lock screen of their phone.

There have been consistent measures taken by Google security Team to make sure that one does not fall prey to the intrusive ads that take over the home screen. However, it also depends on the kind of apps that the user has installed on their phones. There could be apps that require a lot of permissions from the phone and have the power to modify settings because of that. So, if you have invasive apps, it could be one reason for third-party ads to show up on your Lock screen.

How To Remove Lock Screen Ads On Android

Another effort to remove and block ads has given rise to certain ad-blocking software and apps. One can install these apps and get it running on their phones to block disruption in their mobile browsing experience but they come at a price. They compromise the phone’s battery’s efficiency and lead to faster drainage and damage to the battery output. Therefore, these ad-blocking apps are not a decent alternative for blocking ads.

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Therefore, the following are some methods one can adopt to eliminate ads on the Lock Screen.

Remove Ads from Lock Screen on Android

Check your recently installed apps history

How your phone behaves depends a lot on the kind of content you download in it. Some apps and content can destabilize your phone and might damage the way it functions, corrupting it from the inside.

What you should do is notice when these ads started popping on your lock screen. Then, think of all the apps or data you may have downloaded in that period. You can head on to your Play Store and check your recent downloads, and look for an app that you may have downloaded that coincides with these ads’ appearance on your lock screen. Once you have tracked down that app, make sure you clear all its data and uninstall it from your phone to protect it from further damage.

So, to do that, go to the “My Apps and Games” section in the Google Play Store. From there, you can sort the apps based on last used, or recently downloaded, etc.

How To Remove Lock Screen Ads On Android

When you know that you have tracked down the right app, click on the “Uninstall” option, and it will be removed from your phone. Some ad-blocking apps that one might be using could result in the slower net speed that the user might face; therefore, it is better to be aware of what you put in your phone. Along with that, the ads should stop invading your lock screen.

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Check your system Settings

The above method should solve your issue, but if it still does not, this is another method you can adopt to ensure the smooth functioning of your phone. Sometimes, without your conscious knowledge, some apps may be granted certain permissions on your phone (probably while setting up), due to which they can show up on your lock screen through the ads from a particular server.

On your phone, go to Settings and then go to the ‘Special app access‘ section. This can be present in different locations in different device – simple use the search function in the settings app. For instance, on my OnePlus device, it is present under Settings > Apps & notifications.

How To Remove Lock Screen Ads On Android

Here, look for an option called “Draw Over Other apps” once you see that, click on it. Then you will get the list of apps that has this particular permission. Without this particular permission, no app can show ads on the lock screen. From the list, click on any app that you think is responsible for cluttering your Lock screen with ads, and you will find the button and details for the permissions given to that app. Click on the button and toggle it to disable mode for any permission given to that app, that might have led to ad problems on your Lock screen.

Click on all such apps that you might find suspicious and are responsible for such interruption in your mobile viewing time, and follow the procedure mentioned above. Keep checking your Lock screen simultaneously to check if the problem is solved.

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That way, you will accurately point at the app because of which unnecessary heavy ads were present in your Lock screen.

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