Extract Samsung PIT File from Samsung Firmware

The PIT file in the Samsung stock firmware plays an important role in setting up proper data and partition on your Samsung Galaxy device. If there is any issue related to partitions on your Samsung device, then there is something wrong with the PIT file flashed on your device.

If you face any of the below issues, then there is a good chance that it is because of the PIT file:

  • “Invalid Ext4 image” Error in Odin.
  • “Get PIT for mapping” Error in Odin.
  • “hidden.img” Error in Odin.
  • 128GB of internal storage showing up as 64GB on your Samsung device.
  • Samsung device stuck in bootloop.

In this tutorial, I will tell you how to get the right PIT file for your device and flash it on your Samsung Galaxy.

Extract Samsung Pit File From Samsung Firmware

Steps to Extract Samsung PIT File

  1. Download Samsung Stock firmware for your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet. You can use a tool like SamFirm or Frija to download stock firmware. You can find the model number for your device by going to Settings > About phone section.
  2. Once you have downloaded the stock firmware zip file, extract the same to your computer.
  3. Once you extract the firmware zip, you will be able to see 4 or 5 files similar to the below:
    Extract Samsung Pit File From Samsung FirmwareSamsung FirmwareThe firmware folder in the above screenshot contains 5 binaries with .tar.md5 extension, namely: AP, BL, CP, CSC, and HOME_CSC
  4. If you are unable to see the file extension/format of the firmware files, you have to enable a setting from Windows Explorer settings. Click the ‘View’ tab in the Windows folder window and check the box that says ‘File name extensions’.Extract Samsung Pit File From Samsung Firmware
  5. Next, select the firmware file that starts with “CSC”, and add a ‘.zip’ extension after ‘.tar.md5′ as shown below.
  6. Extract the zip file (the one you just renamed) and open the extracted folder. You will have the Samsung PIT file for your device here.

    Extract Samsung Pit File From Samsung Firmware
    Samsung PIT File

This is how you can easily extract the Samsung PIT file from the Samsung Stock Firmware of your device.

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How to Flash Samsung PIT file?

  1. Download the latest Odin Tool for your device. Refer to this guide to check which version of Odin to download.
  2. Extract the downloaded file and run the Odin.exe file.
  3. Click on the PIT tab in Odin and add the PIT file to it.
  4. Make sure to check the ‘Re-Partition‘ option in Odin.
  5. You cannot flash the PIT file alone; you need to flash other firmware binaries, namely AP, BL, CP, and CSC as well.

You might want to check out our guide to flash stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy devices.

The Importance of Samsung PIT File

Flashing a wrong PIT file can permanently brick your Samsung Galaxy device. It is very important that you flash the correct PIT file using Odin. For example, you cannot flash the PIT file meant for an AT&T Galaxy S10 on a Verizon Galaxy S10 or flash an SM-G975F (unlocked S10 Plus) PIT on an SM-G975U (T-Mobile S10 Plus) model. Even flashing a 128GB variant’s PIT file on the 512GB variant of a Samsung device will leave you with just 128 GB of internal storage.

About downloading PIT files from the internet…

I see a lot of users request for PIT files online. Some simply download and use the ones available on the internet – do not do this. A wrong PIT file has the ability to permanently brick your device. Always extract the PIT file yourself if you want to use it on your device!

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I hope this guide helped you extract the PIT file from Samsung Galaxy Firmware zip.

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