Frija Tool

Looking to download Frija Tool – the new Samsung Stock Firmware Download tool? In this guide, also learn how to download Samsung Stock Firmware using Frija Samsung Firmware download tool.

Frija Tool for Samsung Galaxy Devices

Not so long ago, you would have had to visit a ton of websites to download the proper stock firmware file for Samsung Galaxy devices. Even then, these websites will impose a lot of restrictions such as limit the download speed, limit the number of downloads, etc. But thanks to tools like Frija, that is no longer the case.

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Frija Tool

Just a couple of days ago, we about the SamFirm tool which is another tool to download Samsung Stock Firmware. Just like SamFirm, Frija is another great tool that helps you download Samsung stock firmware directly from Samsung servers. There are no wait times, no bandwidth limits, no membership fees, no one-time fees, no advertisements. Huge shoutout to the developer wssyncmldm, eragon5779, and CrazyApe18.

Download Frija for Samsung Galaxy

You can download the latest version of Frija for Samsung Galaxy Devices by clicking below:

Compatibility: Windows (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions).

How Download Samsung Firmware Using Frija

Step 1. Finding your device information

You need two things to download the right stock firmware file for your Samsung device: Device Model and CSC.

  1. Device Model Number: Go to Settings > About phone. Here you will see the ‘Model number’ of your device. Frija Tool
  2. CSC: Go to Settings > About phone > Software information. Here, you will find a section named ‘Service provider SW ver.’. Here, you can easily identify the CSC of your device.Frija Tool
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Step 2. Download Firmware Using Frija

  1. Extract the zip file which you have downloaded.
  2. Look for a file called ‘Frija.exe‘ and open the same.Frija Tool
  3. Once the Frida tool is open, enter the ‘Device Model’ and ‘CSC’ that you have noted down in the previous step and make sure the ‘Auto‘ option is enabled.
  4. Once all the above are done, simply click on the ‘Check Update‘ button.Frija Tool
  5. The Frija tool will then show the details of the latest available firmware for your device.Frija Tool
  6. Simply click on the ‘Download‘ button and you will be asked to choose a location to save the file.
    Frija Tool
  7. Once you choose the desired location, click on ‘Save‘ and the download will begin instantly.

This is how you can use Frija tool to download Samsung Stock Firmware for your device.

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