LG Uppercut Tool

LGUP Tool not detecting your device for flashing KDZ/TOT firmware? Download LG Uppercut tool which will enable you to flash TOT/KDZ firmware files on any LG device using the LGUP Flash tool. Read ahead to know more about how to use LG Uppercut tool.

If you have ever tried to flash KDZ or TOT firmware of your LG device via the LGUP flash tool, then you would have come across this strange issue where you would not be able to select your particular model of your LG device in the tool. Strangely, LGUP Flash Tool would simply refuse to recognize your device. In such cases, you might need to look around and search for your device specific files just to make the LGUP tool recognize your LG smartphone, let alone flash KDZ/TOT Firmware files. The LG Uppercut Tool provided in this guide, intends to fix this issue and help the user to flash stock firmware on any LG device.

LG Uppercut Tool

The LG Uppercut tool is tiny yet very useful tool made by the XDA Recognized Contributor autoprime. The LG Uppercut tool acts as an add-on to the LGUP Tool and makes it compatible with almost all the LG smartphones. The LG Uppercut tool enables the LGUP Flash tool to instantly recognize the LG smartphones. All you have to do is to open this tool and your device will be recognized by the LGUP tool (assuming you have the LGUP tool already installed).

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Before the LG Uppercut tool, the user had to search and download different custom files and unique settings that were necessary for every device in order to make them work. LG Uppercut tool removes all those dependencies and hence enables even older LG devices to be compatible with the LGUP Flash tool.

  • Filename: UPPERCUT_1.0.0.0.zip
  • Size: 4.1 MB
  • Developer: autoprime
  • Download: Download Here

Make sure you have the below in place before proceeding with the guide:

  • Make sure you have the latest LG USB drivers installed on your PC.
  • Download and install LGUP 1.14 on your PC.
  • A KDZ, DZ or TOT file to flash on your device.
  • LG device running on chipsets like MSM8996/8994/8992/8976/8952/8939/8937/8916/8909/8226

How to use Uppercut tool

Your anti-virus software might flag the UPPERCUT tools as a virus. Please be noted that it is a false positive and you have nothing to worry about.

  1. Download and install the latest version LGUP 1.14 tool on your PC: Get it here.
  2. Connect your device to your PC and make sure the device is showing up in the device manager [it will show up as ‘LG Serial COM port’ under ‘Ports’]. If you can’t find your device in Device manager, you need to install LG USB Drivers.
  3. Make sure you have downloaded the LG Uppercut tool from the above downloads section. Extract the zip file. You will get the Uppercut.exe tool inside the extracted folder.
  4. Double click and open the Uppercut.exe on your PC. This action will open the LGUP tool on your PC with your LG smartphone detected.
  5. Done. You can now continue with flashing KDZ/TOT/DZ firmware on your LG smartphone using LGUP Flash tool.
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This is the easiest way to flash KDZ/DZ/TOT Firmware files on any LG smartphone using LG UPPERCUT Tool.

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