LG Firmware Extract Tool

Lg Firmware Extract Tool

LG Firmware Extract Tool


LG Firmware Extract Tool helps you extract the contents of any KDZ or DZ File of the LG device firmware.

Lg Firmware Extract Tool

Developer: bullghost

Last Updated: March 4, 2021


Size: 1 MB

Platform: Windows

Architecture: 32 bit and 64 bit

Here are some features of the LG Firmware Extract Tool:

  • Helps you extract the contents of the .dz file. DZ file contains all the main system files, including the GPT File, Modem File, RPM File, Boot File, Recovery File, Factory File, and Cust File.
  • Helps you to extract the contents of the .kdz file on your computer.
  • Helps you merge or combine multiple system bin into a single file.
  • Helps you add customized headers in any of the KDZ Files.

Download LG Firmware Extract Tool

We have multiple versions of the LG Firmware Extract Tool available for download. Please note that we recommend using the latest version of the tool. If you face any issues with the latest version, do give the other versions a try.

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