Top 9 Measuring Apps for Android

Sometimes, you might find yourself in need of particular measuring devices; however, you never get these things when you need them the most. Therefore, Android phones bring you a wide range of apps that can be used for measurement, be it length, weight, etc. They may not be as accurate as the actual measuring device, but they get the work done and give the approximate number.

Best Measuring Apps for Android

These are some apps that can aid you when you need to measure length, let us first go through them-

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Top 9 Measuring Apps For Android

GPS Fields Area Measure

This app can measure the distance or the area of a particular position that you designate. It uses the predisposed GPS present on your phone to do the measurements. Notable features of this measuring app are-

Top 9 Measuring Apps For Android
  • Fast area/distance marking
  • Smart Marker Mode for very accurate pin placement
  • Name, save, group, and edit measurements
  • “Undo” button for all actions
  • GPS tracking/Auto measure for walking/driving around specific boundaries


This app is very easy to operate, as it converts your phone into a makeshift ruler, using which you can measure the length of the object that you want. The app also gives the provision for conversion of units of length. Key highlights of this length measuring app for Android are-

Top 9 Measuring Apps For Android
  • Quick and responsive interface with beautiful modern design
  • Includes Imperial (inch) and Metric (centimeter / millimeter) units
  • Smart history for all your latest measurements
  • You can copy the current length to the clipboard and paste it into another app
  • It includes Multi-touch caliper tool functionality
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Smart Measure

This app enables the user to measure the distance between the person and the object in question. Clicking on the button to measure the distance, people can know the difference. Top highlights of Smart Measure are-

Top 9 Measuring Apps For Android
  • Meter <-> Feet
  • Virtual Horizon
  • Screen capture
  • Sound effect on/off
  • Material design

ImageMeter – photo measure

This app helps you measure the length of objects without using your camera or your phone but by using existing pictures or contents. Notable features of ImageMeter- Photo Measure are-

Top 9 Measuring Apps For Android
  • Opt for this to measure lengths, circles, angles, and arbitrarily shaped areas
  • Use this for measuring the height of poles using two reference markings on the pole
  • It offers freehand drawing, and you can draw basic geometric shapes
  • It includes Bluetooth connectivity to laser distance meters to measure lengths, angles, and areas

EasyMeasure – Camera Distance Measurement App

This app uses the camera of your phone to measure the distance and dimension of an object that is placed at a distance from you. Some of the features that make it one of the best measuring apps for Android are-

Top 9 Measuring Apps For Android
  • It has a user-friendly interface with a 3D engine
  • Opt for this to measure distance like a tape ruler. You can also update it to measure the height and width of objects
  • You can also calibrate your phone to get the most accurate results
  • It gives support to the Metric and Imperial units (meters, feet,  inches, yards).
  • You can also switch on the flashlight for measurements in the dark

Android Apps for Measuring Other Things

Besides measuring length, there are tons of apps available that measure the heart rate, pressure, pulse, steps taken, calories burnt, etc. Even though they do not give an accurate count, it comes very handy when people have to measure some rates like these, hassle-free.

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Step Counter

For health-conscious people, this app is relevant to them to help them keep track of the steps they have taken in a day or the calories they have burnt. Important highlights of the Step Counter app are-

Top 9 Measuring Apps For Android
  • It has a built-in sensor for counting your steps
  • It does not have GPS tracking, so it is effective in saving battery
  • It can track your burned calories, time, walking distance, etc
  • It is one of the best pedometers, weight-loss apps that have walking app and walking tracker

Qardio Heart Health

Nowadays, people find it difficult to manage their busy lifestyles, and their health takes a toll. This app helps monitor ones’ heart rate. This app has to be paired with the Qardio devices to get a very accurate reading of monitoring heart rate. Notable features are-

Top 9 Measuring Apps For Android
  • Use it to track your blood pressure and weight-related data
  • It enables you to choose your preferred way to create the most sophisticated health journal
  • It includes features that make health tracking effortless and actionable
  • It is understood as the “Best Health App” and it is an official Samsung Health partner
  • It is also PC Magazine Editor’s choice winner

Thermometer ++

The app measures the temperature of the surroundings you are in. Along with that, one can get the count of relative humidity. Notable highlights of this measuring app for Android are-

Top 9 Measuring Apps For Android
  • It is fast and accurate
  • It will show the current outdoor temperature, pressure, and humidity as per your location
  • It will also provide your weather data from the nearby weather stations
  • Opt for it to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees
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Sound Meter

This app shows you the sound or the noise levels around you. It measures the sound in decibels and displays it on the screen. Key highlights that make Sound Meter one of the best measuring apps for Android are-

Top 9 Measuring Apps For Android
  • It is good in indicating decibel by gauge
  • Opt for it to display the current noise reference
  • It is top-notch is displaying min/avg/max decibel values
  • Use it to calibrate the decibel for each device

Wrapping Up!

Using these apps, you can make do with the measurements you have to take. You can also monitor your health daily as you install these apps.

Working of these apps is based on the sensors and geolocation of the device you are using. All such measuring apps are available for free on the app store. And all of these apps are good enough to fulfill your requirements.

Share your experience of using measuring apps with us in the comment section below.

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