Change Snapchat Map Location To Unlock Geofilters on iOS

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms where millions of users around the globe use it to send and receive messages in the form of an image or video. The developers of Snapchat keeps on adding one or the other feature to compete with other social media platforms. In fact, Snapchat is the first app to bring a photo or video story system which we now see on all of the Facebook owned apps like Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook itself. Recently, Snapchat has added a new feature called geo-filters. Snapchat is already well known for the different types of filters which the app offers. in fact, Snapchat has one of the biggest libraries of filters which can be used by anyone using Snapchat. So, the geo-filters are an addition to the normal filters which we get, using the geo-filter method we get to access some geolocation-based filters, which gets unlocked only when the phone is at a particular location.

Below we have a statement from Snapchat themselves, as to what they have to say about this new geo-filter feature.

“Geofilters are creative overlays that capture where you are or what you’re up to in a Snap! Create your own, and surprise Snapchatters in the locations you choose.”

change snapchat map location ios

With the help of geo-filters, you can express yourself in a pretty different way and it’s a great way of sending snaps to other people knowing where you are.

So how it actually works? Suppose, you are standing in front of the Taj Mahal, you will definitely get the filter of Taj Mahal and Agra but you cant apply that same Taj mahal filter when you are sitting at home. But, we have some cool tricks through which you will be able to use the geo-filters from Snapchat of anywhere around the world, while you are sitting at home on your couch. Also, we don’t need root access or jailbreak to do this, simply follow the tutorials ahead.

Fake location On Snapchat Without Jailbreak

So to get the fake location and make Snapchat believe you are at a different location which will unlock the geo-filters all you have to do is spoof the location of your device. There are several different methods to do it and you can spoof your location for either a particular app or for the whole OS. For Android users, they can download any of the fake location spoofing apps from Google Play Store and use them by selecting the mock location app from the developer’s options.

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While on the iOS devices it is a little bit difficult to spoof your location, but below we have two methods through which you can spoof your iOS device’s location and both of them does not requires jailbreaking your device and is safe to try.

Change iOS Location Services in All apps [No Jailbreak]

let’s try the basic one first, to spoof your location you can try the simple Maps hack to simulate a static, custom location throughout all of the apps on your device, it will be like the whole device will work according to the spoofed location. You need to take a backup of your whole iPhone before you try this, as we need to modify the .plist file which is associated with the maps app, and after the modification, we need to restore the modified backup to your iPhone. Only then we will get a new option on the Maps app to simulate your location to a different location. You don’t need to Jailbreak your iPhone to try this hack.

Spoof Location On Snapchat Using Unofficial Tweak [No Jailbreak]

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Another way of spoofing your location on an iPhone is by tweaking your location services using SCOthman Snap. With the help of SCOthman, you will be able to spoof your location and will be able to unlock the geo-filter locked Snap filters. This tweak is basically a modified version of the original Snapchat app, it is built on the same base code and works exactly the same way with the addition of some cool tweaks. One of the tweaks is location spoofing.

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It is very obvious the tweaked app of Snapchat won’t be found on Apple’s Appstore since Apple has a very strict app policy, so to get this app installed and working on your device you need to install a third-party store like BuildStore. Using build store you will be able to download a lot of tweaked apps that aren’t available on the App Store, one of the tweaked apps is the SCOthman Snap. You don’t need to jailbreak your device to install the app from outside the app store or using the buildstore. However, you do need a subscription plan of Buildstore to use their services, as it isn’t free and needs a monthly or yearly subscription plan. A $9.99 per device is the annual subscription charge for the buildstore. We have a dedicated article for buildstore and Scothman which you can check out here, and with the help of this guide you will be able to install the Buildstore on your iOS device and along with that, you will also be able to use SCOthman Snap app on your phone.

To Conclude

It is recommended to not use the primary Snapchat account on any third-party tweaked apps, as Snapchat may ban your account or suspend your account permanently, also use of apps installed outside from the App store can sometimes be risky, however, apps from Buildstore are pretty much safe to install as they have some quality checks and they also give regular support and updates to the apps which are on their store. the best part is you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone to use all these hacks, so go ahead and use these hacks to get those geo-filters that are locked on your Snapchat.

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