How To Screenshot on Snapchat Without the Sender Knowing?

Snapchat is one of the most famous social media platforms. Where people can put stories of their own photos or videos. People can add their friends who are using Snapchat and can use Snapchat to chat with people in a fun way by sending and receiving images that can be viewed only once. Also, Snapchat has baked the codes in a way that if you take a screenshot of any of your friend’s snaps, it will send a notification to your friend that you have taken a screenshot of their snap. However, Snapchat screenshot cheats have been circulating here and there across the internet, some works fine while others don’t.

A large number of people have been trying different ways to take a screenshot without the sender getting to know, but they have failed in almost every attempt. Some of the failed attempts were, to turn on airplane mode, or close the app instantly after taking screenshots, everything just failed. So, in this post, we will be discussing the possibility of taking a screenshot without alerting the sender and if it is possible then how we can achieve it using Snapchat.

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Snapchat Screenshot

How To Take Secret Screenshots on Snapchat

The only secret way which is trustable that can take screenshots on your phone on Snapchat without telling the sender is baked right into the iOS toolkit. With the release of iOS 11, Apple added a feature called a screen recorder which can be accessed from the control center of your iPhone. On the other hand, some of the Android skins already had a screen recorder, while the rest of them got it with the Android 10 update back in 2019.

On testing the screen recording method on Snapchat in May 2021, the other user did not get any notification of screenshot notification. But, some of the users have also mentioned that they have got the notification while testing this step, so I would suggest that first test it out with one of your friends, whether he or she gets the notification or not, only then you must proceed with further testings.

Screenshot with iPhone

You can definitely take screenshots on iPhone of your friend’s Snaps on Snapchat. However, as per the testing in May 2021, the sender was getting notified each time we were taking screenshots of their Snaps.

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We have even tried third-party apps downloaded from the App Store, in search of an app that can take a screenshot of snaps that remains undetected from Snapchat. Unfortunately, all of the apps failed to hide from Snapchat. So, for now, the only option you are left with is that, you need to click a picture of the Snap from another phone, which will remain undetected by Snapchat. While you can also keep an eye on the App store, for any new app or any app that updates to get the feature of being hidden from Snapchat while taking screenshots. Since Snapchat has added this feature recently, so it will take time for developers to develop an app that can counter Snapchat’s screenshot notifications.

Screenshot With Android

Taking screenshots on Android for Snaps on Snapchat will definitely be a failed attempt. but you can always try the screen recording feature to get the snaps as a screenshot on your phone. before Android 10, there were a plethora of different third-party apps on Google Play Store, that gave screen recording functionality. But, right after the release of Android 10, most of the Android phones now have screen recording baked into the OS itself.

How To Start Screen Recording on Android

For Android users, you can open the Snap which you want to take screenshot, then scroll down the quick settings panel from the top of your screen.

Here you need to find the screen recording icon among the rest of the settings. Once you get the screen recording tool, click on it and it will start recording after the countdown. once the screen is recording you can view the snap and then close it, you should have it inside the screen recording which you just recorded. Tap the stop icon once done screen recording and viewing the snaps.

This way is working up until May 2021 on Android smartphones, for the future we need to see how long it supports, otherwise, we need to find an alternative to this again.

Also, before you attempt the screen recording experiment on Snapchat, we would suggest you first try it on with your friend and check if Snapchat detects or not, most probably it won’t, and if you are running an older version of Snapchat, then chances are very less that it will detect the screen recording and will not send any notifications to the sender. However, the newer versions of Snapchat might have fixed this loophole, so before you hit it on the road with screen recording, first it is advised to try it with your friend.

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Using Airplane Mode- Will it Work?

Earlier, this was one of the simplest workarounds of Snapchat, simply load the snap which you have received, turn on the airplane mode and then take a screenshot of your snap that’s it. But then developers of Snapchat got to know about this loophole and they had to fix it. So, for now, this workaround has been fixed and you cannot take a screenshot of Snap when on airplane mode, as soon as you will turn on your mobile data, it will send the notification to the sender.

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Users have tried every workaround of using airplane mode to take screenshots of Snapchat. A few of them have been mentioned below as well.

  • Turn Aiplane Mode On, Turn Wifi Off, and then Open Snap and took Screenshot. (Failed)
  • Turn Aiplane Mode On, Turn Wifi On, and then Open Snap and took Screenshot. (failed)
  • Open the Snap, Then turn Airplane Mode on.(Failed)
  • Close Snapchat, Turn Airplane Mode on, Then re-open the app and take the screenshot.(failed)

All of the above methods failed and Snapchat did send the screenshot notification to the sender, so the airplane mode method is truly a failure. But if you are running an older version of Snapchat, then you might be able to spoof Snapchat in taking screenshots, but chances are very few, so you can give it a try and you might succeed.

On the other hand, there is a way through which you can take a screenshot without notifying the sender, but it is utterly a complex and long procedure, so if you want to take a screenshot no matter what, then below we have the steps which you need to follow to get the screenshot without notifying the sender about the screenshot on Snapchat.

  1. Open Snapchat and then go to the chats, don’t just open the snap which you want to take a screenshot, it should still show it as a new snap.
  2. keep the Snapchat open, scroll down the quick settings panel and turn on the airplane mode.
  3. Now, open the snap and take a screenshot of the snap. Don’t turn off the airplane mode yet, otherwise, it will send the notification.
  4. Now go to the settings of Snapchat by tapping on the profile icon from the upper right corner and then go to the settings by clicking on the gear icon located at the top right corner.
  5. Tap on the Clear Cache located under the Account Actions and then tap on the Clear All button.
  6. After you have cleared the cache of Snapchat, you can close and force stop the Snapchat app and then turn off the Airplane Mode.
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How To Screenshot On Snapchat Without The Sender Knowing (2021)

Is it Illegal to screenshot Someone’s Snapchat Content?

Technically it is not illegal to take a screenshot of someone’s snap since it is not private as the user has already posted in public social media, or has sent you. However, the actual legality matters on different factors.

But the basic act of taking a screenshot isn’t illegal by any means. The main reason is that the person has already posted the image or video on social media for others to watch.

On the other hand, what misuse you do with that screenshot is another matter and has different legal concerns.

Can We Delete a Snap After Sending it?

If you have by chance sent a snap which you didn’t want to send and now you are regretting it. Don’t worry we have you covered, with the latest version of Snapchat you can delete chats and snaps which you have sent. But make sure the receiver hasn’t opened the snap. Otherwise, you won’t be able to delete it. To delete a snap, all you need to do is open the conversations and then select the sent snap press and hold it. you will get an option to delete it.

Once you will confirm it, the snap will be deleted and instead, you will see a text written you have deleted a chat. But if they have opened it then you cannot delete it and if they have taken a screenshot then there’s no coming back.

Why Does Snapchat Include Screenshot Notifications?

Originally, Snapchat was designed only to send and receive snaps, there was no other way to chat on Snapchat. later on, the developers have added the chat feature on Snapchat to overcome the drawbacks against other social media platforms. Since Snapchat’s baseline was to send and receive images and videos, and that too it never remains permanently on a chat. So it is a safe way to send an image temporarily, and you can be assured that the other person hasn’t saved it without your information.

So instead of preventing from taking screenshots on Snapchat, they have given an option to notify the other end that the person has taken a screenshot of your snap.

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