How to color battery on iPhone? All you need to know.

The standard iPhone battery indicator color is white normally, with red indicating that the charge is very low, yellow indicating that the device is in low power mode, and green indicating that the device has enough power or is charging. Or turn red when in critical condition, that is, almost nearly empty.

It is actually not possible to color your battery indicator icon unless it is a jailbroken iPhone. The Apple company in fact limits the icon’s customization. However, the change in appearance might depend on the mode the phone is currently in at that moment. The yellow color indicates that it is currently in Low Power Mode.

 The Low Power Mode is a great new feature of the iPhone that helps extend the battery duration. It does so by making some changes to the functionalities of the phone. It dims the brightness, stops the push and fetch of mail, and stops services most background activities like Hey Siri!, which keep refreshing.

Color Battery iPhone

In this way, your phone stays on a little while longer than it would on a normal battery mode. In prior iOS versions, you had to manually turn off the background app refresh feature to deal with the battery issues.

As the power level of your iPhone’s battery decreases, the color of the battery indicator will subtly change to represent the appropriate range of remaining charge percentage.

How to turn Low Power Mode on?

You can turn it on yourself by simply following these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to battery settings.
  • Enable Low Power Mode by simply flipping the option to the right.

You can also use the quick toggle:

Change Battery Color iPhone 8

You can start saving battery usage through this option. Your device may automatically turn it on when the battery goes lower than 20%. This is when the icon turns yellow by itself.

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Once turned on, it will stay on until you plug your phone in and your battery charges to at least 80%. In case you turned it on deliberately, it will stay yellow until the phone is fully charged.

How to turn Low Power Mode off?

Simply disable it by flipping it to left, and you will see the battery icon turn from yellow to green or white or red, depending on the current percentage of the battery in your phone, provided the battery itself is in a healthy condition.

Change Battery Color iPhone 10

Why use Low Power Mode?

Low Power Mode can prove very useful at times like in a situation where you really need your phone, and it is only about 10% left. And you do not have a charger or a place to charge your phone for that matter. In such a case, enabling Low Power Mode will definitely give more life to your battery

Your phone will stay on for a considerably longer duration. Of course, there is no way to accurately estimate how much longer it will live, as battery life depends upon usage. If you use cellular data or call someone, then obviously your phone’s battery is not going to last for too long.

However, with Low Power Mode enabled, your phone’s battery can even last for hours if not put to heavy use. Nonetheless, it is a very efficient way to make the best of your iPhone’s battery.

Why Does My iPhone Battery Icon Switch from Black to White?

While some battery colors on your iPhone indicate various device statuses, others are merely cosmetic. For example, in this situation, your iPhone battery icon can switch from black to white depending on the background color.

The battery icon in the top-right corner of your iPhone screen provides a visual indication of the amount of battery life that you have left. Apart from low power mode changing the battery color to yellow, the icon can also switch from black to white or vice versa, due to the fact that the color of the home screen has been changed.

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The iPhone will automatically choose black or white for your regular battery icon based on the color behind it. The color of the icon is the one that provides the most contrast with the color behind it.

You can experiment with this fact by adjusting the color of your wallpaper. You can change your wallpaper by completing the steps below –

  1. Tap the Settings icon.
  2. Select the Wallpaper option.
  3. Tap the Choose a New Wallpaper button.
  4. Select one of the pre-installed options by tapping the Dynamic or Stills picture, or select a picture from your Photos app by selecting one of the albums at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Tap a picture to select it.
  6. Tap the Set button at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Choose whether you wish to apply the image as your Lock Screen, Home Screen, or Both.
Change Battery Color iPhone 6

Keep in mind that, some activities like dynamic wallpaper and perspective zoom are disabled when Low Power Mode is on.

Additionally, you will notice that the battery icon will also change to black when you are navigating through the Settings menu.

Change Battery Color iPhone 5

Or it will change to white when using an app with a dark background.

Change Battery Color iPhone 4

You can also invert the colors on your iPhone by:

  • Navigating to Settings > General > Accessibility
  • Look at the top of your screen and pick ‘Display & Text Size.’
  • Now, pay attention to two features you’ll find here – ‘Smart Invert‘ and ‘Classic Invert.’

How Did My iPhone Battery Turn Yellow in the First Place?

If you are not in the know on why it happened, you probably didn’t turn on Low Power Mode intentionally by going to Settings → Battery. If you had, you probably would have noticed the change right away. Here’s how it usually happens:

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When your iPhone battery reaches 20%, a window appears on your iPhone to warn you that your battery level is getting low and asks if you’d like to turn on Low Power Mode. Your iPhone battery turns yellow as soon as you tap Turn On.


It’s easy to think that something is wrong with your iPhone when its battery turns yellow. After all, yellow means caution or warning in other areas of our lives. You had no way of knowing that a yellow iPhone battery icon is a normal part of iOS, because it’s a brand-new feature and Apple didn’t give anyone a heads-up.

It is also important to note that it is normal for the capacity to drain over time as the phone and the battery both get older.

The bottom line is, however, it is not possible to color the battery indicator icon on iPhone, unless you have a jailbroken iPhone. Jail breaking an iPhone allows privilege escalation and removes software restrictions set by Apple and App Store.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can install an app that lets you change and set different colors for different battery percentages, among other things.

But you cannot customize and change the color of the battery indicator on your normal iPhone. The only color changes to a battery indicator are the ones set by Apple itself: green for charging, yellow for power saver mode, red for low battery, and white normally.

Another thing that can affect the color of the battery icon is whether you are in light mode or dark mode. If you switch between light mode or dark mode, you are very likely to see your battery icon switch between black and white.

You can change between light and dark mode by;

  •  Going to Settings > Display & Brightness
  •  Then, tap either Light Mode or Dark Mode.

You can even elect to have your iPhone change automatically between those display modes based on the time of day.

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