Record Video on Mac with Webcam using QuickTime

Mac is one of the successful series owned by Apple Inc. Talking about its design and performance, the device looks classy and premium that will provide you a strong powerful performance. New Macs are even better than it’s ancestors, good thing is that Apple focuses on Macs in order to add more quality and performance to the device to amaze its users.

Have you ever thought to record a video on Mac? Let me inform you, it is very easy to record long or short videos on Mac. From recording yourself for interview practice to capturing beautiful moments on adventurous picnics, everything is doable on Mac.

This can be done by using a QuickTime Player and your Mac’s built-in webcam. QuickTime Player is a wonderful app that will also allow you to record iPhone or iPad screen and computer’s audio via a built-in microphone.

Record Video On Mac With Webcam Using Quicktime

Also, we have covered some basic FAQs related to the same topic. So follow the article till the end that we have managed to provide you. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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Steps to Record Video on Mac with Webcam using QuickTime

To record video with Mac’s webcam using QuickTime, users need to do the following:

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Step 1: Go to the Mac’s application folder and open QuickTime Player.

Step 2: On the menu bar located at the upper side of the screen, click on File’

Step 3: A drop down menu will appear and select ‘New Movie Recording’

Guide To Record Video On Mac With Webcam Using Quicktime

Step 4: Now, the FaceTime webcam will show up on Mac’s screen, click on the red button to start record a video

Guide To Record Video On Mac With Webcam Using Quicktime

Step 5: When you finished with recording your video, click on the Stop button to finish the recording.

If the video is too long and you wish to only have a specific part of the recorded video on Mac. You also have to option to trim the video to get that specific part of the video clip.

Now that you know how to record a video on Mac, let’s head towards how to save the recorded file on Mac.

How to Save the recorded video on Mac?

Step 1: Once you’ve finished recording the video on Mac, click on the ‘File’ menu and select the save option.

Guide To Record Video On Mac With Webcam Using Quicktime

Step 2: A small window will pop up asking you where to save the currently recorded video, and the option to rename the file.

Guide To Record Video On Mac With Webcam Using Quicktime


What will be the quality of the recorded video with Mac’s webcam?

Here, quality depends upon the model of your Mac. Each Mac is having a different FaceTime webcam. You will get to see recorded video quality somewhere between 480p and 780p which is descent. New Macs have the ability to record video in high-quality resolution.

Is there any way to record video on Mac in 4K resolution?

No, Apple has not made a single announcement that Macs can record videos in 4K resolution. Instead, new Macs are capable of playing videos in 4K, and older Macs that support older graphics can run video in 1080p but stutters at playing 4k resolution videos.

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If you want to record a video in 4K then you have to switch on iPhone or iPad to do so.

What FPS will I get to see in recorded videos by Mac’s webcam

You should able to get more than 40 FPS in recorded videos in older Macs. New Macs are capable to play and share videos in 4K resolution at 60 FPS. So there’s no chance that you will experience video stuttering.

That’s it for now, hope this helps! If you have any queries, you can ask them in the comment section below. Till then stay tuned for more info.

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