Fake GPS Location on iPhone Without jailbreak

In today’s world of social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram and a lot of other apps need your location permission to work throughout the time. They have access to your GPS for different purposes, as Facebook uses for check-ins, on the other hand, Snapchat uses filters and a few other things. While modern smartphones have a very high accuracy GPS chip installed on our phones which can catch our exact location within seconds. Sometimes it can create some privacy issues for some of the users. So the easiest step would be to turn off the GPS or deny the location access of such apps, but then they won’t work properly and will spoil the experience of using the app.

So in that case, there are several different apps and methods through which you can spoof your location. Spoofing of location can get several extra things as well. Suppose you want to watch a movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime and it isn’t available in your region, then you can change the region and spoof your location to that certain place, that way it might allow you to stream the content which was earlier unavailable.

Fake Gps Location On Iphone Without Jailbreak

On the flip side, spoofing your location on an iPhone isn’t that easy and with such strict policies of Apple’s Appstore, there is no place for location spoofing apps in the Appstore.

How To Fake Gps Location On Iphone Without Jailbreak

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Spoofing GPS location on iPhone based on Hardware

You might have gone through several different apps that claim to fake your location at the app-specific level, but they aren’t reliable at all. However, some devices allow spoofing of geo-location with a higher success rate and come out to be reliable enough that can be used when needed. Mostly these are small devices like a dingle that connect to your iPhone inside the lightning port and works as a secondary GPS module for your iPhone. Connecting this device will give you the ability to spoof your location to somewhere else, do note that the location will be spoofed only for the time being the device is connected, as soon as you remove the device from your iPhone, it will start using its GP{S and will show your original accurate location in all the apps. This hardware-based location spoofing works throughout the iPhone including system apps and settings without having to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. Several such devices are selling around the world on the internet that claims to be doing the same but on research, it suggests that GFaker and Double Location are the only companies among a few others that are capable of selling these products independently and are genuine.

Working of GFaker and Double Location devices

Both the GFaker and Double Location devices come with their own respective IOS companion apps through which you can control the settings of the devices. As soon as you connect the devices to the iPhone, IOS has an external accessory framework that detects it as an external GPS and will temporarily shut its internal GPS and will work on the external GPS. So now location spoofing is easy as we cannot spoof location with the help of the internal GPS as Apple won’t allow it, but with the help of external GPS we can spoof the location, So now you have to install the IOS companion app for the device you are having and then set the fake location where you want to show to the apps and services of your iPhone.

How To Install the Companion IOS apps for GFaker & Double Location without Jailbreak

So, by now you know how you can try to spoof your location on your IOS device, it is either by using the GFaker or Double location. So here is how to install and set it up for spoofing the location of your device. So first, if you have GFaker pro or Double location hardware GPS, then you have to follow the manufacturer’s guide and instructions of installing the companion app for the same, as it won’t be available on the App store, and the manufacturer must have an alternate way of installing the companion app on your IOS device without Jailbreaking it.

As far as we know, GFaker does it by using Apple’s TestFlight program, where you will be opting in for beta testing of an app and hence through that you will get the companion app installed on your device, on the other hand, Double location uses a device management profile to distribute its IOS companion app for your iPhone or iPad.

Alternatively, if you get a different version of GFaker Pro which is called Phantom, then its companion app is available on Appstore and can be downloaded directly on your phone from the store. The downside of using Phantom is that the location spoofing using Phantom looks less realistic compared to the Pro model, thus contradicting the whole point of location spoofing.

Change GPS location using GFaker or Double Location App

By now whichever location spoofing external GPS you have you must have installed the companion app for the same. So check if the companion app is working and isn’t crashing or anything, further now we may proceed with the guide on how to spoof your location using an external GPS on an iPhone or iPad.

Mostly, the companion app will consist of a Map API or framework which will help you in selecting the location wherever you want to spoof your location.

  1. Open the Companion app for GFaker or Double location on your iPhone or iPad and make sure that you are on the Maps section of the app.
  2. Now, navigate through the map and move the pin with your finger to change the location of your GPS, select the area, city, or country where you want your iPhone to show its location.
  3. Now tap on the lock Position button at the bottom of the screen and that’s it your iPhone is now successfully spoofing its location.

With this, every app installed on your iPhone will show its location to the point where you have set it. Apps like Netflix, Amazon prime might still need a VPN to show the contents of that region, but other than that apps like Google Maps, Snapchat will show their location to the pinned one which you have selected. Not only that, if you have enabled auto adjustment of date and time, then it will automatically adjust the date and time according to the new location to which your phone is set. This is done to make it even more real and intuitive, however, if you don’t want to change the date and time of your iPhone then you need to turn off auto-adjust of date and time before you start location spoofing using the GFaker or Double location.

Your fake location will be active until the hardware device is connected to your iPhone, to go back to the default and original location all you need to do is unplug the device from your iPhone and then with time it will set its original location and the rest of the apps will show the original location according to the internal GPS chip of the phone. To go back to your original location even faster, then you may want to set the original location before unplugging the device, then it will do it almost instantly.

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Fake your Location by Searching a Specific Address or landmark

Both the GFaker and Double location’s companion apps have been updated and now they allow you to search the location or area and then instantly jump to that location from within the app. Otherwise, usually, users needed to choose the location pin on the map provider within the app, and by default, it shows Apple maps to pin the location, but now with the search option, it has become very much handy. Not to mention, the companion apps also provide location bookmarking and setting up favourite locations so that next time spoofing of location is easier.

Moving Around Fake Location

One of the greatest key features of the companion app of the GFaker is that it also supports simulation of travelling. This means you can set source and destination in the map and then select the means of commuting and the speed and then it will simulate your travel from the source to destination in a similar way. This is such a great feature to use on the IOS device, it just enhances the overall experience of location spoofing.

The GFaker companion app supports two types of travelling functions- Teleport and Cruise.

  1. Teleport– With the help of this Teleport option you will be able to instantly teleport to a specific location mentioned by you, which you can pick by pinning the location on the map, or by searching it using the latitude and longitude values. For instance, if your actual location is New York then you can instantly teleport your device’s location to New Delhi, India within no time.
  2. Cruise- The cruise mode is also a very good option for location spoofing. As it sets up a multi-point route between your source and destination. The cruise option inside the app will automatically set up a relevant route and then it will simulate the movement as you would do in reality using the navigations. All of this is done with the help of Maps APIs, you can even adjust the speed of the movement and the path it takes can also be modified, there is also an option to set the amount of traffic in between and if there is any traffic signal and more.

The cruise option can help a lot in spoofing your location when it is shared live, apps like Telegram, Whatsapp has options to send live location to anyone, in such cases location spoofing works just fine.

Similarly, the Double Location app also features a simulation of movement around the map by using the gyro sensor on the iPhone or iPad. The app lets you configure the way motion sensors should work within the app.

Fake Gps Location On Iphone Without Jailbreak
  1. To use the feature on the Double Location app, make sure that the device is connected to your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Open the app on your iPhone or iPad and then tap on the about tab.
  3. Find Experimental library and inside it tap on Motion.
  4. Now, hold the iPhone or iPad at an angle and tap on the reset position.

Finally, go into any of the Maps apps wherever you want to simulate the movement by tilting your IOS device using the gyro sensor.

Apart from this, you can also use the joystick option to navigate which is available in the latest version of the companion app. An HTTP link will be provided to the users to open on any of their devices but make sure it is connected to the same LAN as your IOS device from which you are spoofing the location, and then you can control your spoofed location remotely using the HTTP link which is a web-based remote control for the companion app.

Advantages of having Hardware level GPS Spoofing Solution

Since it is IOS, we all know how much Apple boast about their security and privacy strictness. So, at this point, it is almost impossible to find an app that can configure the internal GPS of your IOS device to spoof its location of it. Since Apple won’t even allow the app to get access to that GPS chip of your device. So using the external GPS for location spoofing is the only option left if you want to fake your location using an iPhone or an iPad. On the flip side, some apps can be installed that can help in location spoofing without jailbreak but they have their risks and drawbacks, which can be vulnerable.

These tweaked apps are very uncertain and are risky. usually, the tweaked apps take a lot of time in development until then a new version of the original app is released, and by that time it doesn’t support older versions of apps, and the tweaked app can take several months to develop.

With the help of devices like GFaker and Double location you will be using the official companion app of the devices which can be downloaded from the App store, that way you will also receive timely updates and features of the app from the store while maintaining the security and privacy of your data since every app on App store goes through several security checks, where they check if the app is vulnerable to the user by any means.

Device Variations and Pricing

Since we are doing hardware-level location spoofing, the accuracy, features, precision and other things differ from device to device, also all of the devices have their companion app with their key features with different pricing as well.

GFaker location Spoofing Price

The GFaker location spoofing gives two options to choose from GFaker pro and Gfaker Phantom, both have different features and pricing, but their main functioning is more or less the same.

GFaker Pro

The GFaker Pro is the highest-end of the company and has all the features that can come in handy while spoofing your location. The GFaker Pro supports three parameters in spoofing the location – Latitude, Longitude and altitude, with the help of these three, the device can simulate the location movement as real as it can be. Hence, it is one of the best solutions available in the market through which you can spoof your location on an IOS device. With the help of the GFaker Pro, you can play and travel anywhere inside the games like Pokemon Go, Wizards Unite and many other games.

The only drawback it has is to install the companion app of GFaker pro, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as it is int available on the App Store due to Apple’s policy. The Gfaker Pro is supported on all IOS devices that are running on IOS 10 and later versions.

If you are on IOS 13 or IOS 14, you have to follow some additional steps, as Apple has tightened the security of the device even more. Below we have the guide on how to use GFaker pro on IOS devices running IOS 13 and 14.

  1. Connect the GFake device to your iPhone and launch the companion app.
  2. Make sure you are on the latest version of the companion app, if not then check for updates and update the app.
  3. Now, find the target location on the map section of the app and then press the Go button.
  4. Also, Go to Menu >> Enable virtual network.
  5. Now, you have to turn on the aeroplane mode of your iPhone, also make sure that cellular networks and WIFI both are turned off, otherwise, it won’t work.
  6. make sure that you have turned off location services of your iPhone, to do that go to settings of your iPhone >> Privacy >> Turn Off Location services.
  7. Finally, enable Wifi and then connect to the saved Wifi networks, but make sure cellular data is turned off
  8. Wait for 3 seconds and then turn on the location services of your iPhone again and GFaker should now work.
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GFaker Phantom

The second variant of the GFAker location spoofing device is the GFaker phantom. This is a bit bigger when compared to the pro version, but on the upside it can be attached to the back of your iPhone easily, thus making it more comfortable to hold the phone while the device is connected. The difference between the GFaker pro and Phantom is that this can only simulate latitude and longitude but cannot simulate altitude. Thus, spoofing the location using GFaker Phantom can be a bit unreal and you can get caught by the apps like Pokemon GO and others. So make sure you use it cleverly without getting caught otherwise get the GFaker pro version. However, the basic purpose of spoofing your location on maps or sharing a fake live location with someone else can be done with the help of this device.

Also, one key advantage of the GFaker phantom is that the working mechanism is similar to Xcode location simulation, thus the companion app fulfils the criteria of being inside the Apple App Store. So the companion app for GFaker Phantom can be directly downloaded from the App Store without any hassle. Currently, the Gfaker Phantom is selling for $239 on the GFaker official store.

Double Location Pricing Info

At present, the Double Location is out of stock from most of the stores, mainly because of the global pandemic and other supply issues. The device otherwise roughly costs around $199.

If you have already purchased the Double location device, or if you have managed to arrange one for yourself even in this pandemic, then below is the guide on how to use Double location for spoofing the location of your IOS device running IOS 13 or 14.

  1. Connect the Double Location device to your iPhone and open the companion app.
  2. Also, ensure that you have the latest version of the companion app installed on your iPhone if not, then check for updates and update the app to the latest version.
  3. Now Go to [About] >> [Cross Mode] >> Turn on the switch >> choose [Allow] & enter password.
  4. You have to turn on the aeroplane mode and then enable Wifi and connect it to one of your saved networks.
  5. Next, turn off your location services of the iPhone, for that go to settings >> Privacy >> Turn off location services.
  6. finally, wait for 3 seconds and then turn on Locations services again. that’s it you will now be able to use double location to spoof the location of your iPhone.

The above guide only works with the double location device which is purchased after February 1, 2020. If you are unable to make it work using the above guide then you might be having an older version of the double location device which isn’t supported as of now with the IOS 13 or IOS 14.

Why hardware-based location spoofing devices are expensive?

The hardware-based location spoofing devices are expensive because the devices like GFaker and double location are Apple MFI certified and to gain the license from Apple, they charge a good hefty amount for the same. And it is not easy for any software or hardware to make the IOS device spoof the location considering IOS has such strict policies and its ecosystem is so much secure. Thus, to get the companion app to work perfectly with IOS devices, the app needs to be developed on Apple standards, hence increasing the overall price of the hardware-based location spoofing devices.

Fake Gps Location On Iphone Without Jailbreak

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Spoof GPS on iPhone, iPad without Jailbreak

There are some apps or tools available for both Windows PC and Macs through which you can spoof your location. These tools need an iPhone or iPad to be connected to the computer via a USB cable or Wifi if supported. After which you can control the device location from the computer using the tool.

One such app is the Tenoshare iAnyGo, it is a GPS spoofing app available for macOS as well as Windows OS, and it allows you to spoof the location of your IOS device or iPadOS device using a USB connection between the computer and the Apple device. The app includes three different types of location spoofing options – Change location, Single Spot movement and Multi-spot movement.

  1. Change Location- The change location option in the app allows you to instantly jump through different location which can be selected using the map. The moment you select a different location on the map it will reflect on the iPhone or iPad which is connected via USB cable. This will reflect the spoofed location to the system apps of the iPhone and all other third-party apps as well.
  2. Single Spot Movement– With the help of single spot movement users will be able to simulate movement from a particular starting point to the desired destination. Users can even control the speed of the movement from within the app which can be handy to make it more realistic.
  3. Multi-Spot Movement- In the multi-spot movement users will be able to simulate the movement between two different locations with multiple stops in between the route, making it extremely realistic, and you can also determine your own personal route from a point A to B.

Here is a video link for the guide on how to fake GPS location on iPhone.

So if you are going to use the Tenoshare iAnyGo for spoofing the location on your iPhone or iPad then below we have a quick tutorial on how to set it up and use it.

  1. On your Mac or Windows PC download the Tenoshare iAnyGo software.
  2. Using a USB cable connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer and make sure that your device is unlocked and no other security is needed.
  3. Now, open the iAnyGo on your computer and wait for a while until it automatically detects the IOS devices connected to the computer.
  4. From the iAnyGo app, find and choose a specific location spoofing mode by clicking the tabs situated on the left side of the app and then press Enter. As the device is connected, it has the access to the map’s interface.
  5. Next, in the app iAnyGo from the top-right corner, search for a location that you want to select as the start or endpoint. The same will be reflected on the left side.
  6. If you are spoofing with the single or multi-spot spoofing then you can adjust the route and the speed of the movement so adjust it accordingly.
  7. After you have configured all the parameters and everything, finally you may click on the start to move button that should be on the left side. Your spoofed location movement will be applied to your IOS device, and every app within that device will show the spoofed location.

If you are done with location spoofing and wants to switch your GPS to the original location, then simply click on the Stop button and then unplug your device and wait for a while. It should show the original location, if by chance it doesn’t, restart your iPhone it will surely fix it.

While in a similar character there are a few other apps as well which have similar capabilities of location spoofing. Apps like dr. fone IOS Toolkit and ThinkSky iTools can also help in location spoofing it even supports teleportation via location spoofing.

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iSpoofer is yet another tool that can help you with location spoofing on IOS devices with the help of a Mac or a Windows PC. iSpoofer is more or less very much similar to the iAnyGo tool when it comes to location spoofing and there working is also very much similar. However, there are a few things that are better on iAnyGo like the UI and the stability while the rest of the functionality remains the same. There are some good tools on iSpoofer as well like it has an option to connect your IOS device via WIFI and after which you can disconnect the iPhone from the USB cable and use it all you have to do is make sure that the computer and your phone both are connected to the same wireless networks throughout the time. Not to mention iSpoofer also has a feature called as SimReality that makes the location spoofing movements extremely realistic more like a human movement.

This is used in pranking friends and others but in the real world, there is no use of these types of apps, so if you come across any such app on the app store with high ratings it is because of this fake pointer of the GPS within the app only, it can be easily found by searching Fake location on the App Store.

Alternative Method of Location Spoofing for older IOS Devices

For IOS devices that are running IOS version below 11, then we have an alternative method through which you can spoof your location. As the above-mentioned methods might not work properly or your IOS device might not be eligible for the companion apps. So this is the cheapest method through which you can spoof your location you don’t need to buy any hardware or anything.

So, if you are an IOS developer and has been making apps for IOS that works only in specific locations,  you should be able to test the app from anywhere in the world, regardless of its geo-restrictions. To overcome this issue, Apple has given an option to override the IOS location services from within an app, this will allow the developers to test their app as per the requirement.

Once you have overridden the IOS location services and changed the location of your device, it will show the same location to other apps and services as well. To confirm it you can check the location on either Snapchat or by checking in on Facebook, or by sharing your live location with someone on Whatsapp.

Change GPS Location on iPhone by modifying a .plist file without jailbreak

In the above tutorial, we learnt that the official way through which you can change the IOS location service is only possible if you are a developer and develops apps based on GPS and location services. But there’s even an easier way through which you can change the location of your IOS device. You need to modify some property list file (.plist) that is associated with the native maps app on IOS. As soon as you modify the property list file on the map, it will give you an option to simulate a custom location within the IOS Maps app.

Fake Gps Location On Iphone Without Jailbreak

There is no direct way of modifying the preferences file of an installed app without jailbreaking, for that there is a workaround through which users can modify the preferences file, first, you have to create a backup of your device on a computer, then update the backup with the required changes to the preferences file and then restore the backup to your IOS device.

Fake Gps Location On Iphone Without Jailbreak

To modify the preferences file of an installed app you need a software tool on your computer. 3uTools is an advanced software tool that can help in modifying the backup file from IOS. The software can be downloaded from their official website and you can use any other app as well, but this one is one of the most reliable ones. Below we have a tutorial on how to modify the preferences file of an installed app using the backup method on your computer.

  1. Make sure you have iTunes installed on your PC.
  2. With the help of iTunes create and take the backup on your computer.
  3. Now, download and install the 3utools for Windows.
  4. Launch 3utools software on your PC and connect your IOS device to the computer using a USB cable.
  5. As soon as the 3u software detects the IOS device, all you have to do is select the device and then go to Backup/Restore >> Backup >>iDevice.
  6. After the backup process is complete, go to backup/restore >> Backup management and then select the latest backup which you just created and click on the view button situated at the bottom right corner.
  7. Now, when you are inside the backup viewer, find and click on the App documents tab and then navigate to the AppDomain-com.apple.Maps>>Library>> Preferences folder.
  8. Open the com. apple.Maps.plist file by simply double-clicking it, The file will open in a plist editor inside the app itself.
  9. Now, insert the code written below, the code needs to be inserted before the </dict> tag in the file.

Fake Gps Location On Iphone Without Jailbreak
  • While copying the code make sure that your code is properly aligned with another line of codes inside the file.
  • Now go back to the Back/Restore and then choose the restore data option to restore the modified file back to your IOS device.
  • Select the latest available backup and then finally click on Restore now button at the bottom right corner to begin restoring your IOS device.
  • While restoring your device make sure that Find My iPhone is turned off, you can turn it off through setting >> Apple ID> iCloud>> Find My iPhone.
  • Wait a while for the restoration process to complete and after which you can unplug your device from the computer.
  • Finally, you can test by launching the Apple Maps on your IOS device and the search for a particular location you want to simulate.
  • As soon as the location pin is set, just scroll up from the bottom and then you should see a new option called simulate location tap on it.

That’s it now your preferred location is being simulated across the apps system-wide on your IOS device, which means if you open Facebook or Snapchat or Whatsapp and check the location it will show the pinned location from Apple Maps.

Do note that the 3uToools is only available for Windows PC as of now and if you have a Mac instead, then you can use other similar tools which have the capability of changing the preferences file from the backup on mac. iBahttp://www.icopybot.com/itunes-backup-manager.htmckupBot is one of the tools on Mac through which you can edit the backup files of IOS device on Mac.

Update- This method no longer works for IOS 11 or later devices. As of now, there is no other way for location spoofing and we are constantly looking for a breakthrough. As soon as we get the hands-on way to spoof the location of an IOS device running the latest software we will surely update the guide.

Going back to the actual locatiuon

If you are done checking out the location spoofing features then surely you can return to the original location on the device. All you have to do is restart your iPhone or iPad and it will switch back to its original location.

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