Best Download Manager Apps for iPhone/iOS

Most of the browsers on computers and Android phones have a particular download manager which works fine. However, speaking of iOS devices like iPhones and iPads that has Safari browser lacks any kind of download manager. If you are an iOS user, you must be knowing that instead of downloading and storing a file on your phone it simply opens the file on your phone if not then it provides an option to export them to other apps like WhatsApp etc.

However, on the other hand, there are some third-party download managers available for iOS devices that can solve the problem to some extent. These download managers will be able to download files on your iOS device and show downloading speed and resume support. Not to mention some of the download managers can even provide the option to export these downloaded files to other apps and provide basic support like opening the files which are supported.

While looking for a download manager for your device you must look for some of the features like the ability to download media files from websites, fetch the download URL from the download history, define custom MIME types, set default search engine and many more. Additionally, you may look for some security add-ons like a passcode to unlock or Touch ID, Face ID lock.

Best Download Manager Apps For Ios

So, if you are looking for any download manager for your iOS devices like iPhones, iPad, or iPod touch, then here we have some of the best free download managers for iPhones especially tailored for you.

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Total Downloader- Download Manager for iPhone, iPad

The Total downloader doubles as a file manager as well as a download manager for iOS devices that has most of the required features. it has a built-in browser with universal search, and it can also download any type of file format. As usual, the iOS apps have great UI and optimization, this app is no exception and has good simple to use UI.

You can tap on a download link on any of the websites and it will give you an option to choose between whether you want to open or download it. There are a few other download manager apps that directly opens the file instead of giving an option to download or open the file. Not to mention the built-in browser also has multi-tab support which means it can help you in downloading things from multiple tabs at once.

The download manager has its own downloads tabs where you can easily manage all the downloading files and the files which have been downloaded. It also shows the current speed of downloading the files, the size of the file and other details as well. if you tap on a particular file that is being downloaded then it will allow you to pause, resume or cancel the download which is a very handy feature, especially the pause and resumes feature.

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The files which have been completely downloaded will be displayed in the files tab and users can play or open the file from there, you can even export the files to a different app that is supported.

Best Download Manager Apps For Iphone/ios

The key feature of Total downloader is the ability to download the embedded media links from different streaming sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. However, to avoid the legal copyright issues, it explicitly disables the downloading of embedded media links from certain websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime and more such streaming websites that post original content which is copyright protected.

As mentioned above it doubles as a file manager, so the total downloader app has some nifty features of a file manager as well. It supports the opening of texts, photos, audio, video and other document file formats. While it also integrates some of the cloud services as well, like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and WebDAV services. This helps indirectly upload the files to your specific cloud service which you have downloaded from the internet. The total downloader also features some other cool features like incognito browsing, bookmarks, history, user-agent spoofing and even password-protected folders.

You can download the free version of the Total downloader app from here. While the premium version comes with an in-app purchase of $3.99 that removes ads and gives the full version of the app.

Files – Download Manager for iOS

The files app is an immensely powerful downloading manager tool. It is capable of handling almost any type of download link. The app has a quite simple name and UI designs; however, its power comes in harness when you open it. The files app is divided into four different sections, a web browser, file manager, download manager and settings. The web browser which is built inside the app gives you an option to choose the default search engine, user agent and custom MIME types that define the way the app will handle the different download links. it also gives an option of unified search and inside the search bar, you can either search or simply paste the complete URL.

The app is also capable of importing Safari Bookmarks, which helps in downloading the links from the safari browser to the built-in browser of the file’s app and through which you will be able to download the files to your iOS device.

Best Download Manager Apps For Iphone/ios

If the file you are downloading doesn’t support a specific kind of file type, then you can even manually define how the app should handle such type of files, by adding it as a new MIME type. You can also tap and hold the download links to select the download linked file as an option.

In the files app, there is a downloads tab where you can manage all the downloads and currently downloading files. It also shows the speed and progress of the files which are being downloaded at that moment. You can even get the source URL of the files which are being downloaded all you have to do is just tap and hold on the file and it will show the link from where it is being downloaded. The app also gives an option to pause and resume the downloads.

Coming to the power of the app, it can also be a file manager well, not to mention it also comes with a built-in document viewer for PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, HTML and RTF files formats, and then you also can extract ZIP and RAR files. Other features like media player and photo viewer are also available on demand.

You can manage the importing and exporting of files using the files app. With the help of the Files app, you can export the files to other apps or import files from other apps, you can even share and send files to other devices using Airdrop or the share menu. iTunes File sharing, FTP Transfer and more.

You can grab the free version of the Files app which will be limiting your number of downloads and storage. However, to remove the limitations, you will need to upgrade to the pro version of the Files app, and it can be done by the in-app purchase of $4.99 once.

Documents – File Manager with Downloader

Documents are yet another powerful download manager tool for iOS devices. This one also doubles up as a file manager. it is one of the most famous download manager apps in the iOS ecosystem. this is mainly because of its wide capability of supporting file types for downloading as well as opening them inside the documents app. Since it is also a file manager, you can use the app to organize, view or store the files as well.

Coming to its downloading capabilities, then it won’t disappoint you at all, as it has all the bells and whistles of a download manager. You can use the app to download or copy the link address as simple as by tapping and holding a particular download link in the built-in browser. You can see the progress and speeds of the files you are downloading inside the downloads tab, however, in context to other apps, the app doesn’t provide many controls in the downloads tab. For instance, other download managers also provide resuming a downloading file from between, but this one only has stopped and started downloading the file.

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It also supports various user agents, which comes in handy for users who try to download files from a specific version or a specific website. You can set the user agent from the settings of the app, the list of different user agents is long which includes browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox and even the internet explorer.

The Documents app is free to download for anyone and doesn’t come with any limitations or ad support.

Offline Download Manager App

The offline download Manager App is a very handy app that provides all the basic features that a download manager should have. It has its built-in file manager, a browser, and a file downloader. The app also provides a unified search bar where you can search for anything which you want to download, or else you can simply paste the download link and it will start downloading. The app also provides multiple user agents like safari, chrome and more.

As far as the download manager is concerned, the app is very much limited to it. As it lacks the pause and resumes function while downloading a file, it is also not capable of displaying the download speeds, something which the other download managers are easily doing it.

However, in the app description on the app store, it showed that the app cannot download audio or video content due to app policy guidelines, however, on testing we got to know that the app can download audio and video files from different websites.

Download the offline download manager app from here. The app is free to download but it does have some ads in the UI. As there isn’t any premium version of the app, your only chance is to watch the ads while using the app, also one of the pages in the settings forces you to watch ads and without watching ads you cannot access it.

Due to Apple’s strict app policy and regulations, the app could be taken down from the app store anytime.

To Conclude

So, these were some of the best download manager apps for iOS devices. All these download managers come in handy a lot of times in everyday use. As most of the download managers also double up as file managers and some of them even have great built-in browser support. Do try any of the download managers if you are rocking an iOS device, and do let us know your experience.

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