What is Share Focus Status on iPhone?

Key Highlights
  • Focus mode, introduced on iOS 15, is great to take control of your personal and work life.
  • When you are in focus mode, you can choose not to get notifications from certain apps.
  • When you have disabled notifications when you are in a focus mode, you can let other people know that Focus mode is enabled and your response may be delayed.

With the release of iOS 15 back in 2021 Apple added quite a lot of new features to their iPhones. One of the features that were added was the ability to set focus mode and share focus status with other users.

While enabling the focus mode, your phone will silence certain unnecessary notifications from the app. This can be useful for those who are getting distracted by notifications at their workplace. People can set up focus mode so that they only receive notifications from apps which are important like emails, WhatsApp and calls.

Basically, the focus assist helps you in focusing on anything that you are doing like working, driving or sleeping. The feature doesn’t end here, it also allows users to share the Focus stats of their phones with others.

Share Focus Status on iPhone

So, that others can see whether they can expect a quick reply from users or not. In addition to that, people can be aware of why you are not responding to their calls and messages. As of now, this feature is only compatible with iMessage and we expect more apps will support it in the future.

What is Share Focus Status on Apple iPhone iMessage?

The share focus status feature allows iPhone users to display a text saying their phone is in DND. This text can be seen whenever a person opens the chat screen with you. This way that person will be informed before sending the message to you that you might not be able to reply.

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However, Apple also gives an option to send a message with Notify Anyway option. While sending an iMessage to someone who has put the phone on DND Apple will warn you that the other person’s phone is silent, it will also give you an option to notify anyway which when pressed will ring the notification tone of the receiver’s iPhone.

What is Share Focus Status on iPhone1

This feature only works with iMessage, even though Apple claims that it works on multiple apps but we didn’t find any. Coming to the focus status sharing, we believe it’s a great feature and can come in handy for a lot of different purposes.

It’s a great way to let other people know that you are busy with some particular tasks.

Do note that the Focus status sharing feature only works when the other person is also using an iPhone and has enabled iMessage on their phone.

If the other person tries to contact you via any Android phone then he won’t be able to see the focus sharing status and no warning will be displayed as well.

How To Share Your Focus Status on Apple iPhone iMessage

By default, the focus status feature is disabled on all the devices running iOS 15 and above. In order to enable the feature, you can follow the tutorial below.

  1. On your iPhone open the settings app and then head to the Focus option.
  2. Now, tap on the Focus preset of which you want to allow sharing.
  3. Then tap on the Focus Status option.
  4. Enable the Share Focus Status option located at the top of the page.
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What is Share Focus Status on iPhone2

That’s it, you have successfully enabled the Focus sharing feature on your iPhone. So, from now onwards whenever you enable Focus mode. Other people will be notified that you have enabled focus mode and that you are busy.

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