How to flip a picture on iPhone?

Key Highlights
  • You can easily flip a picture on your iPhone using the built-in Photos app or using a 3rd party app like Photoshop Express.
  • The pictures you take on iPhone front facing camera are flipped by default (unless you change a setting).
  • Here, we’ll see how to easily flip pictures on your iPhone using the Photos app and Photoshop Express.

Arguably iPhones have one of the best smartphone cameras in the industry. They have a very good front-facing camera and their skin tones are top-notch. However, one big issue with iPhone’s front camera is that the photo which you click is always mirrored by default.

Fortunately, you can easily flip an image on your iPhone using the default Photos app.

And added to that, there are also several third-party apps through which you can flip your image. One such app is Adobe Photoshop for iPhone. We all know that Adobe Photoshop is the best photo editing app in the industry, so using Photoshop express is the best way to flip your image.

flip a picture on iphone

You can download Photoshop express from the App store on your iPhone. With the help of Photoshop Express, you can easily edit your photos in a lot of different ways and not just flip them.

If you want to simply flip the image then here’s how you can flip the photo clicked from your iPhone’s front-facing camera.

How to Flip a Picture on your iPhone using the Photos App

  1. Go to the iPhone Photos app.
  2. Tap and open the picture you want to flip.
  3. Tap on the Edit menu at the top right corner.
    Flip a Picture on iPhone 4
  4. Click on the Crop icon in the bottom row (it should be the last one).
  5. Next, in the top left corner, you should see an icon to flip the image. Simply tap on it to flip the image.
    Flip a Picture on iPhone 22
  6. And voila, your image will now be flipped!
    Flip a Picture on iPhone 1
  7. Next, simply click on ‘Done‘ and then save the image.
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How To Flip a Picture on Your iPhone Using Photoshop Express

  1. Head to the Appstore and download Photoshop Express on your iPhone if you haven’t already downloaded it.
  2. Open the app and sign in with your account. Also, allow photoshop express to access your photos, otherwise, it won’t be able to edit.
  3. Now, scroll through your gallery inside the Photoshop express app and find the photo that you want to flip.
  4. Open the image and then tap on the Crop icon which is two right-angle triangles overlapping each other. Inside the cropping function, you can find a lot of different editing options including the image flipping option.
    how to flip a picture on iPhone2
  5. Next, you need to tap on the rotate button. You will see a bunch of different options inside the rotate option that includes Straighten, rotate Flip Horizontal, and Flip Vertical.
  6. You need to tap on the Flip Horizontal option to flip your image.
    how to flip a picture on iPhone1
  7. Your image should be successfully flipped. There are several different editing options as well and you can go through them to further edit your images.
  8. Tap on the share button located at the top of the screen.
  9. From the share sheet menu, tap on the Camera Roll, this will save the image to your gallery.

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