Where is the Clipboard on iPhone? 3 ways to access iPhone Clipboard.

Key Highlights
  • iPhone, by default, does not allow you to explicitly access the Clipboard for reasons better known to Apple.
  • But there are workarounds to make your life much easier when dealing with iPhone clipboard.
  • Here, we have listed all the ways you can make effective use of iPhone clipboard.

A clipboard is something that stores things that you have copied. In a modern smartphone or computer, clipboards can store more than one item that you have recently copied. This allows users to use the copy and paste robustly and hassle-free.

The clipboard feature is available on both Android as well as iPhone. If you are an iPhone user and are wondering where the clipboard feature on your iPhone is, then here we have a guide for you which can help you in using the clipboard feature.

Using the clipboard feature can help you in copying multiple items at once and then pasting them at different places without the hassle of copying each item and then pasting.

Where is the Clipboard on iPhone

On an iPhone, the clipboard feature is an internal OS-built function which has the ability to store contents that you have copied. The clipboard feature of the iPhone allows users to cut, copy and paste any kind of text, image and more.

However, you cannot edit the copied items inside the clipboard on your iPhone, for that you will have to paste it and then edit it. Since iOS focuses on security, it also doesn’t allow users to see the clipboard items. There is no built-in default option for the same.

So, let’s find out how to edit the iPhone’s clipboard contents and where to find the clipboard feature on iPhones.

Where to Find the Clipboard On iPhone?

Apple doesn’t give much access to its functionality, and the clipboard is also a part of it. This means that there is no such application through which you can click to get the iPhone’s clipboard data.

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There are two reasons behind this, the first one is that the clipboard of the iPhone works on virtual memory and it doesn’t exist in the primary system storage. This also means that you will lose the contents of the clipboard if you restart your iPhone.

The second one is that clipboards can contain some sensitive information like the OTPs, or the important texts you have copied, so Apple cannot take the risk of showing the clipboard items publicly.

Since we don’t have any default option to get into the clipboard of the iPhone, we will try the other way around by using some third-party tools and creating Siri shortcuts for the same.

Below we have the top three methods of accessing clipboards on the iPhone.

1. Create A Shortcut to Edit the iPhone Clipboard

With the help of the shortcut’s app on your iPhone, you can create automation tasks by using the combination of ‘If this then that concept’.

By default, Apple allows users to use some of the pre-existing shortcuts, but you can also design your own shortcuts according to your needs.

We will be creating a custom shortcut to show the clipboard on iPhones.

How to Create a Show Clipboard Shortcut on iPhone

  1. On your iPhone, head to the shortcuts app.
  2. Now, navigate to the gallery menu.
    Where is iPhone Clipboard 4
  3. Search for the Adjust clipboard or show clipboard option.
    Where is iPhone Clipboard 3
  4. Next, you need to enable your shortcut. Press the Add Shortcut button.
    Where is iPhone Clipboard 2
  5. Go back to the My Shortcuts tab and then browse through the list to find the newly created shortcut.
  6. Finally, tap on the adjust clipboard option shortcut to activate it.
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That’s it, now you will be able to use this shortcut to edit your clipboard contents.

The shortcuts app also supports Siri voice commands, so instead of going into the shortcuts app every time to edit the clipboard, you can also ask Siri to do it for you. Simply sat, Hey Siri, open Adjust Clipboard.

2. Using Third-party Clipboard Managers

Alternatively, you can download any third-party clipboard managers, that can help you with editing and viewing the clipboard items. There are a lot of different clipboard managers on the App store, some are free while others are paid as well. You can check each one’s features and download the one that suits you.

Our recommendation would be to download the Clip + app, it is a well-recognized free app and it allows users to copy affiliate links, directions, Apple watch snippets and more.

The Clip+ app is pretty good, and the multimedia clipboard app also allows users to copy and manage the texts that they have copied. The app can also detect the type of content you have copied in the cupboard and it tells the users at a glance to put the contents of the snippet.

3. Using the Notes App

The Notes app is a pretty good option to see what all items are being stored in the clipboard. let’s see how we can make the Notes app on our iPhones a bit more useful and see the clipboard items.

  1. Open the Notes app on your iPhone.
  2. Then create a new note.
  3. Now, simply paste the previously copied content on the note that you just created.
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Where is iPhone Clipboard 1

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to keep track of your clipboard items and further you can edit the clipboard item as well. Simply paste it on your notes then edit it and copy it again.

One major drawback of the iOS clipboard is that it can only store one item in the clipboard.

This is an alternative method, but yet it can be useful and handy, also you can convert the clipboard to kind of unlimited storing by pasting the clipboard items inside a note. It would be a bit of a long process but can be helpful for someone who edits documents a lot or has very frequent copy-paste work.

This is also a great alternative to seeing the clipboard items, but we will still recommend using the first two methods, they are more fail-safe and are also easy to use.

If you have other Apple devices then you can also use Apple’s ecosystem features like the continuity feature. This allows you to copy and paste between the devices that are signed in with the same Apple ID.

For example, you can copy a text or an image on your mac and then paste it on your iPhone or iPad. It is a very nifty feature but helps a lot in productivity.

Apple always brings in a feature in the simplest way possible, and the clipboard feature is one such feature. it doesn’t allow anything except copying one item and then pasting it.

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