How accurate is Find my iPhone and how to improve the accuracy?

If you travel more often than the scary thought of losing your iPhone at a random place would have come across your mind several times, so you tend to install the ‘Find My’ app on your iPhone just for safety reasons.

But have you ever questioned whether the ‘Find My’ is accurate or not and if so, have you wondered to what extent it is accurate? Before getting into this let us first know how does ‘Find my’ app actually works.

How Does the Find iPhone App Work?

Find my app allows you to find the location of your lost iPhone with the help of GPS, cellular towers, Wi-Fi signals, and Bluetooth signals. You can also track when and where your iPhone was active for the last time, in case it’s been switched off, so you can find the location of your lost iPhone.

improve find my iphone accuracy

How accurate is Find my iPhone?

Find my app might be extremely precise or might not be accurate depending on various factors mentioned above. So before making any assumption like your friend has stolen your iPhone just because you see the location in Find My app, there are a few simple steps that you need to follow, so that the accuracy of this app increases, which would be described down below.

However, make sure you follow these steps before your iPhone gets lost as a precautionary measure. And if you don’t, the Find My app would give the approximate location, and won’t be able to find the exact location of your lost iPhone.

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Also if for some reason, your iPhone’s battery runs out you are still able to find the location of your lost iPhone if you have enabled Last Location turned on. If you enable it, this feature will automatically send the location of your device once the battery of your iPhone is low. If you haven’t turned this setting on, make sure you do it as quickly as possible as it is the only way to find your iPhone once it runs out of battery and is switched off.

Moreover, you need to know that if Find My app shows you a blue circle it is accurate and if it shows a green circle, the location is not that accurate, and if you wonder why that is, it is most likely because of several factors mentioned above.

How to improve the accuracy of My Find App

Here are several settings which you should enable to make the Find My accurate to find your iPhone

Step 1. First Make sure you enable your Location services which you can find in Settings App > Privacy > Location Services.

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Step 2. Be sure to set your Time, Date, and Time Zone to Automatic, which you can find in Settings App > General > Date and Time.

How accurate is FindMY3

Step 3. And also be certain that you update your iPhone to the latest iOS and you find it in Settings App > General > Software Update. Make sure you back up your data before updating the iOS of your iPhone.

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Although even after following the steps above, the Find My app might not be exactly accurate and will show the approximate location, it would certainly improve the accuracy of the Find My app. But if you are very bothered by misplacing your iPhone, we recommend getting an ‘AirTag’.

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Also, make sure that you can activate the Play Sound option in the Find My app as when you believe you are close enough to your iPhone you hear it once you are within Bluetooth range of your iPhone, you can also try to ping it with your Apple Watch.

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