How to move iPhone contacts to Gmail

Gmail is not something that only provides an Email service. There’s a lot going on over your Google account rather than just receiving and sending emails. Google is one of the biggest companies that provide several different kinds of services. On your Google account you get access to your Google cloud storage, google photos, google find my device, contacts backup, phone backup and restore services as well.

The google account is very much similar to what you get from an Apple account on Apple devices. On the other hand, if you have earlier used any Android device, then chances are that most of your contacts are synced with your Google account. On the other hand, if you are currently using an iPhone and wants to move or copy your contacts to your Gmail account to keep it as a backup, then you can follow through the tutorial mentioned below. Moving iPhone contacts to Gmail has several different methods, and you can follow any of the ones mentioned below.

Moving iPhone contacts to Gmail

Moving your iPhone contacts to Gmail would help you in setting up your new Android device, as your contacts will sync directly once you log in to your Google account on your Android device.

How To Move Iphone Contacts To Gmail

Sync iPhone Contacts to Gmail via iCloud

How To Move Iphone Contacts To Gmail
  1. First head to the settings of your iPhone.
  2. Tap on your Apple account, which is located at the top of the settings page.
  3. Now, you need to enter into the iCloud settings by tapping on iCloud.
  4. Here you need to make sure that you have enabled contact sync with iCloud. Ensure that the slider is toggled on with a green indicator, doing so will assure you that the iCloud account will always be synced with your iPhone.
  5. next, you will have to navigate to from your browser and then enter your Apple ID credentials and login into your account.
  6. Click on the contacts icon once you have opened your iCloud.
  7. You will see all of your contacts in a list that are present on your iPhone or iCloud.
  8. You can select a single contact or press Ctrl + A on a Windows machine or CMD + A on a mac to select all of your contacts.
  9. Click on the Settings gear icon in the bottom left corner of the contacts page inside iCloud.
  10. Now, you have to select Export vcard it should be a .vcf file that will be downloaded to your computer.
  11. You have successfully saved your contacts on your computer from iCloud, now open Gmail contacts.
  12. Find and click on Import Contacts from the menu.
  13. Click the option that says choose a file for importing contacts, then choose the .vcf file that you just downloaded.
  14. Finally, click on the import button to bring your contacts into Gmail. It will take a second to upload and all of your contacts will be available in Gmail’s address book.
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Transferring iPhone contacts to Gmail via Settings

Alternatively, you can also sync or export your iPhone contacts to Gmail contacts without using iCloud. You can use a few options from the settings of your iPhone to import your iPhone contacts to your Google account. You can even sync your contacts to Gmail directly, which can be helpful in future whenever you save a new contact it will be automatically synced to your Gmail account as well as your Apple account. Follow through the below tutorial to enable this option.

How To Move Iphone Contacts To Gmail
  1. head to the settings app of your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down to choose passwords and accounts.
  3. Now, you need to click on Add Account and then tap on Google.
  4. Next, you will have to enter the credentials to add your Gmail account and then click on Next.
  5. After you have successfully added your Gmail account to your iPhone click on Save.
  6. Finally, you need to turn on the contacts to sync your iPhone contacts to Gmail, then click on save once more and that’s it you are good to go.

Importing iPhone Contacts to Gmail using iTunes

iTunes has always been a saviour for iPhone users. Likewise, you can use iTunes to sync and export your iPhone contacts to Gmail as well. That too without using or accessing our iCloud. if you have turned on the iCloud contacts sync on your iPhone, you will have to first disable that before you start going through the steps below to sync your iPhone contacts to Gmail using iTunes.

How To Move Iphone Contacts To Gmail
  1. To start with, first, you need to download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.
  2. Once installation is finished, connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable and then open iTunes on your computer in case it doesn’t automatically open.
  3. Click on the devices option and then choose Info.
  4. Ensure that the iCloud contacts are off on your iPhone so that you will be able to see the Sync contacts with the option.
  5. Finally, all you have to do is keep the option selected, then choose google contacts from the drop-down menu, and then follow through the onscreen instructions in order to sync your iPhone contacts to Google.
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Do note that you can import your iPhone contacts to Gmail with the method mentioned above. But, syncing your iPhone contacts to google is not the only way to back up your files. There are several other methods present that can be used to do the same. you can transfer your iPhone contacts to your computer and vice versa if you want to you can keep the backup of your contacts on your computer without any additional cost.

Below we have a tutorial on how to sync iPhone contacts to the computer for backup.

How to Sync iPhone contacts to computer as a backup

Using a software tool called EaseUS MobiMover you can transfer contacts between your iPhone and your computer or you can also transfer between two different iOS devices as well. The process is absolutely free of cost, and if you want to take backup of your contacts and files alternatively, without using iCloud then this is the most optimal method to follow. The key feature of MobiMover is that it also supports other types of files like photos, videos, music, ringtones, contacts, messages and more.

Below is a quick tutorial on how to download and install the EaseUS Mobimover tool on your computer.

How To Move Iphone Contacts To Gmail
  1. Download the file from the link and then run EaseUs MobiMover on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer >> Unlock your iPhone and then click on trust when prompted on your iPhone >> Choose Phone to Mac/Windows >> Click on Next to move to the next step.
  2. Check your contacts >> Click the default storage oath to set a custom path on your computer where you want to store the backup of your contacts >> Click on the Transfer button to start transferring from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac or Windows computer.
  3. Once the whole transferring process is finished, you can check that the contacts have been copied to your computer, whichever path you had fixed initially. the contacts should be as CSV/bcf/HTML files on your computer depending on the settings set while exporting.
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USing MobiMover users can also save their files, folders, music, videos, images from their phones to their computers. This works really well if you want to take a backup of your device, or if you want to transfer your files from a device to another device. So if you are looking for a way to take backup of your files, make sure to give Easeus mobiMover a try, it is worth your time, and it is for free.

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