How to Create a Second Facebook Account

Facebook is a well-known and widely used social media platform used by a massive amount of people. Add friends, share photos and videos, or use the Facebook store to buy specific items on the Facebook marketplace. There comes a time when you want to create a secondary Facebook account, it might be for fun purposes or to use it as a private. Mind you, Facebook Community Standards won’t allow its users to make more than one personal account, Facebook itself suggests their users make a separate page under a specific niche and run it accordingly.

But this doesn’t mean that you cannot open a secondary account, to make one you just need to have a new email address or a phone number. Here’s how to create a second account on Facebook.

Steps to Create Second Facebook Account

First, make sure to log out of the old Facebook account to create a new secondary Facebook account for yourself.

How To Create A Second Facebook Account

Step 1: Open any internet browser and visit, and click on Create an account button.

Step 2: Once done, you just need to enter your basic credentials details such as your first name, last name, email, or phone number, and your birthday. Also, you will get see the option to set up a unique password for your Facebook account. While setting up a password, make sure to set a unique password by adding capital, symbol, and a number in a password to make it strong. A weak password can leak your Facebook account, and you might end up getting your personal data compromised.

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Step 3: Further you need to verify or confirm your contact details. In other words, if you have added a phone number then verify it using a verification code. If you have added an email, Facebook will send you a verification code on email. Enter the verification code so that Facebook can verify your contact info. You will be unable to open a Facebook account if your verification code is wrong, in that case, Facebook can send you another verification code.

Step 4: Next, you will land on the welcome page, this indicates that you have successfully created your secondary Facebook account. You can just add your profile picture and start sending friend requests to your friends and family and add stories to let your friends know what you did the entire day. Also, you can add photos, videos, set your featured image, and customize your Facebook profile entirely. If you feel to open any Facebook page under any specific niche you can do that easily, just post whatever you feel and you are good to go.

Precautions to be taken on Facebook

Facebook is a wide platform it means that you can be able to send friend requests to anyone on Facebook including any random person, but this does not mean that anyone will accept your request. Also, if you are a privacy lover then you can just lock your profile so that no one can see your Facebook profile excluding your friends.

Recently, Facebook has a feature known as “marketplace” where you can sell or buy any items. Be careful while doing any payment, as there are a lot of scams happening over the internet.

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That’s it for now, hope this helps! We are glad to know your thoughts in the comment section below. Till then, stay tuned for more info.

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