If you Delete an iMessage, does it Unsend?

iMessage is one of the top messaging apps that are used amongst Apple users. If you are also one of them and have a doubt whether deleting a message on iMessage unsend it or it just deletes for you then we have you covered and by the end of this article, your doubt should be clear.

It is 2022, and most of us use texting as our means of communication, and with time the speed of typing through our fingers has increased a lot. However, this speed can sometimes cause some blunders and mistakes. Thus, we end up sending disastrous messages that can be messy at times.

By the time we realise our mistakes and look at the sent message, it’s already too late and now the only question that comes to our mind is if we delete the message will it also delete from the other person’s phone?

delete imessage does it unsend

Many messaging apps like WhatsApp and telegram have this feature built right into their app. Unfortunately, iMessage isn’t one of them, and you cannot delete an iMessage that is already sent so, deleting from your end won’t delete on another person’s phone.

An Instance Where you can delete iMessage

There is a special kind of scenario where you might be able to delete a message that you have already sent. Although it requires your quick reflex action and speed which is faster than Apple’s servers.

Whenever you tap that blue arrow to send the iMessage, the message usually takes a couple of seconds to send. If you quickly swipe down from the right side of the notch to open the control centre and quickly tap on the Airplane Mode to put your phone on Airplane mode.

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Then you might see that your message failed to be sent and you will get a not delivered error.

If you Delete an iMessage Does it Unsend All Things How1

iMessage won’t show this error right away, you will have to wait for a few minutes, minimum of 5 minutes for this error to show up, in case this error doesn’t come up within 10 minutes, then you can assume that your message has been sent.

On the other side if you get the error, then the good news is it cannot be sent again unless you manually send the message again.

If you Delete an iMessage Does it Unsend All Things How2

The phone keeps trying to send the message even when your phone is not connected to the network. Then ultimately it fails and shows an error after several attempts at sending the message.

If the message was already submitted to Apple’s server, then there isn’t much to do about it. If your message wasn’t sent then it will keep on trying until you connect it to the network so that it is able to send the message.

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