How Is iMessage Different from Normal Text Messages?

In this article, you will get to know what is iMessage and how it is different from normal text messages. Apple introduced iMessage, an instant messaging service way back in the year 2011 for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

You will get to see iMessage only on Apple’s iOS, macOS, iPad, and watchOS. The application is totally different from the Android messaging app, to know more keep reading.

About iMessage

Unlike normal standard text messaging applications, iMessage use needs a cellular data connection, in order to send and receive messages. Besides this, you can use iMessage to send texts, photos, videos, contact, and location to other Apple users, and you can even sync across all of your Apple devices if you own more than one.

How Imessage Is Different From Normal Text Messages?

You have the choice to send SMS in case of any message failure, or you can say toggle between the two options. SMS messages display in green bubble color while iMessages are in blue color.

How iMessage is different from normal text messages?

Let me inform you, you can send text or photos to your contacts from both ways, but still, there’s a huge difference between iMessage and normal text messages. let’s have a look.

iMessage is only for Apple users

Mind you, you can’t send iMessage to your Android user. iMessage is only made for Apple device, that means you can only send iMessage to other Apple users only.

iMessage requires Internet

iMessage needs an Internet connection to send text messages. Cellular data or Wi-Fi connection is all you need to have to use iMessage. Whereas text message always comes out of cell contract allowance, but most contracts offer to have unlimited text with certain plans.

iMessages are blue in color

iMessage shows the message in a blue bubble on your iDevice, whereas text messages appear green in color.

How Imessage Is Different From Normal Text Messages?

Advantages of iMessages over text message

Now that we have seen the differences between iMessage and messages, let’s have a look at the advantages of iMessages over a text message.

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1. Receipts and live typing

How Imessage Is Different From Normal Text Messages?

You will get to see that the message you sent to another Apple user has been delivered or not. If the message is delivered it you will get to see that in small initial on every message. Once the message is read or viewed by another Apple user, it is indicated as “Read” along with time.

Furthermore, the three dots appear exactly when someone is typing a text message to you.

End-to-end encryption

Apple is focused on privacy, your chats are protected by end-to-end encryption. No one can read or leak the messages, not even the company itself. Even if your device is lost or handed to another person, no one can make their way into your iMessages.

Message Sync across devices

If you delete a message on your device, it will get erased from your alternate Apple device, if it’s synced. You just need to turn on Text Message Forwarding from iPhone Settings.

Enjoy sending more stuff over iMessages

As compared to text messages, iMessage can send multiple kinds of data. Following are the types of media, that you can send on iMessages:

  • Documents
  • GIFs
  • links
  • photos
  • videos
  • locations
  • voice recordings
  • Memoji animations
  • and more…

Group Conversations

No need to talk to the person individually when you can create a group on iMessages with multiple friends and enjoy chatting. However, normal text messages are unable to group conversations. Furthermore, tag group members, reply to particular messages, use photos and keep icons for the group conversation is all you can do in the Messages app.

Stickers and effects

Apple has added effects and stickers features in order to make conversation more fun. Just add an effect to your message to enhance the text, or reply to the first person with different types of stickers. Also, you can create a Memoji video that will just reflect your expression using Face ID.

How Imessage Is Different From Normal Text Messages?

Download in-built apps in iMessage

No need to download extra apps on your iDevice, the iMessage app lets you download in-built apps in iMessage. Just share stickers, photos, music, money using Apple pay. If you go deeper, third-party apps in iMessage will make your time fund by playing games, book tickets, sell your product, poll, reserving dining reservations, and so on.

How Imessage Is Different From Normal Text Messages?

Drawback of iMessage

Now that you have seen the advantages of iMessage, it is important to know the other side of it that it. We have listed some drawbacks of the iMessage app, make sure to have a look at it.,

  • iMessage works on limited platforms, it works only on Apple devices that include iPhones, iPads, and Macs but not Android phones, PC and other devices. If you want to have a conversation with an Android user, do have an option but to use SMS, MMS, or other messages platform such as WhatsApp.
  • iMessage needs internet to work, and cellular data is quite expensive. According to the resources, the only app that consumes more data on the iDevices is iMessage because it sends heavier data like photos, videos, and large files. So it is advised to use Wi-Fi if you are using iMessage to send or receive messages.
  • If the text bubble is not blue, iPhone sends the text using SMS as a fallback, this happens when iMessage is unable to send the text. The drawback is that the text gets send unencrypted which can be risky, but this feature can be disabled.
  • Ties your personal phone number and device.
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We also have answered some common FAQs by people.

How to begin with iMessage on iPhone?

Mind you, it is easy to set up or begin with iMessage on iPhone. Following are the simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Go to Messages.

Step 3: Turn on the iMessage located at the top.

How Imessage Is Different From Normal Text Messages?

Now you are all set to use iMessage in order to send and receive messages. When your iPhone is connected to the internet the messages are sent in blue (which means messages are sent by iMessages) else, the messages changes to green text (which means messages are sent by Messages).

How to connect iMessages with my Apple ID?

Mind you, you can only be able to use iMessage if you have Apple ID. First, you need to sign in yourself in order to connect iMessages with Apple ID. Visit Settings and sign in to your Apple ID located at the top of the page.

You will be not able to change your Apple ID unless your Apple ID is connected to the iMessages. You need to sign out from all the services like FaceTimes, iCloud, iTunes, iMessage, etc.
To change your Apple ID, visit Settings > Your Name > Sign out.

How to send a text message rather than iMessage

If you are out of the internet connection, iMessages don’t work. So sending text messages is the smartest thing you can do to deliver a text to someone. Here’s how to do that:

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Step 1: Visit the Settings app on your iDevice.

Step 2: Go to Messages.

Step 3: Turn on or toggle on Send as SMS.

Now the Messages app will automatically switch to text messages when your device is not connected to the internet. iMessages takes time to deliver the text, when this attempt fails your device is forced to send the message as text (but you can disable this feature).

How Imessage Is Different From Normal Text Messages?

Also, tap and hold the text message, an option will reveal and tap on Send as a text message. If the message does not appear, assume that the text is sent already. Else, you have to turn off the iMessage from the settings to send the message as a text message.

How to identify if a person sends a message as a text message?

When you receive a message from the person in green color, assume that it is received by you as an SMS text message. Now, this happens due to:

  • iMessage is turned off
  • You don’t have an internet connection
  • The sender does not have an internet connection
  • The sender does not use iMessages

If a person from a group conversation sends a green SMS text, it means he or she does not use iMessage.

What if I delete an iMessage? Does it get deleted from everywhere?

Here, iCloud comes into the picture, your iMessages are synced with iCloud where you can access it from any Apple device. If you delete an iMessage it will get deleted from everywhere unless iCloud sync is turned on.

The case is totally different when iCloud sync is turned off, you should be able to see the message, and won’t disappear on other devices.

That’s it for now, hope this helps! We are glad to know your thoughts in the comment section below. Till then, stay tuned for more info.

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