How To Play Sea Battle on iMessage

iMessage is not just a messaging app. It provides a lot more than just a chat service. There are some hidden tricks within the app. One such trick is the ability to play games with anyone on iMessage.

These games are designed in a way that doesn’t require both the players to be online. One player can complete their turn according to their convenience and then the game will be paused till the other person continues his turn. iMessage provides a lot of different games that users can play with anyone.

One of the most common gaming categories is the arcade. The best part about gaming on iMessage is that it has a lot of arcade games to play. A lot of users love to play arcade games while chatting with their close ones and iMessage is just the right platform to do so.

sea battle imessage

Sea Battle is one such arcade game that is available on iMessage and can be played with your friends and family on iMessage. Below we have a complete guide on how you can install and start playing the Sea battle on iMessage.

Install Sea Battle Using iMessage App Store

You cannot simply download the Sea Battle game from the App Store on your iPhone as the game isn’t available as a standalone game for your iPhone. So, to play this game you need to download and install it on the app store only. To download the Sea battle game on iMessage you need to first download and open the GamePigeon app that has a collection of different games including Sea battle.

  1. Open the iMessage app on your iPhone from the home screen of your iOS device.
    How To Play Sea Battle on iMessage1
  2. Tap on the conversation head of the person with whom you want to play the game.
    How To Play Sea Battle on iMessage2
  3. Inside the chat screen, look for the grey colour app store icon located at the bottom of the screen beside the text box, and tap on it.
    How To Play Sea Battle on iMessage3
  4. Tapping on it will bring in some options, you need to click on the blue-coloured App store icon present on the App bar. It should open an overlay window with the exclusive Apps store only for iMessage.
    How To Play Sea Battle on iMessage4
  5. Now, from the App store overlay window, click on the Search icon which is present in the top right corner of the screen.
    How To Play Sea Battle on iMessage5
  6. Inside the search box type Game Pigeon and tap on the search button present on the bottom left corner of the keyboard.
    How To Play Sea Battle on iMessage6
  7. From the search result, you need to click on the get button which is present on the Game Pigeon tile on the overlay app store screen and then you just need to wait for the installation to finish.
    How To Play Sea Battle on iMessage7
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Start a Game of Sea Battle With Your Contacts

Once you have successfully installed Game Pigeon on your iMessage then you are ready to play the game. As the Sea Battle game comes within the Game Pigeon so you don’t need to do anything else. Below we have a quick guide on how you can start playing the game with your friends and family.

  1. So, after the installation, you need to open the iMessage app from the home screen o your device. Now, tap on the conversation head with whom you want to play the game, if you don’t have any conversation then tap on the Compose icon located at the top of the screen and start a new conversation with the one with whom you want to play the game.
    How To Play Sea Battle on iMessage8
  2. Now, scroll through the App Drawer which is present on the top part of your keyboard and tap on the logo of GamePigeon. Inside that you will see a few tiles of different games, you need to choose the tile of Sea Battle.
    How To Play Sea Battle on iMessage9
  3. Next, you need to select the game mode. You can do so by clicking on the options present under the Game Mode section. You will see a few size options, these size depicts the grid size of the game, you can also further customize the weapon carrier simply by clicking on the Customize tile which is adjacent to the Game Mode section.
    How To Play Sea Battle on iMessage10
  4. Now, add a message if you want to send the game invite along with a personal message to your contact, you can tap on the Send message icon to invite your contact for a game. (Make sure the other person has also installed the game just like you did).
    How To Play Sea Battle on iMessage11
  5. Once you have sent the game invite, you can wait for the other person to accept and start the game, and in the meantime, you can click on the Sea Battle game tile to join the game from your conversation view within the Messages app.
    How To Play Sea Battle on iMessage12
  6. A very basic rule of gaming on iMessage is that the one who invites for the game won’t ever get to play the first chance of the game, so you need to wait for the other person to play his first chance only then you will get your chance. They can play their chance by dragging one of the ships present on the grid and then arranging them according to their preference. After that, tap on the Start button located at the bottom of the screen to start the game.
    How To Play Sea Battle on iMessage13
  7. Do note that you cannot place the ships too close to each other, in case you do so, the blocks around the adjacent ships will turn red and you will be notified by a message that ‘Ships shouldn’t touch each other’.
    How To Play Sea Battle on iMessage15
  8. If either of you isn’t online while the other person has finished their chance, then the offline person will get a notification from iMessage stating it is their move. You can tap on the notification to directly jump into the game inside iMessage and play take your turn.
  9. Now that it is your turn, you will now have to guess the location of the other person’s ship on the grid and then tap on a block to confirm your guess. After that, tap on the fire button located at the bottom of the screen to fire on your chosen block.
  10. If you failed to hit any ship of your opponent, then it will be your opponent’s turn. If you manage to hit any of the ships of your opponent, you will get haptic feedback from your iPhone and smoke will emerge from that particular block on the grid of your screen. To destroy your opponent’s ship, you will have to fire multiple times near that particular block.
  11. Once you have destroyed the opponent’s ship, you will be able to see the ship of your opponent on the screen. After the ship has been destroyed, you will see empty blocks around its area having a black dot.
  12. So, the game is to destroy all of the ships of your opponents, so whoever destroys it first will win the game, don’t forget to destroy a ship one missile isn’t enough and you need to hit it multiple times to destroy it.
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Sea Battle Character Customization and Game Settings

All of the modern games have different types of customizations and so does the Sea battle game. We all love to customize our characters and games according to our tastes. Sea Battle, just like any other game, offers a variety of customizations and settings to choose from. Below we have a quick tutorial on how to customize your game accordingly.

  1. Start customization by tapping on the gear icon located in the top right corner of the screen.
    How To Play Sea Battle on iMessage17
  2. Once you open the Settings pane, you will be able to see a plethora of customization options for your character. Sea Battle offers customizations like the background colour for your character which is seen during gameplay, skin tones of the character along with hair, facial emotions, and clothes and you can also make your character wear hats and eyewear.
  3. However, most of the presets or customizations will need you to upgrade to the pro version of the app which costs around $6 for a one-time purchase. The free customization is also good, but just not that great. You can start customizing by tapping on the category you wish to customize and then changing and adjusting the settings according to your need.
  4. You can customize the hairstyle of your character from the Hair icon which is present on the customization bar. Then you can tap on the type of hairstyle you want to choose from the available options. You can also change the colour of the hair by tapping on the colour options. Inside the colour option, you can also choose the colour hue by dragging the slider located under the colour options.How To Play Sea Battle on iMessage18
  5. Lastly, you can also turn off the background music of the game. To do so, tap on the Music button present under the character customization settings. Not to mention, you can also turn off the sound effects present inside the game and during the gameplay. Simply tap on the Sound button located under the music button on the game window.
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That’s it, this article covers most of what any user should know about the games on iMessage and how to play and customize the game Sea Battle.

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