Difference between Laptop, Notebook, Netbook, Tablet PC, and Ultrabook

As technology is evolving day-by-day. The size of the computers is shrinking while the power of these small computers is increasing rapidly. The latest laptops, smartphones are as thin as 6 MM while giving a performance at least 1000 times more than what we used to get with those room-sized computers. In today’s modern world everybody is in need of a modern portable computer.

This is when the laptop, notebook, netbook, Tabler and ultrabook comes into play, all of these are portable computers but have a different purpose of their own. Also, the need would differ from user to user depending on their requirements. But if you are someone looking to buy something portable and are getting confused as to which portable computer you should get. Don’t worry, here we have curated some key points and differences between a laptop, notebook, netbook, a tablet PC and Ultrabooks.


So to start with let’s talk about the Notebooks. it is one of the heavy-duty computers which can have the processing power of a desktop-level computer. Notebooks mostly look like a laptop only but weigh a lot less. Notebooks usually weigh around 3 KGs and can run for up to 5 hours on a single charge. It has a precision glass mouse touchpad while some of the high-end notebooks also feature multi-touch gesture that helps in scrolling zooming and multitasking.

Difference Between Laptop, Notebook, Netbook, Tablet Pc And Ultrabook

if you get a good Notebook, it will usually get you almost all of the feature as a full-fledge desktop would get. It has multiple ports including USB ports, thunderbolt ports and it also has a CD drive. While there are a few Notebooks that also features VGA and HDMI ports to connect any kind of external display to your Notebook. A modern-day Notebook has capabilities of gaming as well, as a few of them also comes equipped with a powerful GPU powered by Nvidia or AMD. For connectivity, these Notebooks also offers WIFI and Bluetooth through which you can access the internet and connect your wireless earbuds, mouse etc. As a good modern-day Notebook can offer capabilities of a full-fledge desktop while having the ability to be portable is a very good plus point, thus it’s priced slightly on a higher ide than a desktop.


Before these Notebooks and Ultrabooks, we saw the rise and fall of the Netbook. These were designed in a very minimal way and has only basic functionalities. one great point of netbooks are that they are highly portable, by highly I meant it weighs only around 1-1.5 Kg and has a smaller screen varying between 7-12 inches. Since their size is so small, they lack a lot of basic functionality, like they don’t have a CD-Drive and their processors are also limited. The netbooks also lack the multi-port options which are available on Notebooks. they also don’t come with any kind of high-end GPU. Often we have seen netbooks with very low-resolution screens. Mostly it is suitable for general document editing and opening. Netbooks are cheap in price because of the low-end processors that are powering these netbooks. Most of the people who buy netbooks are those who only work on internet browsers, as these netbooks can surf the internet very well and thus the name justifies Netbook.


Ultrabooks are the highest end of the laptop series. Not a lot of brand offers Ultrabook. These are usually the most expensive laptops in their lineup. Dell XPS, Macbook, Microsoft Surface Laptop are a few of the most famous ultrabooks that are currently in the market. The Ultrabooks have one of the most powerful processors with the latest technology of RAM and storage. They also offer Thunderbolt ports and are usually very thin and light in weight. A typical ultrabook can weigh between 0.9 – 2 KG only. The display of these ultrabooks are very crips and are of high quality some of these Ultrabooks also uses OLED technology on their display. These Ultrabooks are usually used by people who need portability as well as a heavy processing power machine that can handle anything you through at it like video rendering, gaming, or simple document editing. One of the key features of these ultrabooks is that they last a lot longer than any other usual Notebooks. An ultrabook can last somewhere around 9 hours to 20 hours, depending on the type of usage.

Difference Between Laptop, Notebook, Netbook, Tablet Pc And Ultrabook

Tablet PC

Last but not least is the Tablet Pc. This one is slightly different from the rest. Since this runs mostly on mobile platforms and typically it has an OS that is very much similar to a mobile’s OS like Android OS or an iPad OS. These tablet PCs are basically ARM-based computers and run on ARM chips. They are becoming powerful day by day and are slowly trying to replace laptops. Tablet PC, have already got the extra functionality of touchscreen and a keyboard accessory. they have gorgeous vivid screens that give a good media watching experience. Tablets are the most portable computers in this list, as they weigh only around 500 g and the size of a tablet is around 10-12 inches only. You can easily fit it in your backpack. They have built-in WIFI, Bluetooth and GPS sensors for connectivity.

Difference Between Laptop, Notebook, Netbook, Tablet Pc And Ultrabook

In addition to wireless connectivity, these tablets also offer pen input, with very little latency, which means you can even take notes by writing on your tablet PC using the specific pen which a tablet supports. It generally gives a very good experience of using a computer, the only thing a tablet PC lacks is that it cannot run a full-fledge computer OS software and tools. As these runs on mobile platforms, thus their apps are also differently built and are mostly trimmed down mobile version of the same desktop apps. Otherwise browsing and watching videos on a tablet is very much pleasing.

To Conclude

So these were some of the detiled inforamtion about the Notebook, netbook, Ultrabook and a tablet PC. If you are planning to buy any of these, then we hope we have cleared your confusion.

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