How To Bypass/Disable Shuffle Play in Spotify Albums and Playlists

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps across the platform. People use the app to listen to every type of music, podcast and more.

There are several UI elements in the app which isn’t favourable to everyone, but there is no aggressive competition, the company lately haven’t done anything for the same.

One of such abnormal Ui elements of the Spotify app is the Shuffle Play button for Albums and playlists on smartphones or tablets.

disable shuffle spotify

You can try the shuffle-play option by going to any album inside the Spotify app and looking for the Play button. You can see that the play button is not just a play button, but it also doubles as a shuffle button too.

How To Bypass Disable Shuffle Play in Spotify Albums and Playlists1

We all know that artists arrange their albums in a specific order so that their listeners listen to the music in that particular order. But Spotify has some other plans for the artists and their listeners.

There are a lot of people that realized they have been listening to songs from albums or playlists on shuffle. You can’t always listen to playlists and albums on shuffle, there is a reason why everyone gives an option for shuffle and not just impose on people to always listen to songs on shuffle.

So, in this post, we will be discussing a fix on how you can play albums and playlists on Spotify without shuffling them.

Bypassing the Shuffle Play

Until Spotify fixes this weird Play button that doubles as a shuffle button, you can avoid using it. Instead, the alternative method to tapping on the play button inside the album or a playlist is to tap on the first song of that album or playlist.

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Spotify will start playing songs in that particular sequence without shuffling songs. Also, make sure that the shuffle button inside the music player screen isn’t turned on, if it is then you can turn off the shuffle button and tap on the first song again.

  1. Head to the music player inside Spotify, you can go there by tapping on the Now playing bar located at the bottom of the screen on your iPhone or Android phone.
    How To Bypass Disable Shuffle Play in Spotify Albums and Playlists2
  2. Now, make sure that the Shuffle button from the left side is grey. As grey means turned off, while green means it’s turned on.
    How To Bypass Disable Shuffle Play in Spotify Albums and Playlists3
  3. For iPad users, the shuffle button is in a bit different location. As the player is present on the screen all the time, taking advantage of that bigger screen.

    However, the player that is present all the time on the iPad isn’t the full player, it is a compact version of the same.

    To open the player, you need to tap on the cover art or the song name and then you will see the full player.
    How To Bypass Disable Shuffle Play in Spotify Albums and Playlists5
  4. Here, you can find the shuffle button located on the left side of the screen similar to mobile devices.
    How To Bypass Disable Shuffle Play in Spotify Albums and Playlists7

This was a quick tutorial on how you can skip the shuffle play button on Spotify. These weird UI elements are present in a lot of different apps, so don’t stop using those apps, instead find a solution for your problem.

There are a lot of workarounds for every app. We try to cover as much as possible, so make sure to check our website regularly and you might find the solution or workaround for your problem.

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