Does Notion Support Apple Pencil?

One fine day I was at the library, a guy on the next table was using Apple Pencil on an iPad to scribble on a blank page. My brain caught thinking, I already knew that Apple Pencil experience on OneNote is incredible but unaware about whether the equipment works on Notion in its initial days. I did research and found that Notion does support Apple Pencil but there are some limitations.

You can just write on a page within Notion using Apple Pencil and the thing will be converted into text. However, you cannot scribble in a blank page within Notion, as that feature is not available yet but likely to be expected in the future. But if you want to do so, there’s an alternate option available, you can create handwritten content in the different available applications and then import it in the Notion to get the desired output.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the topic of using Apple Pencil in Notion. So make sure to follow the article till the end that we have managed to prepared for you. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started.

Does Notion Support The Apple Pencil?

Is it Possible to Draw using Apple Pencil in Notion?

The answer to this question is NO! It is not possible to draw using Apple Pencil in Notion, and neither you are be able to use it for handwriting. But even so, if you are really looking to use Apple Pencil to scribble, you can use Miro. This tool will allow you to draw and scribble using Apple Pencil on your iPad easily and quickly.

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Alternately, as mentioned above there are tools that can import required content in Notion in order to get desired output. You can also go for some paid tools such as GoodNotes 5 and Notability which are available in Apple Store. But Notion lacks this feature, but who knows the feature might be available in the future, developers of Notion might have caught an eye on these things.

Are there any chances of Adding Handwriting Support for the Apple Pencil in Notion?

Why not? I mean obviously! Think like this way, definitely a copious amount of users might have sent feedback to Notion developers informing them about the lacking features. The feature is might get released in the future, not soon as there’s no official news arrived from Notion yet. But they have to in order to hold its mark in best note-taking application in the market, as they already have done.

Should We Use Apple Pencil in Notion?

It’s okay if you have already had Apple Pencil. Keeping the limitations in mind, it is really not recommended to use Apple Pencil in Notion. If there is a need for urgency to get one in order to use GoodNotes or Notability to export the scribbling in Notion, that case is an exception.

What about Samsung S Pen? Does it work in Notion?

Just like Apple users, Samsung users can use S pen in Notion. But again you can’t do scribbling with it. Just like we mentioned GoodNotes or Notability for Apple users, Samsung users can use the S Note application for the same. While importing, it is advised to wipe the old version when updating a note in order to make your workspace well organized.

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That’s it for now, hope this cleared all of the doubts regarding Apple Pen with Notion. If you have queries you are free to ask them in the comment section below.

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