Is Notion Encrypted? Everything You Need to Know

While using any service, security and privacy is the most important factor, especially for the privacy lovers. You would never know who will swoop in your property to steal your information. When it comes to online services and protecting your data, encryption is a must. Encryption not only helps to protect your info, but also you can make it allow to view and access to other users.

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But the question is, does Notion is encrypted? This is one of the FAQs mostly asked by privacy lovers. Notion uses TLS and its developers state that it is encrypted at rest and in transit. Mind you, Notion does not use end-to-end encryption, which is the most required and important thing in terms of security.

Is Notion Encrypted? Everything You Need To Know

According to the Notion representatives, end-to-end encryption could make some features of Notion at rest. Besides this, outsiders can access your information. This could be a major issue, especially in the corporate industries where you have to keep some of your data secured and not let it in others’ hands. If that’s the case, Notion has to come with some new strategy in order to secure the user’s data.

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