Does Notion Sync with Google Calendar?

Despite having competitors in the market of note-taking applications Notion is standing firm. It has turned out to be more than a note-taking application out there. However, Notion offers the use of applications completely free for the individuals, but limitations do vary with the team plans. Furthermore, the application works on blocks instead of paragraphs which can be moved freely anywhere.

To make your life more productive, whether you are a high school student or lecturer at any university you can keep your work organized by using Notion. Templates are made to keep you more focused on the daily, weekly, or monthly basis tasks, there multiple templates are available to use which have different features.

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Does Notion Sync With Google Calendar?

A copious amount of Notion users still don’t know whether Notion can sync with Google Calendar or not. Let’s tell you the truth, follow the article till the end and we got you all covered up. Without further delay, let’s get started.

Is Possible to Sync Notion with Google Calendar?

Honestly, it is not possible to sync Notion with Google Calendar but alternate methods do exist. Mind you, by the alternate method it is unable to create events in Notion but you can embed the calendar. With the embedded calendar, you can’t edit it in Notion, the only thing you can do is view the calendar only. Here’s how to embed Google Calendar in Notion.

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Steps to Embed Google Calendar in Notion

To embed Google Calendar in Notion, users need to do the following|:

Step 1: Visit Google Calendar.

Step 2: Scroll down the calendar that you want to embed below My Calendars located at the left sidebar.

Step 3: Tap on the three dots ‘‘ to open options, and select Settings and Sharing.

Does Notion Sync With Google Calendar?

Step 4: Tick the tickbox titled Make Available to Public, and click on OK when the dialog box will appear.

Does Notion Sync With Google Calendar?

Step 5: Click on Get Shareable link as mentioned in the image above, and copy the URL.

Does Notion Sync With Google Calendar?

Step 6: Paste the copied URL into notion and select Create Embed.

If you embed Google Calendar in Notion and you want to create an event, there is no such option available but to create events in Google Calendars separately.

When to Embed Google Calendar in Notion?

You can embed Google Calendar in Notion when you want to show reminders, calendars events, notes, documents, etc on the dashboard to access the features quickly without wasting time. Also, in order to embed Google Calendar in Notion, you need to set Google Calendar to be set on “Public” as shown above in Step 4.

But think like this way, Notion does not come with end-to-end encryption. It means that a user from your team member can easily access your content only if it’s allowed. So this also means that another user might able to see your Google Calendar events if Notion was able to sync with Google Calendar. But it is expected from Notion to upgrade its security and privacy in the future.

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So… is there any alternative to Google Calendar?

If you want to create events in the calendar in Notion, then there an alternative option available to Google Calendar. You can manage multi-date calendar events in Notion. In fact, there’s a calendar available in Notion where you will able to set the events so you will never miss any important meeting or your friend’s birthdate. Furthermore, you can sort the calendar accordingly which is quite good.

Once you have clicked on a chosen date, a page will appear where you are able to fill in details about the event. Besides this, you can add an emoji to make look it more enhanced with the option of adding a description for future reference.

For more depth information, we’ve attached a YouTube video by Marie Poulin where she clearly guides on how to manage multi-date calendar events in Notion.

Managing multi-date calendar events in Notion

That’s it for now, hope this helps! If you have any queries you are free to ask them in the comment section below. Till then stay tuned for more information.

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