11 Best Notion Templates for Students and Teachers

Who said that Notion is made only for business companies and organizations? I mean you can use Notion for that, but let me tell you that Notion is just more than a note-taking application. Everyone can use Notion where students and teachers are no exception. From creating notes to making yourself leading towards the way of productivity, you will find everything under one roof in Notion. Happy to know that Notion is completely free for individuals, but there are limitations for team plans.

In the bargain, Notion holds its mark as one of the best productivity applications available out there. Despite having competitors under the same niche, Notion somehow managed to steal user’s hearts with its features, interface and design, and more. As we know how important it is to organize our work, make a schedule and follow it on daily basis as a student. Perhaps, these things might be taught in personality development lectures but self-learning does matter. And as a teacher, there is a huge responsibility to cover the chapters to present them to students, but that alternately depends on how teachers are going to organize the work.

In this article, we will be discussing 11 Best Notion Templates for Students and Teachers. So make sure to go through the article till the end that we have managed to provide you. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started.

11 Best Notion Templates For Students And Teachers

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1. Vocabulary

That been said, “You have two ears, but you never hear words twice”. It always happens that you are attending a school or college lecture and come across new words. With the Vocabulary template, you can keep track of each new words and their meanings that hits on your ear on daily basis.

11 Best Notion Templates For Students And Teachers

The vocabulary template is itself belongs to Notion, so make sure to add the template to build a strong vocabulary.

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2. Course Schedule

Suppose if you are intended to complete your crash course by preparing and following a schedule. Course Schedule template will not only help you to do that but also let you manage attending school or college with ease.

11 Best Notion Templates For Students And Teachers

If you have chosen an online education institution, you can keep up with the number of chapters you have been covered, to different classes to attend.

3. Weekly Agenda

Weekly Agenda template is easy to install and helpful to save time. Besides this, you will never miss any exams or study for them once you have set a reminder. You can also be able to create a to-do list on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

11 Best Notion Templates For Students And Teachers

Dealing with the problem of forgetting any homework or completing any assignment? Weekly Agenda template has got you all covered up.

4. Class Notes

Notion is an already been more than a note-taking application. With the Class Notes template, it is easy to take notes of your preferable subject quickly and later on can be edited. Just decorate the notes with diagram, links, etc like the way you want, and share it in your school or college group to stun others.

11 Best Notion Templates For Students And Teachers

5. Reading List

As the name suggests, the Reader List template is more suited for readers who love to read articles such as, news, sports, or how-to, etc, and save them quickly and can be read later on. However, you will also get to see a similar function in the clipper using Chrome extensions, but there are no limits with the Reading List template in Notion.

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11 Best Notion Templates For Students And Teachers

If you prefer to use another application to get a similar feature, the Reader List template can easily replace them.

6. Roommate Space

Studying abroad and living alone is not at all an easy task. Such situations tend to you to manage and track your expenses, room rent, electricity bill, etc. You can make your life more sorted by adding Roommate Space template in Notion, as it will provide you all such features under one roof.

11 Best Notion Templates For Students And Teachers

If you own the apartment, just design everything using the Roommate Space template and share it with your roommate.

7. Club Homepage

With the Club Homepage template, you can organize your daily work and follow it accordingly. It will keep everything in one place from managing your finance to attend casual business meetings with your boss at the golf court.

11 Best Notion Templates For Students And Teachers

Create your daily objectives in tasks page, and complete them to get into your imaginary productivity club.

8. Roadmap

Want to show a mapping plan to grow your business to your employees? Roadmap template is for you, use the template to track all of your projects. Just create a strong project, divide the work within employees and let them complete the responsibility.

11 Best Notion Templates For Students And Teachers

Once the project is completed, they can submit the work on the Notion itself, this way they can interact with each other with the actual blueprints.

9. Subscription Tracker

In today’s digital era, companies are targeting students for business marketing. There are many services that provide student offer, for example, Spotify. Tracking these multiple subscriptions especially when you have limited pocket money, can ruin your saving plans.

11 Best Notion Templates For Students And Teachers

With the Subscription Tracker template, you can manage and track your multiple subscriptions with ease. Just add your service titles, due dates, etc and you are good to go.

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10. Resume

If you are a college-going student who does a job side-by-side, you can update your job resume with a Resume template in Notion. Add your basic details such as name, qualifications, skills, etc to decorate your resume.

11 Best Notion Templates For Students And Teachers

Hand over a nice and clean resume to HR, make him/her impressed by your resume and you are all set to get into the desired company.

11. Spaced Repetition

If you are unknown to the term “Spaced Repetition”, it is a technique of reviewing the material in a systematic pattern for a certain period of time. In this way, you will learn things quickly and improve your learning curve.

11 Best Notion Templates For Students And Teachers

Here, Spaced Revision template will help you to learn new things. For this template, the first rep is after one day, the second rep is after 7 days, the third rep is after 20 days, and the fourth is after 35 days. But it’s not necessary to do four reps. Just learn to memorize big brief answers for exams using Spaced Repetition template and see how much you score.


All the templates mentioned above are helpful for both, students as well as teachers. Just use Notion on the optimum level as it is free individually, and see the good changes happening. If you have any doubt regarding the application, you always have the option to Google things out.

That’s it for now, hope this helps. You are free to express your thoughts in the comment section below. Till then stay tuned for more information.

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